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Do you want more free traffic to your website? You are not alone. Many businesses struggle with getting the right amount of visitors to their site. Many of them often fail to convert the traffic as it is not their target audience. Several website free traffic generator tools can help generate higher page views and more conversions for your business. You can use any of them, but you need to understand everything about traffic generators before that.

Before discussing the website organic traffic generator, we will also discuss what organic traffic generator is. Besides, we will also explain some of the best ways to drive traffic to your website.  

What do you mean by Website Free Traffic Generator?

Website free traffic generator is software that you can use to get Google organic visits of the audience. These tools not only help to increase search engine results but also help in improving the CTR of a website. 

When a website has a good CTR, it will certainly go up in the rankings of SERP. Therefore, a Google organic traffic generator will help you in ranking your website. 

Do you know that having a good CTR is important, especially when you need more traffic on your site? If most of the visitors do not click on your website from the results of their searched keywords in SERP, it will result in low CTR and ranking of your website. 

You should get a good organic traffic generator tool that will work for your site in these situations. 

Overview of Website Free Traffic Generator

Search engines will screen many issues along with the issue of your site's ranking on the page of search engine results, or SERP. It is crucial to generate organic traffic because your website must appear on the top.

Moreover, once you get this ranking, you also have to maintain it. Any drop (even a single) in the number of clicks to your website can badly affect your ranking. 

Search engines rank your website according to many factors, and you should get aware of many of these. You can also use tools like the USA traffic generator when your site is fully optimized for search engines. Such tools can help you improve your page to get better conversion rates. 

Audiences can not get any advantage from your products or services until and unless they find it. 

However, traffic-generating tools are the best ones for providing you with automatic traffic. They will boost not only your visibility but also the ranking of your page or site. 

Best Way to Generate Organic Traffic 

There are several ways to get reach your target audience online. But, we suggest that you should choose the web traffic generator that has some unique advantages. It gives you automated organic traffic and helps your website achieve a better ranking on the SERP.

In addition, the best website free traffic generator also allows you to exercise a high level of control over all the features.

Why do you need a Traffic Generator Tool?

But here, the question is, why do you need a traffic generator for your site? The answer is very simple, and that is when you want to generate some traffic on your site, and ultimately the goal is to convert your audience into a paying customer. 

Actually, the content on your site decides and determines whether the visitor stays and becomes a paying customer for you or if he bounces off of the page. 

Search engine bots detect the bonus rates, so you must optimize your page to keep your visitors on the site. Meanwhile, the bounce rate is just an indicator of how the audience responds to the content on your page. 

The other metric is CTR that is Click-through-rate. This matric shows how many people who visited your site clicked organically. The CTR metric is most affected by the traffic generators as it will prevent your site from being damaged or laid down when one clicks on your page. 

Basics of Free Traffic Generator Tools 

These traffic-generating tools are a way to inject traffic into a network for utilization by some other devices. It is meant to look like a device on a network to target the devices in receipt of traffic easily. So, it means that it will have a physical higher-level address. 

This tool attaches to the network through the same interface as other devices to establish brand-new pockets when you have to implement. However, some of the traffic generators may also be required to respond to traffic from other devices. For instance, they have to establish an ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) in a TCP connection or an IP network. 

Generally, a traffic generator is a tool specially designed for evaluating the performance of devices under test or systems under test. These generators send RAW packets via certain ports and collect the data like TX/ RX rates, lost packets, jitter and latency values, and out-of-order packets. 

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You can use a traffic generator tool similar to bandwidth test utility, and you can use it to create packets routed to the packet generator. 

5 Best Website Organic Traffic Generator

Here is the list of some best traffic-generating tools available in the market that are paid and unpaid. You can find one according to your needs and requirements. 

1- SolarWinds WAN Killer Network Traffic Generator 

WAN Killer is a tool bundled into a toolset of SolarWinds Engineer, a network software suite that contains more than 60 utilities. You can use it to cover everything from network discovery and configuration to monitoring and troubleshooting. SolarWinds ETS features an SNMP sweep tool, MAC address discovery, switch port mapper, port scanner, and ping sweep along with WAN Killer. 

WAN Killer was actually designed to help the users in identifying and targeting some particular network traffic. The tool does this by giving the facility of your own traffic on the site. You must define a specific IP address or hostname because the tool must be intentionally bombarded with traffic. And its entire process will provide you insight into your network performance. 

When you are using this tool, you may find a lot more about this tool that's much to love about it. You may test network and load balancing by tracking UCP or TCP packets that will certainly give you an insight into how your network performs under particular traffic loads. Along with it, you can also study network activities without even using the real traffic. 

