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how to achieve happiness

We all know life isn't easy. It's just like a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes you feel like you're flying in the sky. But sometimes, it feels like you are at the bottom of the ocean. There are moments of success and triumph, but there are times of loss and failure. That's life!! People experience, are experiencing and will experience those different situations in their lives. But stopping doing these things below will help you to achieve happiness.

These situations make us feel different emotions. Sometimes we feel so happy. There are times that we feel so sad that we want to cry out loud. Sometimes we feel angry and disgusted. We are scared or afraid. All of these emotions are just pieces of evidence that we are alive. However, some people aren't able to handle their emotions, leading them to catastrophe.

Things You Should Stop Doing To Achieve Happiness

One emotion that could lead a person to danger if he lets it take over himself is sadness. Sadness or sorrow is the opposite of happiness. If it gets worse, it can lead to anxiety or depression. Many people didn't survive this state, making them take away their own life or suicide. But, do you know that we can avoid the feeling of sorrow? Our way of thinking affects our emotions. There are things that we always think make us feel loneliness and grief. There are things we must quit thinking about to achieve genuine happiness.

Stop trying to please everyone 

Pleasing the people we love is like a law of nature. As a human, it is natural for us to give what we have for the sake of someone else's contentment. However, sometimes, we can't see the fine line between giving enough and giving too much. Yes, it is an honor to be a giving person. But we must remember that not all people are the same. There are certain people out there who can't be pleased. They are the people who are just determined to take issue with everything. That's who they are. Unfortunately, you can't just avoid meeting them in your life. You must understand that it is just impossible to please everyone.

Don’t fear the change

As we always hear: “Change is the only permanent thing in this world.” Everything changes. However, a lot of people are afraid of this. Psychology says that people fear change because they can't anticipate the outcome. However, it is riskier to stay put than change. To achieve genuine happiness, we must stop fearing change. It is important to understand that change is natural and inevitable. Always remember that life is just a series of changes and adjustments.

Stop overthinking

Another habit that people do prevent them from feeling happy is overthinking. To think is alright and useful. But when thinking turns into overthinking, it can become a problem. Too much thinking will result in a headache. Not only that, because overthinking affects and weakens your decision-making that will affect your everyday life. Overthinking can also weaken your concentration and focus. That will all lead to a waste of time and opportunities. 

Those are the things you must do to achieve and feel genuine happiness in your life. The solution is in your mind and hand. Control your mind and switch off all the things that prevent you from feeling real happiness. 

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“Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.  If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”  – Albert Schweitzer.


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