How To Make Money with ClickBank for Beginners Fast

how to make money with clickbank for beginners

The first thing that comes into the mind of the affiliate marketer about ClickBank is how to make money with ClickBank. If you are looking for a reliable way of online money-making, I can suggest joining ClickBank first as a beginner. You might be thinking about how to make money with ClickBank to fulfill the ambition of becoming a super affiliate. Every affiliate marketer wants to earn a healthy amount from affiliate commission every month.

Well! ClickBank is a popular e-commerce platform not only for affiliate marketers but also for digital content writers. ClickBank is an unfamiliar and novel platform for beginners, and we will discuss ClickBank's working modules in this blog. By the end, you will be able to generate revenue from ClickBank. Here is a brief guide about ClickBank for beginners demonstrating everything you need to know about it.

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What is ClickBank

Before I explain how to make money with ClickBank, You need to know first what ClickBank is? It is a well-known e-platform that operates in coordination with affiliate networks. It will not be wrong to say that ClickBank is an affiliate network used for monetization. This affiliate forum connects those affiliate marketers and digital content creators interested in getting commission from their content. This network has a huge collection of almost six billion products to collaborate with over 200 million audiences. 

Being the topmost online global retailing forum, ClickBank allows you to sell, promote, and purchase physical goods as well as digital services. Since its establishment in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber, ClickBank has been one of the world's leading affiliate networks and marketplace. You will be amazed to know more than 6 million people are registered on ClickBank because it is one of the easiest networks to make money with ClickBank for beginners. 

Besides this, the surprising thing is that more than 4 billion affiliate marketers are generating their commission from this site. Feel free to create content, improve visibility, sell your chosen products and services to the targeted audience. All affiliate marketers can sign up for the ClickBank affiliate for free and start the affiliate marketing. 

How to Make Money With Clickbank

how to make money with clickbank

Firstly, you should have complete knowledge of working on ClickBank. Secondly, there is a need to sign up in the ClickBank marketplace. After doing so, you can launch and promote your products in an attractive way to encourage an audience to purchase your products. People often think that they can only offer physical products through affiliate marketing. But, in reality, you can promote physical products, digital information, and service products, including e-book, music, online courses, videos, etc. 

The following are two basic working modules of ClickBank demonstrating the promotion of your products and others.

1. Promote Your Own Products

There is no doubt there is a wide range of product options that you can sell and promote, but it's wise to go for your own products' promotion. Do you wonder WHY? Well! Doing so will enable you to profit by reaching more than 200 million engagements in the ClickBank marketplace. Being the product owner, you will have to pay the fee of $49.95 only once. You only need to make a list of all the products and save them in the ClickBank Database. 

When all the data is stored in the database, the website will carry the remaining things. It depicts that there is no need to get worried about the payment and checkout of ClickBank products. Furthermore, it will promote your digital product on affiliate programs because affiliate networking is fair in dealings. 

People often don't want to indulge themselves in the additional payment and checkout informative activities. If so is the case with you, ClickBank is ideal for you as it only charges $1 or 7.5 percent money from your sale. Besides this, you have to pay a $2.5 processing fee every time you withdraw your money. In short, ClickBank approves charges and customer refunds at the cost of $0.50 or $1. 

2. Promote Others' Products

No problem if you don't have your own launched product to promote and get a ClickBank commission. Being an affiliated person, you can promote others' products as well. When choosing the best ClickBank products to promote, you can choose any highly demanded product from more than 6 billion products. Well! It's not quite simple to work as an affiliate marketer in ClickBank specializing in selling one's products.

If you have decided to work as an affiliate marketer in this affiliate network, you need to sign up for the ClickBank affiliate. After signing in, you will get a large range of products that you can sell or promote. Initially, it would be best if you focused on your research. For this purpose, choose the product by filtering out the commission percentage you want to get. When you have chosen your product for affiliate marketing, check twice or thrice about the merchant's terms and conditions on which he is permitting you to promote products.

Merchants and sellers often make affiliate marketers fool by attracting them toward showcased high commission rates. To prevent yourself from being a fool, we suggest you check the merchant's website twice or thrice before committing. Because you will not get any commission or profit if the website is a fraud, check the seller and merchant's reliability instead of putting your hard efforts into driving the traffic to promote the product.

Choose The Product To Make Money With ClickBank

Choose Product

Before you ask how to make money with ClickBank, one of the most important steps is how to choose Clickbank products to promote. Although most ClickBank products are information or digital products, the selection of niche products matters a lot, especially if you are a beginner. When you don't choose an appropriate niche and a product, you will not generate revenue. The right product with more demand in the marketplace will sell more than others and generate more commission. In short, you can say that you cannot earn even a penny without the right product.

Regardless of the outstanding marketing skills and optimizing techniques, your efforts will be in vain when your selected product is not suitable for fulfilling market needs. The majority of affiliate people commit this mistake and fail to get a commission. That's why only 10% of affiliate marketers can earn 85% of affiliate revenues to get the most out of your ClickBank affiliate marketing.

Here are some basic ClickBank metrics demonstrating that you should work as an affiliate to promote products and get commissions in return.

