Top 10 Best Amazon Keyword Tool For Sellers

Amazon is a platform that has around 2.5 million sellers. It depicts that selling on this huge platform can be daunting, especially if you do not know Amazon search engines. Well, I spend a lot of time understanding Amazon search engine algorithms, also called Amazon A9. I learned that it is quite important if you want to be successful on Amazon as a seller. Well, to overcome this challenge, there are multiple Amazon keyword tools available. 

Choosing the right keywords is important to rank higher in the Amazon search engine. Also, it is something that you cannot do manually, especially if you are listing hundreds of products. It would be best to choose the best Amazon keyword tool to help your research. After choosing the products you want to list on Amazon, the next step is to brainstorm keywords ideas. You can even use free Amazon keyword tools to do your keywords research. 

Are you Struggling to find the best Amazon keywords tools to boost your sales? Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, as I will list some of the best keyword research tools for Amazon. 

Top 10 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Here is the list of top 10 advanced tools for your Amazon keyword research that drives traffic for your product and optimizes your sales and profits. Choose the one that suits your business and budget. 

1- Google Keyword Planner – Free Amazon Keyword Tool

google keyword planner - free amazon keyword tool

Google KW Planner is the free Amazon Keyword Tool, and this is one of the main reasons people love to use it. All levels of sellers and merchants can easily use it from their beginning to advance. And the second most interesting thing is that this Amazon tool is supported by Google, making it more trustworthy to be used for keyword research. To use this tool, all you have to do is make a Google Ads account connected to your Gmail, and then you are all set to use Google Keyword. 

Google is considered the most famous search engine. The base of all the search engines present has many keywords that may rank your product link up on the web page results, and people tend to click it and then buy. This tool is certainly not an Amazon dedicated keyword tool, but it may provide you with the best options in trends within the internet. It also helps you in case you have an external website other than being an Amazon seller.

Long-tail keywords are relatively less competitive as compared to short ones. That’s why they are mostly recommended for beginner sellers. If you can find relevant keywords on Google keyword planner, start your product research with Amazon, and then you will get the most trendy and best-selling items that can enhance your sales. It is a basic tool only used for keyword research. Most of the sellers and people in business used it during their beginner years. 

Features of Google Keyword Planner 

Here are some of the features of Google Keyword Planner

  • It has a flexible period as you can estimate daily results as well as monthly, quarterly, and annual results. 
  • You can create your own custom comparison by using Google Keyword Planner.
  • It helps you in better understanding seasonal fluctuations.
  • You may compare date range functionality likewise month over month, year over year, custom ranges, and many others.
  • This tool gives you aid in investigating locations targeting and impacts of traffic volume with the help of location.

Pros and Cons of Google Keyword Planner 

Following are some major pros and cons of Google Keyword Planner:


  • You can use up to 3 keywords whenever you are looking for new keyword suggestions. And you will also have the ability to enter a URL for better suggestions. 
  • Hyper-Local Search volume, a new feature of this tool, allows you to see the keyword volume based on a particular geographical area. 
  • With the help of this tool, you can check the data for four years regardless of the last year. Google Keyword Planner is a TimeFrame.
  • It can filter out keywords that are below the search volume of 100 or more. 


  • Google offers you suggestions of a few keywords. Where you may have a suggestion of 500 words, it has been reduced to 300 keywords. 
  • An option to view only closely related items and terms is now gone on this tool.
  • Your chance or freedom of choosing broad or phase has become more difficult now.

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2- Jungle Scout Easy Amazon Keyword Tool

jungle scout

Jungle Scout is one of the Amazon Keyword tools that the sellers build for the sellers. With the help of this tool, you can easily find market-winning products that are on sale in Amazon’s marketplace. You can easily research any item with keywords, custom filters, or categories with its Products Database feature. Whenever you are trying to create a selling strategy or spying on your competitors, this tool helps you find inventory data, daily sales, and revenue for any of Amazon's products. 

This software can easily manage and grow your Amazon FBA business. The Sales Analytics tool of Jungle Scout is your great financial command center. You may easily organize and track your expenses, revenues, FBS sales, view performance, and other key metrics and gain insights to reduce costs and raise your profits. Moreover, optimizing your listings has also become easier when you are using this tool. You can use keywords or ASINs that your customers are searching for with Keyword Scout. 