WAN Killer is a very flexible tool that allows you to adjust port numbers, bandwidth percentage, and packet size and modify the Differentiated Services Code Point. The tool takes a risk-free approach to test the connections and edit IP traffic. If you want to try WAN Killer Traffic Generator, you have to download the fully functional 14 days free trial of its Engineer's toolset. 

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2- Nping 

Nping is a famous open-source program that you can use for response analysis, network packet generation, and response time analysis. Along with this tool, you may create your own customized packets for more flexible protocol testing. However, you might configure the protocol headers to your liking by allowing you to fine-tune your testing approach. 

An amazing fact about this tool is that it is multi-functional, being great for RAW packet generation, a ping tool, tracers, denial of service attacks, and ARP poisoning. This tool also has an “eco mode” that enables advanced discovery and troubleshooting for its users. In this mode, you may see how network packets alter when they are in transit at the target machine and the source. 

Echo mode is also an incredible thing for troubleshooting any firewall or routing issues. Because the echo protocol of Nping lets the client and server interact via an encrypted channel, the security of this tool is highly dependable. 

The tool also features custom UP, ICMP, TCP, and ARP packet generation, with some route tracing utilities. Aside from it, Nping is very useful for detecting packet disruption and understanding firewall rules. It is a very highly supportive program along with support for many target port and target host specifications. 

3- Packet Sender 

It is a free and open-source application with no advertisements and no bundles. Packet sender can send and receive UDP, TCP, and SSL on your selected ports that enable custom testing. Servers and clients can work simultaneously so that you can test in an undisrupted and streamlined way. And all your data can be defined whether it is in ASCII or HEX. It is a cross-platform for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

This tool uses a command line and a GUI that gives you a lot of flexibility in the interface you are using. And the interesting fact about this command-line interface is that it goes with all the application versions to have access whenever you need or want. 

You can use this tool for various activities, including testing automation via its command-line tool and hotkeys. In addition, Packet Sender also lets us test the network APIs with the built-in TCP, SSL, and UDP servers. You can also test firewalls and the connectivity of the network. 

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By giving portable packet senders with predefined settings and packets to the customers. This tool is also a great means of supporting tech. Aside from that, it allows you to conduct security research by sending SSL. Overall, it is an effective network generator and analyzer that is a great way to find holes in the firewall.

4- NetScanTools Pro 

NetScanTools Pro software is another website free traffic generator. It includes the Packet Generator and Packet Flooder tools. Netscan is a decent tool that allows users to create a TCP, ICMP, UDP, ARP/RARP, or RAW packet and send either a single or multiple packets to an IPv4 address. It was initially designed as a pocket generating and crafting utility. 

If you want to flood a network with packets and traffic as a stress testing source, you must combine the packet Generator with the Packet Flooder tool. Meanwhile, a single Packet Generator cannot create high-speed traffic and would not respond to returning packets. A combo of these two tools could make a comprehensive and very impressive tool. 

Along with Packet Generator, you can have complete control over headers that may include the destination of MAC addresses, IP, TCP, ICMP, and UDP headers fields, and the source of Ethernet traffic. In addition, this program is very great for sending several types of packets in fast succession by using subscription processes. 

One feature that you might like about Packet Generator is the fact that packet transmissions are scripted. Scripting is very simple, and this feature may change the parameter of your packets according to the edited script. Moreover, the mode dedicated to RAW packets is worth mentioning. This mode lets you explain the packet by using the NetScanTools hex editor. 

5- Trex

It is another open-source program, although Trex is not free. But it is a good value, and it boasts a flexible offering. The tool incorporates both stateful features and stateless feature sets. The stateful feature sets a large scale of traffic up to 200 to 400 GB per second, latency measurements, checks for flow ordering, jitter measurements, and NAT/PAT translation learning. 

However, the stateless feature sets can craft stateless traffic streams up to 20 million packets per second, supporting numerous streams. With all these features, it also can change any field within the packet, continuous support, multi-user support, multi-burst support, GUI support, console support, and Python API for boosted automation. 

Meanwhile, it is the best tool for benchmarking and stress testing NAT, load balancer, IPS, firewall, and network cache devices, offering you unlimited co-current flows. But the main problem with this tool is it does not offer support for routing emulation plugins such as ISIS, RIP, and BGP.  

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Summing Up

If you are looking for some kickass website free traffic generator tool to stimulate network traffic, you will certainly find a wide variety of options. After having an overview of the famous traffic-generating tools, you have a sense of the available tools in the market that may be perfectly suited to your needs. 

Some are free of cost, some are limited in scope, while others are part of comprehensive toolsets. However, when the free version is available, take advantage of the free versions of these premium tools. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get started Now!


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