Best Amazon Product Launch Strategy and Services Now In 2021

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In 2021, Amazon Product Launch Strategy is used mainly for the private label products business model. Amazon marketplace is a hub of Private Labelling products by Amazon third-party sellers, which are outsourced at low prices and sold on Amazon with the seller's original credentials and brand identity. 

Since Private Labelling is a brand new business, many newbies suffer from launching their products and research category. There might not be any loopholes present within the product, but it might not be easy to sell it on a vast marketplace like Amazon. Therefore, this article is dedicated to the Amazon product launching service that can escalate your Amazon Private Label business.

There is a lot of competition among the sellers at Amazon. Therefore, it has become a necessity with each passing day to acquire tools that can launch your product and enhance their visibility since day one. If you cannot do so, your business might take a long time to flourish, slogging you off the competition.

The success behind many Private Labelling products includes providing offers, discounts, launching contests, giveaways, celebrity promotions, social media marketing, website marketing, etc. These promotions become more successful when your brand is operating for considerable periods and has already earned its targeted audiences. If you are a beginner, these steps might be the follow-ups for boosting your sales, but how will you initiate? Here is where the function of the Product Launching Service comes into play.

In this article, I will be discussing the top 7 Amazon Product Launch Service or the market champions that beginner sellers use for launching their product within the Amazon marketplace for the first time.

Amazon Product Launch Strategy 2021

amazon new product launch strategy

To get your listing rank to page 1, you need an Amazon product launch strategy to achieve that now in 2021. If you are going to launch your product on Amazon, you might be scared of how people will get your product with a steep discount or many cases they get for free. Otherwise, you can bit a higher amount for PPC (Pay per click) advertisement for your listing to show on the first page. Product launching is a challenging task, and it may bleed a lot of money for many sellers. No doubt every seller burns midnight oil before launching a product to receive a positive response from the audience, but there are still chances of failure.

Do you want to become a successful seller? If yes, you will surely be finding out some ways to make your product launching successful. It is difficult to make your place in a highly saturated Amazon marketplace consisting of more than 3 million active sellers. Here are some tips that you need to consider while launching your product on Amazon in 2021.

Tip # 1: Secure an Amazon Prime Badge

To get more business engagement and product sales, the very first thing you need is to secure an Amazon Prime Badge. The customers will have confidence in your product's safe shipment services due to the account’s displayed badge. You know what prime eligible products visible on the top of the page. To enable your products as prime eligible, you have to enroll yourself in Amazon FBA. This means you have to store your product in the Amazon warehouse, and Amazon will ship the product for you. You may be eligible to get a prime badge ship for your home or warehouse if you have a good enough history of fast 2 days shipping from previous transactions.

Tip # 2: Optimize Brand Content

The optimization of your brand content is essential to generate more leads. The following are the steps that you need to do while optimizing your brand content.

  • Add high-quality photos of products.
  • Create eye-catching and interesting product titles.
  • Write a detailed product description with features and benefits.

Tip # 3: Create Competitive Product Offers And Discounts

If you are looking for something great, you will have to compromise at the start. You can get the key value in the marketplace by the creation of competitive products. Besides this, offering discounts on these products will enrich your Amazon business. For this, you need to

  • Reduce prices of products
  • Create Amazon Giveaways 
  • Tie up your new product with the existing one

Doing so will surely facilitate you in generating more sales and leads.

Tip # 4: Promote Your Product

As you have almost done with your product launch strategy, so you need to advertise it. Make sure that your product has been optimized properly before marketing it. To run a promotion of your product, follow all these steps.

Tip # 5: Monitor Your Account Actively

The major mistake sellers make to leave the account after setting all the things. This situation can be alarming. All you need is to monitor your account properly and actively. It's necessary to check whether optimization and promotion are working or not. So, monitor your account and product listing properly. 

Tip # 6: Use Amazon FBA Launch Service

If you are facing some issues in launching products, you can make use of product launch services. Using the Amazon FBA launch service will boost your product rank by maintaining the conversion rate and sales. 

Amazon New Product Launch Term and Condition

Let's look at some points to remember before you begin with tools and their product launching services. Make sure to read by heart the terms and conditions by Amazon to apply this amazon product launch strategy. Otherwise, your seller account might get into trouble.

  • Try to keep your product's low-priced stocks in lower numbers so that people cannot buy from you in large numbers and sell them at low prices later on in some other marketplace.
  • Abide by Amazon's policies, terms, and conditions in email marketing and other software utilization to FBA.
  • Always double-check the word limit from the review responses on the Amazon marketplace for your customers' products. Amazon has its feedback management criteria to make sure to understand its usage and limitations.

Disclaimer: This article doesn't go beyond the terms and conditions allocated to the sellers by Amazon. Make sure to abide by those before you make any decision. This article is to give an overview of the available tools or services in the marketplace. Make sure to use expert guidance before turning them on for your business growth. Therefore, I am not an Amazon selling expert nor allowed to endorse or recommend the services these products feature. Make sure you invest your time and resources carefully with expert advice regarding using the services mentioned below.

7 Best Amazon Product Launch Service

amazon product launch service

1. RebateKey

  • Rebate Key is a refund strategy that will pay back partially or completely to the customer.
  • It can handle all types of product payments. 
  • Easily facilitate contact customer services through Facebook Messenger.
  • Able to send external traffic over your amazon store directly and control every rebate through automated emails. 
  • Eac rebate key has a good duration of 35 days to confirm and authenticate no products' return.
  • Helps buyers in ordering a product through a specific order ID. So, no one can make the same purchase even two times or more. 
  • It consists of a separate wallet for every rebate key to deliver and order products easily.
  • Also, have a chrome extension to facilitate buyers in searching out rebate products. 