In addition, you can easily start selling in the Amazon marketplace with this software. It is one of the leading and all-in-one platforms for finding, launching, and sourcing new products on Amazon. You may also use this software to make data-driven decisions. It also provides you with the tools you may require for the easy management of your business so you can focus more on its growth. This tool gives you the best-in-class features and insights that increase Seller central, and in this way, you can create your own successful business. 

Features of Jungle Scout 

  • It allows you great email campaigns that help you in increasing your sales, gain social proof, get higher page ranking, and better conversions. 
  • You can promote and advertise your discounted products on Amazon with this software.
  • Jungle scout may also help you enhance sales velocity, improve product ranking, and launch new items successfully. 
  • This tool also offers listing optimization, inventory forecasting, sales analytics, and PPC management for better business growth. 
  • With the help of this tool, users can also view historical trends of rank and google trends from within Jungle scout

Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout 

Here are some of the pros and cons of this software:


  • It provides you with Amazon product sales and revenue data.
  • This tool can easily discover competitive and market intelligence data very efficiently.
  • You may find cool, high-value product ideas with this tool very fast and easy.
  • It can easily track product performance for analyzing the new trends.
  • Jungle Scout can even predict the future demand of your product and save your time. 
  • This software can also find the most impactful and powerful keywords for you that are easy and profitable.


  • It will be a little bit of an expensive tool for you. 
  • The inventory management tool of this software may get a little complex when the sellers have thousands of items to manage.
  • It does not have any mobile app to manage things on cell phones.
  • It can be confusing for you as multiple tools are here to find some particular data for an item.

3- Sonar – Amazon PPC Management Tool

You may have seen the Amazon PPC Management Tool that Sonar supports by Sellics. This keyword management tool is also worth the fame and use because it provides you with an extremely easy-to-use user interface, especially for small businesses and big corporations. 

If you use this best Amazon Keyword tool, then you may get a free trial of two weeks without any contract to sign. You have to sign up and use the trial version to learn about the software. It also has a unique feature of Reverse search ASINs that may help you look for the keywords that your rivals or, to be more precise than your competitors, have used to increase their product ranking with the Amazon search engine. 

Moreover, Sonar also allows some additional features you will amaze of that include more than 70 million keywords to choose from, data exploring, search volume estimates, and sober user interface. You also have a wide variety of options to look for that are effective enough to start your business. 

Features of Sonar 

We are also going to discuss some of its amazing features here:

  • Sonar has one of the most comprehensive Amazon keyword databases that is over 110 million. All of these are real that are used by genuine shoppers.
  • You can also use the Sonar Keyword Translator to search and then reach a keyword in your native language.
  • It gives you the facility to copy and paste the ASIN of a product into Sonar and view the keywords your competitors are ranking and rising for.
  • This software also provides you with an Amazon keyword search volume being calculated on only Amazon metrics.

Pros and Cons of Sonar 

Here are some of the pros and cons of this software:


  • By using Sonar, you may improve your organic product rankings on the Amazon marketplace. 
  • You can recognize the characteristics of a winning product when you are searching for a new product.
  • With the help of this tool, you can enhance your ad visibility on Amazon by finding PPC keywords that have high search volume.
  • It can be an amazing tool for you if you are looking for more insights and optimizing product listings. 


  • Being a free tool, this software only shows you some direct results. 
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult for the beginner to understand the complex interface of Sonar thoroughly.

4- Helium 10 – Advanced Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Heilium 10 - amazon keyword research tool

Helium 10 is a tool with many advanced features that guide sellers' product performances and keyword research. It does so to rank up the items within the Amazon SERP. This tool provides you with the best keywords required for the Amazon product you are willing to sell. Meanwhile, it does not give you tutorials on how to use it, similar to KeyworX. Therefore it can be a bit difficult to understand.

You may get to find keywords for your product headlines by using Helium 10. Non-listed keywords can also be looked after with the help of this tool, as it provides you keyword spell checks, etc. If you are a beginner and want to know in detail about keyword searching, then this software is of your kind. 

Helium 10 offers its users a free trial for a certain time. And after this period, its packages may start from 37 to 397 dollars. For beginners, the platinum package of 97 dollars is one of the most recommended ones. 

Features of Helium 10

Some of the amazing features of Helium 10 are discussed below:

  • Helium 10 offers you customizable branding and activity dashboard.
  • When using this software for keywords, it also helps you in the order management, SEO management, and Inventory management of your product.
  • This software has customizable templates and search or filters.
  • It also offers you email marketing, keyword tracking, and multi-channel marketing.
  • Helium 10 also has alerts or escalation along with data visualization and mobile alerts. 

