How To Make Money On Youtube Successfully Now In 2021

make money on youtube

With the involvement of multiple digital platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, there are many opportunities to showcase your talent. There are 2+ billion users, thousands of videos are uploaded on youtube every day, and every day about one billion hours of video watched on Youtube. But, how to make money on Youtube in 2021? This blog will tell you 10 ways how to do it.

If you can perform well in front of the camera and confident, you can easily start your Youtube channel. You can let the world know about your skills. You can start by creating a simple vlog, a cooking channel, or hacks, and more. If you are skilled in certain fields, like digital marketing or graphic designing, you can create a tutorial channel. I know many YouTubers who earn a handsome amount of money just by teaching people. 

If we talk about ways to make money on youtube in 2021, there are many ways. One of the most common ones is Adsense, where you can get advertising revenue by doing video monetization. Also, you can promote affiliate marketing products on your channel and put the buy link in the description to earn the commission of every sale. 

How to make money on youtube in 2021

how to make money on youtube

Are you wondering about how to make money on youtube in 2021? If yes, then you are at the right place. I will jot down some tips and tricks to create a successful Youtube channel and earn money. So, let’s get started. 

1- Creating a YouTube Channel

First, before you can make money on Youtube is you will need to create a youtube channel for monetizing your work. While creating a youtube channel, you must take the user profile or page into consideration. It is something like a broad concept and should be taken seriously. Because in case your page, blog, website, channel, or any other media that circulates the content is not eye-catching and beautiful enough to watch, then what is it worth for? 

Before creating bubbles regarding monetizing your channel, you have to focus on creating an intriguing viewer channel. Here is an overview for you containing some tips and tricks on basic points for helping you in creating a user-friendly channel. 

  • Selecting niche
  • Audience priority
  • Deciding on a product or a type of video you would want to do
  • Creating a professional channel layout
  • Producing content frequently
  • Thumbnails
  • Professional description
  • Tags and captions
  • Taking care of search engine optimization and keywords
  • Placing your product links if you're promoting any
  • Reviews and feedbacks

You can choose any good niche that performs well in the market. For example, health and fitness, beauty, fashion, and self-improvement niche as these niches perform well compared to other niches. Then, incorporate with also do youtube affiliate marketing. 

2- Affiliate Marketing with YouTube

Secondly, how you can make money on Youtube is incorporate your channel with Affiliate Marketing. To get started with that, read my other blog Affiliate Marketing with Youtube's step-by-step guide. Affiliate marketing with youtube is a selling strategy that may make increments in sales by using video content. In simple words, if you have your youtube channel having content like food videos, you can use Affiliate links of the products that it might relate to your content. It can be non-stick pans, or utensils, baking equipment, baking gloves, and others like that. 

To earn money, you can post affiliate links of the products either on your video description or the video itself. If you have a considerable number of followers on your Youtube channel, people are more likely to buy the recommended products. In this way, you can also earn a commission from the seller whose Affiliate links you shared on your channel. 

3- Partnering with YouTube

The most popular way to make money on Youtube in 2021 is by partnering with Youtube. Advertising on your youtube channel is the easiest way to earn money through the channel. It may also be advantageous for your channel. Because your channel is only successful when you are getting something in return for your precious time and content. Being a youtube partner, you can also earn revenues from the ads that may precede your video, and you can also refer to Google Adsense for the sake of banner advertising.  

Moreover, your youtube partner program gives you easy access to several resources and features that may help your channel progress and facilitate the number of views and conversions. However, various terms and conditions are related to the content of your channel, as they have to be family-friendly. You must be 18 years old for this program and get started along with the advertisements; your channel should have 1000 subscribers. 

Aside from these subscribers, you may also have an active viewing of 4000 people in the last 12 months (a year). Some of the users get enrolled for Youtube premium plans to get rid of advertisements. These premium members paid a sufficient amount for it, which helps the YouTubers with a percentage according to the overall watch time of their video content. If your youtube channel inhibits the clauses posed by the platform, then you are all set to monetize your youtube channel. 

For getting enrolled in this program, click here. Although it is not that efficient and effective way of earning from a youtube channel discussed earlier, it may further discuss many other factors. 

4- Launch your products

If you do not want to do Affiliate Marketing on your Youtube channel, there is another option for you. You can start it by creating your products and promoting them on your channel. Some of the best and recommended platforms for you to start as a beginner are Amazon, Clickbank, Shopify, etc.

Websites such as Amazon provide you with excellent exposure to a wide audience base. Therefore selling as a beginner becomes quite easy with Amazon. You may also refer to the series of links (Amazon FBA Links) where the whole procedure of selling and outsourcing with Amazon FBA has been discussed in detail. 

In addition, once you are used to selling on big platforms like Amazon or your website, if you are not feeling comfortable using Amazon, your landing pages could be promoted by your youtube content. And if you are in a partnership with Youtube, you may also have access to its shelf features after agreeing to certain terms and conditions, and you can sell your products there. 

5-  Finding Sponsors

Sponsors are one of the ways to earn money on Youtube in 2021. Consultants on Youtube might deal with the brands directly, even without paying a penny to Youtube. Being a content creator, you have to bring potential and active customers to your brand and your marketing strategies and make proper audience targeting through your Youtube channel. If you are doing good and become successful at your attempt, then these brands can invest good money in your channel. 

Compared with other social media platforms, youtube can earn most of the revenues through brand marketing by influencers. Creating a video is a lot more expensive than presenting something on images or blogs. You have to pitch for the famous and quality brands well-known in the market and trustworthy. 

