Best ClickBank Products To Promote In 2021

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I have compiled a list of what I think are the best ClickBank products to promote in 2021. If you are looking for ways to increase your conversion rate, this post will help you succeed!

The marketing world is changing rapidly, and if you're not up to date with what's happening, it can be hard to know where to start. One place that many people are choosing to invest their time in is ClickBank products. 

ClickBank is a popular marketplace for digital products. It allows anyone to sell any product online, and you can start making money in just a few minutes.

Best ClickBank products to promote 2021

Here are some of the top-selling and best ClickBank products to promote 2021:

Category #1: Best ClickBank Products in Health and Fitness Niche

You may find many items when you want to promote the products on ClickBank in the health and fitness niche category in 2021. Some of the most popular and updated products of this niche are shared with you below:

1- Resurge 

resurge - Best ClickBank Products in Health and Fitness Niche
  • Category: Health and Fitness (Dietary Supplements) 
  • Gravity: 145.86
  • Avg $/ conversion: $115.16

About the Product

It is a weight-loss dietary supplement that may also help you in improving your sleep. Resurge is a physical product that a customer can purchase, and then the company will ship the bottle(s) to the customer's given address. 

If the customer belongs from Canada or the United States of America, his shipment will reach within seven days, while international shipping may take 8 to 15 days or more. Moreover, the customer can purchase one bottle, three bottles, or a six-bottle pack according to his need. 

How to Promote?

Resurge is one of the top products to promote in ClickBank. And one of the best ways to promote this dietary supplement is through blogs, Youtube, and free traffic. All you have to do is create content about the different benefits and uses of some dietary supplements in general. Then you can specifically add this product to your content for promotions. You can also tell the audience what this product is best for and promote it in this way. 

2- Diabetes Freedom 

diabetes freedom
  • Category: Health and Fitness (Remedies)
  • Gravity: 199.79 
  • Avg $/ conversion: $50.06

About the Product

Diabetes Freedom is a digital item meant for both men and women who want to get their blood sugar levels under control. Most people between 45 to 70 years of age are more interested in this product, especially men, because they are more likely to have diabetes type 2.

Whenever customers purchase it, they have an option of additional supplements and other beneficial programs along with this main product. 

How to Promote?

You can easily promote this product with the help of Facebook ads. A lot of affiliates have earned success using Facebook to advertise Diabetes Freedom. Multiple landing pages in the affiliate links section may also help you in staying compliant with the terms of Facebook

Moreover, specific targeting may help you refine your audience. You may have more success while targeting particular interests and groups, including Blood sugar, natural health, Diabetes type 2 (not type 1), and weight management. In addition, it is better to use a landing page or quiz in between the ad and your offer. And it would be mandatory if you have links for your privacy policy, terms of services, and contact pages on your sites. 

Category #2: Best ClickBank Products in Make Money Online Niche

The next niche we are going to discuss here is about making money online. ClickBank gives you a great opportunity to earn by promoting its products, and when you search for products to make money online, you may find several ones. Some of them are mentioned here: 

1- Perpetual Income 365 

perpetual income 365
  • Category: E-business and E-marketing (Email Marketing)
  • Gravity: 88.24
  • Avg $/conversion: $306.32

About the Product

It is an affiliate marketing software that has been created for marketers of about all levels. It is in the make money online niche and is currently one of the top products converting very well. 

The Perpetual Income 365 is a plug-and-play software that may easily allow even newbies to start within a few minutes. It is a very popular product on ClickBank right now as they are continuously updating and adding more stuff to it along with its optimization. That's why a lot of people are making money from it. 

How to Promote?

There is a great way to promote this product, and that is by doing solo ads and then driving traffic for your sales funnel. So make sure to build your sales funnel before promoting it. Many people who have YouTube channels or start their YouTube channels in the make money online niche promote this particular item as it works very well with YouTube traffic. 

2- The 12 Minute Affiliate System

12 minute affiliate - Best ClickBank Products in Make Money Online Niche
  • Category: E-business and E-marketing 
  • Gravity: 107.06
  • Avg $/ conversion: $188.07

About the Product

It is one of the most famous products on ClickBank recently, and they put out a very good income. This product is an affiliate marketing program that we mostly recommend to our readers. That also contains plug-and-play software and associated training software. 