Things to consider when choosing the product on ClickBank:

1- Average order value
The average order value is a demonstration of money-making by selling and promoting a specific product. 

2- Average percentage per sale
It includes the average percentage of sales price taken up by affiliate marketers in commission and profits form. 

3- Average rebill percentage
The average rebill percentage is the average commission an affiliated person gets per percentage by rebilling. 

4- Average rebill total
It includes the total amount of commission that the affiliate marketer from rebilling can earn up. 

5- Contacting
The active email address is used for contacting customer support through ClickBank. Almost all affiliate programs have several contact facilities. 

6- Gravity 
Gravity is to indicate the number of products in demand. It depicts the number of affiliates used in the promotion of products. 

7- Initial dollar per sale
The average amount of money that an affiliated person can earn is the commission per sale. 

8- Top offers on ClickBank marketplace
Make a list of all the products in a ranked way by ranking the top offered products on the list's top.

9- Video Sales letter
Video sales letter demonstrates that pitch reviews on services and products by notifying ClickBank through a product having a new video sales letter.

How to Promote The Products to Make Money With ClickBank

How to Promote The Products

The next step before you learn how to make money with ClickBank is how to promote ClickBank products. There are many ways to promote it, but here is some strategy to promote it:

1. Banner Advertisement

Banner advertisement is a potential marketing strategy for products. By sliding in the relevant infographic poster on your content's sidebar, you will attract the audience to click on the relatable poster to content. Through this powerful method, you will be able to earn a small amount of money per click.

Content links are also useful in generating profit and money through ClickBank. For this purpose, you need to convert your potential audience toward the content of your in-between link. In general, people getting more information from the audience will enable you to get more clicks.

3. Generating Traffic

The most important factor that demonstrates the success of affiliate marketing is traffic generation. The more your product and website drive traffic, the more you will get out of your eCommerce platform. Almost every digital marketer prioritizes search engine optimization (SEO) to rank on the top page of google search results (SERP). 

Besides search engine optimization, you can attract an audience toward your content and product through different social media platforms, including Facebook. The more clicks your Facebook ad will have, the more will be visibility of products.

4. Reviews of Products

The more positive reviews your products have, the more people rely on and trust your products and services. The reviews are considered as recommendations for others to buy a similar product. When your audience has trust in you, they will give you a review. 

5. Opt-in-pop-ups

It is used to obtain value-oriented subscribers or followers on your website and channel. When people visit your website domain, your products will get promoted after reading about the product. If your product's relevant content and information are attractive, the customers will return to your website again. 

On the contrary, some of them will never look back at your website if they dislike the content. It depicts that people who like your content and website will prefer to follow your pop-up options to stay in touch with the medium by sharing their contact in an email address. 

Through their email address, you will be able to notify and share information with all your subscribers. Most people purchase your products when you can build up your trust in them. It can be considered a type of email marketing in which you look forward to unique marketing strategies. 

Knows The Pros and Cons To Make Money With ClickBank

clickbank pros and cons

Pros of ClickBank

The following are some potential advantages of using ClickBank. 

  • It generates almost 90% of commission depending upon the type of product.
  • A large number of offers you can look for
  • People can work on it from every part of the world.
  • It provides a huge market to both sellers and affiliate marketers.
  • Looking forward to establishing experience in affiliate marketing.

Cons of ClickBank

Here are some hazards of using the beneficial monetization source ClickBank. 

  • A large number of fraud services and websites give you nothing in return.
  • ClickBank has a very tough competition among popular products and services.
  • Costs affiliate people something in return for every service they offer other than sign up. 
  • Hard to analyze the value of a product without driving or generating traffic on your website. It’s at the chance of 50% luck. 

Earn Passive Income To Make Money With ClickBank

Earn Passive Income

No matter which online forum you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you can upgrade and boost your sales by following certain guidelines. Similarly, you only need to promote your products on the ClickBank. When your audience starts taking an interest in your products, they will buy a product from your promotion. 

As a result of every sale, you will earn a commission. In other words, you need to build more customers, earn the audience's credibility, and optimize the marketing strategies. When your earned profit is more than your investments, your affiliate marketing business will scale up. The monetization can be done through ClickBank by selecting and marketing the right product.


I hope this article will give you ideas about making money with ClickBank and following the strategy when choosing and promoting the products. ClickBank for a beginner can be overwhelming if you don't know choosing the right niche and products and don't know how to promote them.

In short, you must have complete knowledge about what to offer in the ClickBank marketplace. Affiliate marketers should do proper research before starting product promotion. You can easily earn through ClickBank because the average earning per sale through this platform ($38 approx) is much better than any other platform. Stay motivated and determined to earn money through ClickBank.

You can also read my other blog about Clickbank Alternatives if you don't find any products you would like to promote there.

If you are a beginner who wants to learn more about affiliate marketing, read my other blog, How to make money with Affiliate Marketing. If you are ready to start your online business with Affiliate Marketing or are already in it and still figuring it out, you can join the One Funnel Away Challenge. You can learn how to use the different types of affiliate marketing appropriately to get outstanding results. Most importantly, it will help you to build an online business that generates income through affiliate marketing. 

“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” — Anthony Volodkin.


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