Amazon Choice vs Best Seller Badge – Which One Better

amazon choice vs best seller

Different Amazon badges signal shoppers that the listings are trusted, sold at the best price, and positive customer experience. Just imagine the uplift in your ROI if your product listing is highlighted on the first page of Amazon with Amazon's choice or bestseller choice. Are you confused about both these terms? Well, we will discuss the Amazon Choice vs Best Seller badge in detail in this blog. 

You might feel intimidated by both these terms, especially if you are a new seller. You might think that sellers with these labels are doing something different or are spending a ton of money getting those badges. But, that’s not the case. Almost every seller uses specific plans and strategies to earn these badges. 

Well, lucky for you as I will discuss Amazon Choice vs Best Seller badge in this blog. So, read till the end to get detailed knowledge about both of these badges. 

Amazon Choice vs Best SellerWhat is an Amazon Choice Badge?

what is amazon choice badge

In general, Amazon assigns this Amazon Choice badge to an item when it believes it is the best match for a specific keyword. When a customer searches for a product in the search bar, this badge or label appears on the top left corner of the image of that product or maybe just beneath the title on product detail pages. This badge helps your customers find relevant and good-quality listings for Alexa and desktop and mobile searches. 

Amazon Choice badge has evolved from helping your buyers narrow their searches whenever they buy products by voice activation on Amazon Echo. The badge relies on search terms and keywords because of its origin as product listing pages to guide voice-activated searches. Each of these listings requires detailed research into what customers search for on Amazon for each product. 

It may seem that it is a much faster and more convenient way of shopping and strengthening the customer’s experience while helping and creating profit for Amazon. Along with improving your customer’s experience, the Amazon choice badge also helps store sales on the platform win more sales. This badge may also provide your businesses with social proof for their items and gives your buyers instant trust in your products. 

How can your products qualify for Amazon’s Choice Badge?

As we all know, Amazon’s Choice Badge is a very keyword-sensitive badge because it was created for use with Alexa. It is a one-stop-shop way of ordering items by a virtual assistant. Therefore, searching for “hair cutter” vs. “hair straightener” creates a different Amazon Choice item. 

Certain formulas apply if you want your products to qualify for the Amazon’s Choice Badge. Here I am going to share some of the most common ones along with you. 

  • Fast shipping 
  • Competitive priced
  • Low-return rate than similar products 
  • Product shipped by Amazon itself (in case not sold out by Amazon)
  • Eligible for prime delivery
  • Should be a top merchant in that specific category
  • Customers reviews and ratings 
  • Famous with buyers searching for that keyword 

Products having Amazon’s Choice Badge are becoming more important. Because these items have organically more control and influence over customers and consumers' purchase intent instead of others, try to fulfill all these requirements I have mentioned above so that your product(s) can qualify for this Amazon badge. 

How to optimize your Products for Amazon Choice Badge? 

Forget about Amazon Choice vs. Best Seller Badge for a moment. Don't worry if you are a beginner at the Amazon business platform and do not know much about optimizing your products? It may seem a little bit confusing and complicated, but here I am to tell you every detail about this convoluted process. 

Here are some of the steps that you may take to enhance the chances of for qualifying Amazon’s Choice Badge:

1- Get your Amazon Business eligible for prime

Experts say that there’s a direct link between being eligible for Amazon Prime and the qualification of the Choice badge. As I have mentioned above, fast shipping of products is a basic requirement for the badge. And it must be the first thing you have to set up on your Amazon Business.

In case you are already selling on Amazon FBA, you are automatically eligible for Amazon Prime. You may also take advantage of the fast shipping and same-day delivery services of Amazon. 

2- Focus on the relevant keyword to your Customer 

The next step for getting your Amazon Choice badge is to set up your keyword research. It would be best if you found the most relevant keyword when you create a product on Amazon. The keywords you choose will make it easy that your product will rank & sell well.

Well! Here is an amazing trip for you: to go for long-tail keywords that may focus on the issues that your item can solve and can potentially convert it. The search volume of the keyword should not be very high as ranking will become very difficult. Besides that, there are also many things you have to avoid as you are trying to improve your keyword strategy. For instance, when keyword stuffing is unproductive, Amazon will ban your listing. 

3- Generate Great Customer Ratings and Feedback

Targeting the right search terms may only be the first step. To reach the most customers possible and qualify for Amazon’s Choice Badge, you may require the best customer ratings and reviews out there for your items. 

Amazon marketplace always wants the best and perfect items for its customers. If you have many negative reviews on your product, Amazon will never risk its reputation and promote it. Customer ratings should be around in the four and five-star categories. If you get any negative reviews, you must follow up with the customer to understand the problem. You may also use their feedback to improve your product(s).

When you focus on improving your customer's ratings, you may increase the chances that Amazon's algorithm will give your item the Amazon Choice Badge as proof of its best quality.

4- Optimize your Product’s Listing Page 

You want to increase your results on Amazon; for this, you have to ensure that the optimization of your listing page is as accurate and relevant as the customer’s search. That will help you in boosting your conversion rate, and you get noticed by Amazon. For instance, the description of your item should be very clear and straightforward. 

Moreover, optimization includes detailed information on all your product’s materials so that your customer wouldn’t get any unpleasant surprises and then lower the return rate. For the best optimization of your listing page, high quality product photos will also be very important as Amazon allows you to add up to nine images in your listings so that your customer will get a complete view of the product. 