2. Viral Launch

  • This service is used for product research within the Amazon marketplace. The trending products that will yield greater results can be found on this site.
  • Another feature involves Market intelligence data, which helps you understand the investments within a specific market and its products or services.
  • This site also has keyword researching features that can help you generate less competitive keywords and rank your products with Amazon SERP.
  • You get to create templates or campaigns that facilitate discounted promotional giveaways for attracting audiences.
  • Enhances sales and keyword-level with the marketplace
  • You can use graphics like product photography and Amazon listing moderation with the help of this software
  • It also contains a feature called A/B testing, which is a survey-based review management and feedback optimization process

3. Jungle Scout

  • This software initiates revenue escalation from the products available on the Amazon marketplace
  • You can use keyword researching tool suite by this software for researching the trending less competitive keywords
  • Improvise your Best Selling product ranking on Amazon through this tool
  • Escalates sales and profit margins
  • 24/7 Customer support and services available in multiple languages
  • VAT invoicing for European countries
  • Returns and refunds management, monitoring of Amazon products
  • Seller support
  • Feedback and review management
  • This software also facilitates optimized and organized listings
  • Keyword ranking and BSR rank of the products
  • Increment in conversion rates

4. Vipon

  • This software initiates revenue escalation from the products available on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Sellers can share the templates and campaigns that promote discounts, offers, and giveaways through this software.
  • Vipon also does advertising within their platform to generate customers and trace them back to the seller profiles.
  • Customers can use the codes and redeem deals through this website.
  • Escalates sales
  • The promotion on this website can directly affect product launching because of the confirmed targeted 300k customers.

5. JumpSend

  • Utilizing promotions through Amazon
  • Escalates sales performance and search level within the marketplace
  • Provides custom Email templates
  • Campaign designing and email attachments for raising targeted customers and facilitating profits

6. Sixleaf ZonBlast

  • ZonBlast helps your products appear in the A9 algorithm by Amazon
  • Promotes discounts, offers, giveaways through Amazon
  • Solo Blast tool by ZonBlast Boosts paid and non paid to increase ranking on Amazon
  • Wave 4 by ZonBlast 4 days constant aid boosting
  • Wave7 by ZonBlast 7 days constant boosting
  • Pulse by ZonBlast alternative boosting for an unlimited time.
  • Brings Automated audiences
  • Audience insight facilities
  • Code courier facilities
  • Graphics templates including images, title, descriptions, PPC terms, Search terms, etc.
  • Keyword tracking services
  • BSR rate enhancement for individual products
  • Promotional tracking data

7. ZonJump

  • Discounted promotional giveaways facilities
  • Targeted advertisements for generating audience
  • External traffic generation from global sites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.
  • Escalating the rank and position of the products and websites
  • Keyword ranking improvisation
  • Customizable launching and boosting strategy

Amazon Product Launch Checklist 

amazon fba private label

To overcome all kinds of difficulties you face when launching a product on Amazon, you need to make a checklist. Such a checklist will enable you to make sure that you have completed all the essential steps. Here is an Amazon product launch checklist that you need to verify for the proper launching of products.

  1. Learn the working strategy of the Amazon A9 algorithm to generate more sales. 
  2. Do proper product research to make sure whether your product fulfills the demand of your audience or not. 
  3. Build up your brand if you want to excel in the e-commerce business. 
  4. Set your sales goals by determining how much profit you want to earn from your product. 
  5. Grip all the tools that are essential for accelerating your business up.
  6. Optimize all of your product listings by doing keyword research, keyword optimization, and keyword tracking.
  7. Understand all the terms and conditions of Amazon. Sellers must follow all Amazon guidelines and policies.
  8. Drive external traffic on your product listing via social media accounts, blog posts, email marketing, and many more tactics. 
  9. Try to get customer reviews after launching products because better reviews may lead to better sales.
  10. Never allow your inventory to be out of stock. Restock it after doing your average sale calculations. 
  11. Use an amazing marketing strategy to grab more customers' attractions that will, in turn, generate more revenue by increasing sales.
  12. Manage and run Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns whenever you launch a new product. 

Amazon Consultant

amazon product launch consultant

To ensure your strong presence on Amazon, you need in-depth knowledge of the platform to offer business opportunities accordingly. You may waste thousands of dollars while trying to drive traffic and sales. That's why you need a consultant who can manage everything of your amazon business before and after launching a product. 

Here are some things that an Amazon product launch consultant can do in a better way. 

  • Budget Consultation
  • Close monitoring
  • Strategy development
  • Situation assessment
  • Optimizing workflows

These things will surely boost up your business. It describes that a successful Amazon business needs a consultant. But be careful while hiring a consultant for your Amazon business. Check whether your candidate has the qualities of a good consultant or not. A good consultant has the following qualities.

  1. Focus on the best SEO strategy.
  2. Experienced in handling customer service.
  3. Solve hijack listing.
  4. Know product launch strategy
  5. Maintaining account health

In short, you need to hire an amazon consultant to make your product listing higher in ranking and enable you to drive more sales. The most important of hiring a consultant is to protect your account health and protect your account from other dirty competitors. Below are some Amazon Consultant website:



Launching a new product for your Amazon business can be challenging, particularly when you are inexperienced. By learning these tips, strategies, and checklists, you can handle an amazon business effectively. You can read my other article on How To Start Amazon FBA Private Label for a step-by-step tutorial.

If you already start your Amazon FBA Private Label business, do you want to scale your business to the next level? I recommend joining the Amazon FBA Mastery to get in-depth knowledge for current Amazon business to generate passive income business online. It will answer any questions you may have about the Amazon business. Most importantly, it will help and guide you to grow and scale your business fast and successfully.

Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have, beautifully” – Scott Alexander.


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