The 12 minutes affiliate system claims that it enables its users to make money with affiliate marketing quickly by providing various tools and the required training. 

How to Promote?

The very best part of this item is that it has an affiliate page. But, more amazingly, they have a webinar that you may promote. So you can promote it, and it's a type of bait. You may say hi, come and check out this free training on an affiliate marketing business. 

It is good with Facebook ads, solo ads, Google ads, and YouTube channels in making money niche and affiliate marketing space. But one thing to remember is that it works the best for affiliate paid traffic.  

Category #3: Best ClickBank Products in Relationship Niche

All right, mates! Now I will discuss the next category of best ClickBank products in the relationship niche to promote in 2021. Although you may get many different products when you go through this niche, ClickBank always provides several options to its users. However, a few of them are mentioned below: 

1- His Secret Obsession

his secret obsession - Best ClickBank Products in Relationship Niche
  • Category: Marriage and Relationships
  • Gravity: 166.37
  • Avg $/ conversion: $57.78 

About the Product

Relationship expert James Bauer created this program. This relationship expert has excellent experience of 12 years. This product has helped thousands of women in improving their relationships. 

His Secret Obsession may claim to show women how to get into strong long-life desires all men share and tackle them to transform how men experience them. This product can be great to promote if someone is in the dating, marriage, or relationship niche.

How to Promote?

Promoting this product can be very easy if you have high converting email swipes and presell articles, buyer demographics, and details. Besides that, social media images, alternative landing pages, banners, access to different Facebook pages, and strong hooks and angles are also pretty helpful.

You may also need some particular affiliate tools, creativity, and tutorials to improve your promotions. Along with it, if you have an email list, YouTube channel, Instagram or Facebook groups, blog, Pinterest, etc., it will be even easier for you. 

2- The Ex-Factor Guide

the ex factor guide
  • Category: Marriage and Relationships 
  • Gravity: 57.87
  • Avg $/conversion: $60.79

About the Product

This product is designed by Brad Browning and tries to unveil simple psychological tactics that you can use to get back your ex. The Ex-Factor Guide has helped several men and women to get back to their loved ones by using the information provided by Brad Browning. 

This product is for someone who has just gotten through a heartbreaking break-up and knows there is still some hope. The impact of parting and splitting up is still there, and the love is still in the air. The best thing about this product is that it works for both men and women. 

How to Promote?

You can easily promote this product by lead generation. Create an interesting landing page and collect the emails of the people who are just split as those people are your target audience. Using Facebook ads, you can also use PPC to target the right audience and get conversions. 

All you need is creativity, affiliate tools, and a few tutorials to promote this product. However, they have explained everything about this product on their affiliate page, like which age group to target, the right demographics, and much more. Before you start promoting, do your complete research to avoid the loss of ads campaigns.

Category #4: Best Products in Self Development Niche

On the list, the next category is for the best ClickBank products in the Self Development niche to promote in 2021. Here is a huge niche that offers several products to promote and earn handsome commissions. However, you can promote the following ones as they are hot selling products:

1- 369 Manifestation Code

369 manifestation code - Best Clickbank Products in Self Development Niche
  • Category: Self-help
  • Gravity: 62.81
  • Avg $/conversion: $26.03

About the product

If you have ever heard about the law of attraction, then you might be familiar with the manifesting concept and what you want in your life. If you are not, it is basically about visualizing something you don't have right now, and it can be a job, your dream car, or a relationship. The 369 manifestation miracle also works on the same principle by using the destiny turning point as well. 

The 369 manifest is available in both physical and digital packages, including printing copies which refer to reading it in the actual book form. 

How to Promote?

This product is one of the best and top-selling products in the self-development niche on ClickBank. You can promote this book using different ways like email swipes, Facebook Ads, PPC ads, and more. 