Moreover, it would be best if you are transparent about your advertising because marketing a brand or its products can also stand in the category of advertising. So, make sure that you remain by the terms and conditions of Google’s Ad Policies as you do not have your way with some illegal steps. Just be honest and faithful to maintain your legal responsibilities. However, youtube gives you an option of visible disclosure that your audience may know about you when advertising something on your channel. 

6- Donation from your Subscribers

You may be well aware of female hygiene brands such as Stayfree, whisper, and others organizing campaigns to generate money for a specific reason. These brands may use consultants and influencers to spread awareness about their events to receive several funds. You can successfully generate donations from your subscribers who are your loyal and regular customers for social causes that impact your channel too. 

Besides that, you will help a community, and a part of this contribution also goes for the development of your channel, which is a plus point for you. But this is only possible when your subscribers are generous enough that they would certainly contribute towards making your content better and your youtube channel successful.

It is a non-commercial way of generating donations from your audience. There are also websites like Patreon, where you have to pay a minimum price to view your content. It is also one of the most recommended and well-known websites for receiving recurring fundings. People get to subscribe and view the encouraging and useful content for a minimum exchange of money. Moreover, there are also giveaways and exclusive gifts for their potential audiences. 

7- YouTube and fan fundings

You could have subscribers that pay you directly with your Marketing Skills. It would be best if you convince them and make them resist joining your channel. At the same time, there is a minimal amount to pay when you are joining a channel on Youtube that is $4.99 for a month. 

You can also host live chats with Super chat, which is an exclusive feature, especially for youtube partners for their live streaming. During your live chat, comments from your top fans get highlighted and stay for a specific period to the top and can be noticeable depending on the amount being paid by them. 

Also, encourage your customers to get signed up for Youtube premium. Because the more your content is viewed, the more you receive from the premium fees. But it is not as effective as the other methods mentioned above. 

8- Search Engine Optimization

When you are doing research, make sure that you use your keywords properly because keywords can easily take you. Also, use them carefully while you are planning your channel. For marking your way within the bar's search engines, you should master the search engine optimization for Youtube.  

  • Use keywords on your channel name
  • Use them in the tags
  • Description of your channel
  • USP of your channel
  • Thumbnail descriptions
  • Product features

All of these should be your priority while creating content for your Youtube channel. Youtube also ranks your channel by considering it. 

  • The comments on your videos
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Subscribers
  • Clicks through thumbnails
  • Video length

9- Be on multiple platforms

Next, how to make money on Youtube is to promote your videos or channel on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. For being a social media activist, you would have to be active on multiple platforms. Because being on a single platform does not bring you all the attention and affection across the world. Different people are using and being active on different social media websites. It is always better and advisable for you to create a Facebook page linked with your Instagram alongside your Youtube Channel. An amazing benefit of it is you can receive your link clicks through these sites as well. In case you have your blogging website, you can attach it within the description of your content and be sure that you are promoting it in your video so that your fans will know where to find them. 

10- Media Relations

Last but not least, how you can make money on Youtube in 2021 is with Media Relations. You may see various consultants and influencers making it big on TV shows, journals, podcasts, etc. Once people start identifying the value and extent of your content, you are “in” the business. Due to the issue of copyrighted content, other platforms can not steal your show and content theme, and they have to make their own. In this way, they would have to pay you for making an appearance along with them on their channels to gain huge TRPs. It could be a win-win situation for everyone. 

Creating a successful Youtube channel is not that difficult. All it requires from you is patience and efficiency along with hard work. You can earn money on a CPM (cost per impression) basis that is about 8 dollars per 1000 views with the advertisements by making a partnership with Youtube. Aside from this, if you provide your Affiliate links in your content or video description tab, you can also earn on pay per click basis. And in case a customer buys something by clicking on that link, you will receive 10% of the profit earned. 

Take an example for your convenience if your content is about reviewing electronics equipment and knowing how much they cost. So, 10 percent from the profit of that product earns you a lot in a single go. 

Along with the advertising policies of Google, you may get most of the revenue that is generated from the advertisements; from this, Google keeps the 45%, and the rest is yours. You do not need to pay youtube even a cut from the money you earned for marketing brands and getting sponsors. According to the appearance of your channel, you may ask for a reasonable price from the brands within the mass. Moreover, public contributions may also count by the features such as youtube channel joining, Super Chat, and Youtube premium that will be the reason for your recurring commission from your potential and active customers. 

Final thoughts

That’s it for now; I hope that you get an answer to your query about “How to make money on Youtube in 2021.” This guide contains all the important steps to create a successful Youtube channel and generate millions of views. Just keep these tips in mind before starting a Youtube channel and execute them to get the best results.

Your channel will be as successful as the revenue you earn from it. So, you have to look both ways to generate views by making interesting videos and persuade brands to invest. Never compromise on your content quality, or you will end up losing your subscribers and traffic. Just be consistent, and you will make most of youtube by your productivity and efficiency. 

Furthermore, I recommend starting with a niche that is Affiliate marketing friendly. Like you can make review videos, unboxing videos, and more. Soon, your audience will start relying on you and buy a product from your referral link that you put on the youtube description. 

To learn more about Affiliate marketing, you can read my other blog about How to Start Affiliate Marketing. If you are ready to start your online business, join the One Funnel Away Challenge. It will help you step by step and answer any questions you may have. Most importantly, it will guide you to build your online business successfully. 

“The joy of YouTube is that you can create content about anything you feel passionate about, however silly the subject matter.” Zoe Sugg.


I’m an online marketer and e-commerce entrepreneur! Back in August 2005 I came to San Francisco, United States with my lovely wife and hoping to have a new and better life. My wife was 6 months pregnant and we were so happy that we will have our first child. I found job whatever I can work to make a living and I worked so hard day and night do double and triple jobs for about 3 years time.

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