Pros and Cons of Helium 10 

Following are the few advantages and disadvantages of Helium 10


  • This tool is faster and more powerful for product research.
  • It may find you thousands of keywords in seconds.
  • Helium 10 can manage and handle your business effortlessly.
  • It helps you in analytics that power decision-making for your products that will be sold on Amazon. 
  • It can market your business with complete confidence and write listings for you like a pro. 


  • You have to handle several bugs while using this tool, and it's very slow and time-consuming to get them fixed. 
  • Sometimes the chrome extension numbers appear wrong.
  • It can be hard to understand this tool for the new sellers or merchants because it does not provide a guide or tutorial for how to work on it.

5- – Best Autocomplete Keyword Research

It is a keyword research website where you do not need to sign up. You have to visit its homepage and search for the relative topic or keyword you are searching for. Compared to clothes, it is easy to use software, and its free version also works in a very decent way. There is also a pro version available as the free ones give you limited keywords options. The price of the pro version starts from $69 a month. The homepage URL of this website is

As mentioned above, the long-tail keywords are less competitive than the short ones; this software specializes in giving such keyword options. In addition, it also has an option to search for your competing website and look for the keywords that rank it up in the search engine.

It is a bit expensive when you compare it to the other available options of keyword tools. The paid version of this tool is recommended because it provides you thousands of options to select from and represents the keyword performance within the marketplace that is not available in the free version.  

Features of

Following are some of the common features of Keyword Tool:

  • It may find you great keywords by using Google Autocomplete.
  • This software exports the results to CSV.
  • It helps you in supplementing your social media marketing with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter keyword analysis.
  • The keyword tool can find the keywords in any targeted language, and it selects the options from the list of powerful keywords.
  • It also uses the latest filters to refine the list of keyword suggestions.

Pros and Cons of

Now we will discuss some of the pros and cons of this software:


  • One of the main advantages of this tool is that it is great with keyword
  • It is a comprehensive tool that is highly recommended for sellers and merchants.
  • Keyword tool also helps you in searching for keyword volumes in bulk for a larger number of keywords.
  • This software is all set for the origin of search, and its language is great for understanding. 
  • It is very helpful in finding some useful keywords, and it also helps you write some SEO-friendly content. 


  • It is expensive as compared to other such types of software.
  • You may find some difficulty while searching for the insights of some keywords.
  • It only provides you with keyword research services alone, and you have to use some other software for other works. 

6- MerchantWords – Amazon Search Keyword Data Tool

merchant words - amazon search keyword tool

MerchantWords has a wide collection of Amazon’s most searched keywords. It helps you in selecting your product and as well as page optimization. Also, it is a comprehensive keyword tool that sellers and merchants use for escalating your business profit margins and sales. It is an easy-to-use tool with a basic user interface. You can easily enter your demo keyword relevant to your item and look for all the potential related keywords used for your product. 

This best Amazon keyword tool also reveals data as per search analysis by the targeted customers. Usually, long-tail keywords are looked for with the help of this tool. Keywords that drive traffic towards your product is the main goal that this tool works on.

The free version of this tool is a total disappointment because it does not reveal anything. You have to subscribe to a plan to use it in the very first place. Though it is not very expensive, this tool's starting price is 35 dollars for a month to access unlimited keywords in the United States of America. If you want to increase the performance globally, you have to go for 149 dollars per month plan for unlimited use. 

Features of MerchantWords 

Here are some of the main features of MerchantWords:

  • This tool offers you market insights that will help you better understand the Amazon marketplace and landscape.
  • Another amazing feature of Merchant Words is the Digital Shelf. This feature provides you in-depth analysis of your current situation within Amazon and is free and easy to read reports. 
  • It also provides monthly Amazon data, search volume, and long tail and short tail keywords from the Amazon search bar.
  • MerchantWords also has some emerging trends that will let you know all the new searches before your competitors. 

Pros and Cons of MerchantWords 

Now is the turn of pros and cons of this Amazon Keyword software:


  • This has a real-time and large database that may help you with the highest keyword backup. When you have many options at your hand, selecting the best one is the best thing.
  • It is good at finding keywords and easily finding your search terms for the new and existing products.
  • Along with the keyword research tools, you may access some other features that give you some additional insights.
  • It can handle your data without any extensive customization. It saves your time, and you can concentrate more on your sales.