The easiest way is to create a landing page using click funnels, Builderall, etc., and promote it through Youtube and Google ads to get the emails of the people interested in this Manifestation package. After that, you can send emails and follow-ups to get the conversation daily. 

2- Mindzoom Affirmations Subliminal Software

mindzoom affirmations
  • Category: Self-help
  • Gravity: 15.64
  • Avg $/conversion: $54.40

About the product

Mindzoom is a computer software program that aims to send positive affirmations through subliminal messages which appear on the computer screen. Through this, the subconscious mind can read this and be more motivational for whatever they need. 

The users can use this amazing training system for any goal like weight loss, starting a new career, and more. This system will always give affirmations that your mind needs to be successful. It flashes up to 3600 affirmations on the computer screen in just an hour. 

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How to promote?

This product is one of the top ones in the self-help category, and it's selling like hot dogs. You can promote this product using the promotional material on their affiliate page: banners, email, PPC keywords, and more. 

You can also promote this product by collecting emails from people interested in this offer to get positive affirmations. For example, you can create an amazing landing page to collect emails and send offers to those people according to their interests.

Category #5: Best Products in Home & Garden Niche

Our last category is Home and garden, and it has a few of the hottest selling products that you can promote easily to earn good commissions every day. This niche contains hundreds of products, but we have discovered the top 2 products you can easily promote. 

1- TedsWoodWorking 

tedswoodworking - Best Clickbank Products in Home & Garden Niche
  • Category: Home and Garden (Crafts & Hobbies)
  • Gravity: 124.21
  • Avg $/conversion: $63.83

About the product

Ted's woodworking is one of the top products in the Home and garden niche, and you can earn up to $125 per sale with an 11% conversion rate. Besides that, you can get 75% of commissions with value upsells and recurring commissions. It is ranked top 1, which proves that it is the most lucrative offer to promote. 

Ted's woodworking kit makes things even easier as it provides a list of everything to get started. It includes wood pieces, tools, and every detail about what kind of wood to use. Teds woodworking has almost 16,000 plan packages, and the price at which it is available is a lot cheaper.

Promote ClickBank products on Pinterest by following my guide about Ultimate Guide of Pinterest Affiliate Marketing With ClickBank Products.

How to promote?

You can promote Ted's woodworking product using different methods like mainlander pages, video with a text landing page, PPC, and Facebook campaigns. Besides that, you can use cold email marketing and warm leads to earn handsome commissions every day. 

You can refine your audience as well to get the desired results. It will help you promote your product to the targeted audience only, and you won't waste any money on Ads. 

2- Brain Training for Dogs

brain training 4 dogs
  • Category: Home and Garden (Animal care & pet)
  • Gravity: 91.8
  • Avg $/conversion: $31.75

About the product

Adrienne Farricelli offers this product; a professional CPDT-KA certified trainer for ten years. She has been helping people eliminate bad behaviors in dogs and training them to behave well and obediently. 

This product also teaches you how to know the hidden intelligence of your dog. With this untapped product, your audience can remove the troublesome behavior of the dogs. Moreover, it is suitable for dogs of different breeds as it is a proven battlefield-tested system. 

How to promote?

Almost 8.7 million dogs are owned in the US alone, and the pet industry makes over $60 billion in revenue per year. People with dogs are desperate for solutions, and you can easily offer this product to them. 

This vendor offers several tools to promote these products, like banners, promotional videos, email swipes, and more. You can also start with free giveaways to attract your potential audience. The conversion rate is quite handsome. Besides that, you can also use blog and youtube channels to promote your product. 


So, those are the top ClickBank goods at the moment. You can promote any of these products according to the niche you like or working on. If you are new to ClickBank, please read my guide about How To Make Money On ClickBank For Beginners

Make money with affiliate marketing by promoting items that pay monthly recurring commissions. Moreover, if you want to learn more about generating money with affiliate marketing and advertising goods that pay monthly recurring commissions, go no further than my Top Affiliate Training.

If you find any such product worth mentioning on this list, do not forget to inform me through your comments. I will be more than happy to add your product to this list of the best ClickBank products to promote 2021.

“Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.” – Robert Kiyosaki.


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