5- Offer competitive pricing on your products

One of the most important recommendations of Amazon is that you may need well-priced if you want to qualify for the Choice Badge. Every product you sell on Amazon must come with competitive pricing to get favors from Amazon's platform. Don’t worry. You can set your prices as low as you want, but when products are really expensive, it makes it so much harder to get the Amazon’s Choice Badge.

Amazon Choice vs Best SellerWhat is Amazon's Best Seller Badge? 

what is amazon best seller badge

Amazon Best Seller Rank is a metric Amazon uses to tell how well a product is selling. It's the number provided if product sale has been completed. Here is why BSR (Best Seller Rank) is a good indicator for an item and how well that item is currently selling on Amazon. The better the BSR of a product, the more its sales. 

One notable thing about items with low sales is that they have high BSRs. Items with high sales, on the other hand, have low BSRs. So the lower the BSR is for a product, the more products have sold in the specific sub-category. Meanwhile, the BSR may only apply to how a time sells in some specific category of Amazon. In simple words, products do not have an overall BSR while comparing their sales to every other product available on the Amazon marketplace. 

As we all know, many products on Amazon sell in multiple categories to have more than one Best Seller Rank. Especially when you may have an account that nearly every department and subcategory on Amazon has its own private best sellers ranking system. Therefore, an item on Amazon may have a BSR of 2k in the category of Kitchen and Dining. At the same time, the exact similar product may have an Amazon BSR of 20,000 when it is in Toys and Games. 

How can you calculate the Amazon Best Seller Rank?

However, Amazon doesn’t even reveal how the best seller rank is calculated, but many factors may contribute and calculating it. These factors may include:

  • Current and historical sales of a product
  • Same competitive products 
  • Changes in product prices and promotions.

The best seller badge represents the current sales trend and historical sales volume and updates this every hour. Therefore, if your product sold ten units in an hour and your competitor sold five units, your BSR will be lower than your competitors. Remember that lower BSR is better than higher ones. 

On the other hand, if you sold only one unit of your product in the following hour and your competitor sold five, you will still have a lower BSR. It's because the BSR also looks at how you rank historically so that you won't make or lose any BSR too quickly. The BSR algorithm looks overall at your product sales and then assigns the numbers, so there are never any extreme fluctuations. 

How to optimize your Products for Amazon Best Seller Badge? 

Amazon Choice vs. Best Seller badge could confuse some people's minds. Amazon A9 algorithm determines the search ranking of the product. The product with the highest sales in a certain category will get the Amazon Seller Badge. You can find out which one it is by looking at this list, which changes every hour.

So, here I come up with a few of the best ways to optimize your product for the Amazon bestseller badge. 

1- Create optimized product listing

First of all, start with properly optimizing your product listing. And, for that, you need proper keyword research to come up with the right keywords to target. It doesn’t only help you to get the best seller badge, but you can also learn the customer’s behavior. Start your keyword research by writing down some of the keywords to get Amazon’s suggestions. Moreover, there are a couple of the best tools available for keyword research. Learn about Amazon FBA best keyword research tools here

2- Select the right category

All the categories are not the same on Amazon. So, it would be best if you chose the right category for your product. Keep in mind that certain categories are highly competitive than others. So, it would be best if you chose a small niche or subcategory to earn a best seller badge. Moreover, avoid listing your product in an irrelevant category.

3- Maintain competitive pricing

A key to becoming a best seller is maintaining competitive pricing for your products. It can lead you to a better product ranking. Well, I’m not asking you to sell your product at a low cost. Instead, maintain competitive and decent pricing to compete. This strategy will help you boost your chances to earn a best seller badge. Moreover, be sure that you stay profitable while lowering your prices. 

4- Work on your advertising strategy

Many successful Amazon sellers use the proper and well-planned advertising strategy. Some become masters with time, while some opt for the professional to run ads on Amazon. You can opt for PPC campaigns as it is the best and well-proven way to boost your sales, especially in the most competitive niches. 

Amazon Choice vs Best Seller – Which BSR is considered the best one?

Well! This one is a tricky question as Amazon BSRs are different throughout each category. When an Amazon BSR of 1000 may seem a good ranking in the Pet Supplies category, then the same ranking of 1000 in the DIY category could be horrifying for you. It is very simple because DIY may have slower selling items, so it is impossible to give a definite answer to this question. 

If you consider the millions of items being listed on Amazon, though, as a rule, products with a sales rank of less than 2k are more likely to be in demand. So it can be considered as a good benchmark. So, if the listing has either Amazon Choice vs. Best Seller badge, it has to have a good BSR.

Amazon Choice vs Best Seller – Which one is more in demand?

Well, I have discussed Amazon Choice vs Best Seller badge in detail in this blog. Keeps in mind that both badges have a high impact on consumer purchase intent, but they are far more desirable than the best seller badge. 

The main difference is the brands with more tangible ways to control if they are awarded the best seller badge. Well, it doesn’t mean that you can be awarded the badge if you implement these changes. Despite that, you can give more tough competition to the other brands to increase the chances of earning any of these badges. 

Moreover, like other Amazon achievements, these badges keep fluctuating and don’t last forever. But, still, Amazon’s choice badge lasts longer as compared to the best seller. But, it is a little tricky to earn in the first place.

If you want to get more updated information about Amazon FBA, you can read my other blog on How To Start Amazon FBA Private Label Business. If you are ready to start the Amazon FBA business, you can check the Amazon FBA course to learn deeper step-by-step A to Z starts from scratch. They will help you If you have questions or you need help during your learning. Most importantly, it will help you to build your Amazon FBA online business successfully.

Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch.


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