  • Downloading or installation of this software creates some issues sometimes that need to be corrected in the coming future.
  • It does not provide you all of its support in the free mode. In addition, customer support also depends on your plan. 
  • It can be a little expensive for you as you have to charge 29 dollars per month for its subscription. Some other tools are available that you can buy at this price, along with more features. 

7- AMZ.One – All in One Amazon Tool - amazon keyword tool

AMZ One is a tool that allows Amazon sellers to track their own or competitors’ product sales daily to get some valuable data analysis. It had notification alerts that pings to announce the negative feedback or reviews for your items listed on the search bar. This software may list up to 30 k products in a single category. It is one of the plus benefits of AMZ One, apart from being a great keyword research tool. 

AMZ One is an all-rounder and best Amazon keyword tool with a considerable amount of pricing. It can be recommended for both beginners and advanced business people. You may also track your ranking and individual product rankings on AMZ One to understand the value of your product thoroughly. 

When you turn towards the result, AMZ One is 80% accurate with its keyword choices, and also it is an easy-to-use tool. If you are looking for an all-rounder software that may help you with keywords and other aspects of Amazon Business, then AMZ One is certainly worth the consideration. For just finding the keywords for your product, there is another tool to bid on. The pricing rates of this software start from 15 dollars a month for only 100 keywords. If you want to get 1500 keywords, then you have to pay 67 dollars for a month. According to our suggestion, the package of 67 dollars is worth selecting as it gives you a wide range of keywords. 

Features of AMZ One 

Some of the features, along with their amazing working are given below:

  • It is a user-friendly tool that shows up daily product rankings that are based on chosen keywords.
  • This software has one of the best seller rankings and arbitrage.
  • The AMZ One has one sale tracking tool that allows you to track actual sales volume for any product on the Amazon platform.
  • It gives you the facility of handling the negative review notifications instantly in which you can contact the buyer, handle the complaint, and have it get removed.

Pros and Cons of AMZ One 

Following are the some of advantages and disadvantages of AMZ One:


  • It is an easy-to-use Amazon keyword software.
  • It may help you in improving your product ranking. 
  • AMZ One is being supported on all the sites of Amazon.
  • This software also has real-time tracking data.


  • This software may become hard to understand for some sellers and merchants.
  • Its pricing may seem a little bit expensive.
  • Some of its tools, such as Best Sellers Ranking, are only available at some particular marketplaces.

8- Keyword Tool Dominator – Keyword Research Tools

Keyword tool dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is not only for Amazon sellers as you can use it for various marketplaces like eBay, Bing, Google, YouTube, etc. It is widely referred to by professionals worldwide because of its easy-to-use interface, keyword performances, Longtail less competitive keyword suggestions, and others like that. One of the most interesting things about Keyword Tool Dominator is a one-time investment-based tool that can minimize the risks involved if you cannot deal with the tool. This single-time purchase can provide you with stunning features such as daily searches, keyword comparisons, and unlimited keywords. 

Using this tool will get almost every possible trendy keyword that somebody may have typed down, as this works on a global level. So you do not have to sit for hours while brainstorming on keyword completion and suggestions. You can also avail of up to 3 searches maximum before you even select a package. Meanwhile, these three searches are enough to understand the tool and to understand its depth. For this Amazon-specific tool, the pricing rate is 75 dollars. For all the seven keyword tools available on this platform, you will have to pay 140 dollars. Moreover, there are also some offers and discounts that make it super affordable for everyone. All you have to do is keep looking over it. 

Features of Keyword Tool Dominator 

Here are the features of Keyword Tool Dominator:

  • It offers you very fast services as every search on this tool is completed in about 30 seconds. Even when you are accessing a large volume of data, the result would be the same.
  • This software has real-time data in which the trends change very fast. It changes in such a way that the item selling in the last week may get old this week.
  • Keyword Tool Dominator has competitor research that is mandatory in both e-commerce in common and e-commerce SEO.
  • It provides you with an easy keywords list that you can download from its e-commerce keyword lists.

Pros and Cons of Keyword Tool Dominator 

Some of the pros and cons of Keyword Tool Dominator are as follow:


  • It is inexpensive software that provides you lifetime access.
  • It has a simple interface that is very easy to use and understand.
  • This software provides you an autocomplete service for your ease.
  • Keyword Tool Dominator has unlimited real-time keyword suggestions and unlimited daily searches.
  • There is no need to give any monthly subscription or additional fees.


  • This tool does not have any category selection for its customers.
  • It has too many keywords that it becomes difficult to find some exact and perfect one for your product.
  • There is no stop button, and you have to wait until all of its processes are complete, and then you have to carry on.

9- SellerApp – Amazon Managed Service

seller app

SellerApp has been a market winner for a very long time. This software has optimized tools that will help you with any business requirements. The keyword research tool of SellerApp is also a competitive tool within the market as it is widely used by small and big businesses to enhance their product lists. SellerApp has a great customer service forum along with an easy to interact designed interface to help and facilitate the sellers.

SellerApp keyword recommendations are the trending keywords with very low competition that may boost your product listing in no time. You can also use this feature by SellerApp for free for a certain period. For subscription-based professional results, packages range from 99 dollars to 199 dollars. 

Features of SellerApp 

If you want to know something more about this software, then here are some of its exciting features:

  • It provides you an opportunity to discover new and proven keywords that can be converted into your product sales. And you may gain new productive ideas from this.
  • You can also identify the keywords that enhance your sales and the ones that are not with the help of this software. 
  • By using the SellerApp, you can check the indexing information of the backend terms.
  • You can also find some relevant and productive keywords that will bring you the best sales and increase your search visibility. 

Pros and Cons of SellerApp

Here are some of the pros and cons are given:


  • It has the best Amazon seller payment disbursement management.
  • It provides you easy access to order the report. Because as your business grows with time, keeping track of orders sometimes gets more hectic. 
  • SellerApp also has improved customer dealing and CRM at Fingertips.


  • This software does not link up with Keepa and CamelCamelCamel (CCC) extensions. It is one of the biggest back draws of this software.
  • It also lacks decision-making in sourcing products.
  • A little bit expensive for the customers.

10- Viral Launch – Amazon Launching Service

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is also one of the all-rounder tools and has many functions to play that may include an advanced keyword research tool. Viral Launch gives you four different packages; the Pro package is for 99 dollars a month that is not needed if you are starting with a business or have a recent flourishing one. However, the Intermediate or Advanced packages starting from 69 dollars to 199 dollars per month will be worth it.

These packages also include a Product research tool, Market management tool alongside a keyword research tool. In addition, the in-depth data being produced by Viral Launch with its sub tool are quite comprehensive and make it more reliable to use. With the keyword tool, you may also add keywords into your listings and look up their market value that is much more efficient and easier at the same time. The price range of the Viral Launch tool may vary from 49 dollars to 332 dollars according to the package selection. 

Features of Viral Launch 

Some of its features are discussed below:

  • It offers product discovery for the new sellers and merchants with Preset Searches. It becomes easier for them to get access.
  • This software has more than 10,000,000 products, brands, and keywords for its customers.
  • Viral Launch is a mobile-friendly product that helps in discoveries and Market Intelligence. 
  • It also has some new filters and bug fixes.

Pros and Cons of Viral Launch 

Following are some of the pros and cons of Viral Launch:


  • This software can make your items more prime. If you do not know, then it is for your information that when you sign up for the Amazon FBA, your products will automatically become a part of the Prime marketplace.
  • When you search for a product that many sellers have available, you mostly purchase the item from the Buy Box. So you have many chances to win the Buy Box more often.
  • You have an opportunity to fulfill orders from your website and other e-commerce sites.


  • When you are using Viral Launch, you have to take a step back from inventory.
  • You have to keep up with tax obligations for your products.
  • Along with it, you also have to prepare and label your items. 

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s it for now. I have listed some of the best Amazon keyword tools that are the best ones available in the market and are updated accordingly. So, I hope this article helps you through your research. I have already mentioned the importance of keyword research for increasing sales and conversions. Make sure you use these tools properly and do not hesitate to review. With proper keywords optimization and PPC, you will be able to boost your Amazon business in no time. 

You can also read my other blog about “Best Product to Sell on Amazon FBA,” so you have more ideas for what products you want to sell. Do you still need more guidance? Or are you ready to start Amazon FBA's private label business? Perhaps you already have one. Do you want to scale your business? You can join Amazing Selling Machine. It will teach you step-by-step how to start Amazon FBA private label business from A to Z and answer any questions you have regarding Amazon business in general. Most importantly, it will help you build your Amazon business from the beginning until you have successfully built your business.

“Unless there's no rhyme or reason to your keyword research, you need to know which opportunities will take the least amount of your limited resources to yield the highest ROI” – Neil Patel.


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