12 Best Amazon Sales Tracker Tools For Sellers

amazon sales tracker

If you are doing business on Amazon FBA and generating awesome sales every day, you might need one best Amazon sales tracker tools. Well, you might be using one if you are a pro seller. But, if you are a beginner, then you must start using one. As suggested by the name, sales tracking is a process of monitoring, analyzing, and keeping records of all sales to ensure that you have every sales and business revenue history.

Some of you might be thinking about why you should use the Amazon sales tracker? Well, what is the motive of doing business? Making a profit is simple. But, to calculate that, you need Amazon sales trackers. You will increase your chances of improving in the market with a perfect and accurate analysis. Besides that, you will have the right information about where to invest and how much to invest. You can opt for the Amazon sales tracker free or pay depending on your budget. 

While investing in a sales tracker, you should consider choosing the tool that provides accurate results in percentage and numbers. Also, there must be a geographical representation of the data in graphs for comparison purposes. Well, a few all-rounder software comes with built-in profit tracking, and I'll be discussing a few of them in this blog. You can choose any of the below-mentioned tools as these best Amazon sales trackers can help you save a lot of time and money. 

Top 12 Profit Tracking Tools for your Amazon Business

1- Shopkeeper – Amazon Sales Tracker

shopkeeper - best amazon sales tracker

AMZPing is the former name of this Amazon tracking tool. The Shopkeeper may be termed a standalone profit tracking tool as it is one of the best highlighting features of this tracking tool. Most of its users give excellent reviews about it, and it has been rated out 9 out of 10 by most of the consultants. This tool offers you a lot more features from its basket than you will ever need. 

Most of the profit tracking tools of Amazon do not pay more attention to the user-friendly interface, but this is not the case for the Shopkeeper. This tool provides you with multiple dashboard features, profits displays, and customized accurate and sales statistics outlets, all in an organized and representable way. It collects all the historical sales data and provides you a comparison according to the current performance of your items and website. This feature of a shopkeeper makes it much easier for you to understand the little ups and downs of your business. 

Shopkeeper's very colorful and bright website attracts users and sellers that may not help them but select it out of temptation. But there is nowhere the limit of this tool is. The designing of the software encourages the sellers and merchants, as we all know that visuals play a vital role in understanding the behavioral aspect. The Shopkeeper has been checked many times, and the data has been compared with the manual data. The results were stunning as always because this tool does not compromise on numbers and gives you the exact figures about the profit margins. 

Features and Services of Shopkeeper

  • It offers you profit margin tracking.
  • This software also has many dashboard filters.
  • The shopkeeper gives detailed statistics of vital metrics.
  • It has a great user interface. 
  • This tool can also give you security against hijackers.

If all of these services do not make you use this tool, then what will? Try and give it a shot!

Shopkeeper Package details

  • Base Plan : 1- 250 orders monthly : $20 monthly
  • Intermediate Plan: 250 to 1000 orders monthly: $45 monthly
  • Pro or Premium Plan: 1000 – 5000 orders monthly: $90 monthly
  • Additional plan if you are crossing 5000 orders per month: $250 for unlimited orders monthly.

You may also avail of the free trial of this software without any credit card details or contract being signed to understand its working. There are certain limitations to the tool's free version for avoiding that you may have to select a plan that stands perfect for you. 

2- SellerLegend – Amazon Sales and Profit Tracker

seller legend - best amazon sales tracker

The tool's name suggests that it is no less than a legend in sales analysis and profit tracking. SellerLegend may seem like an underselling tool, but it has a good potential comparable to the industrial biggies of tools. 

This amazing Amazon sales tracker software gives you accurate results concerning profit tracking of the items and provides you a complete analysis in product research. The user interface of SellerLegend is, of course, very amazing and grabs the user's attention on a very first look. And that's not all for this too, as it is highly efficient and easy to use with very remarkable results. It may give you trend analysis along with some really good backing support. 

The data that SellerLegend brings back seems as good as the manual results conducted as per many consultants. The orders are divided into many parts to avoid any form of confusion. Naming the segments, processed orders, pending orders, refunds, delivered, returns, and discounts, etc. 

Features and Services of SellerLegend

  • It provides you orders, profits, and sales data. 
  • This tool carries out the services like product management, tagging, assistance, stock locations, etc.
  • SellerLegend also has Inventory management.
  • It gives you email statistics and updates about your product. 
  • This software has customer management tools as well as segmentation tools. 
  • SellerLegend has watchlisting and geotagging.

SellerLegend Package details

  • A starter plan for $49.99 monthly up to 2500 orders. 
  • The second one is advanced and costs about 59.99 dollars monthly for up to 5000 orders.
  • The next one is a professional plan for 69.99 dollars per month along with up to 15,000 orders. 
  • And the last one is an enterprise for $99.99 monthly up to 50,0000 orders.

3- HelloProfit

hello profit - best amazon sales tracker

HelloProfit is always being compared to Sellics. Sellics is the software that we will discuss next, and most of their features also match. But it is an amazing and known fact that something available in this tool may not be the same for the other and vice versa. 

Some of the similar features from both of the software may include easy to understand, profit calculations, profit breakdowns, ASIN tracking for individual items, etc. this tool makes the difference when it does that extra mile by giving you additional rare customizations such as selections of ASINs of products in bulk and comparing the data of the respective items.

The selection of bulk ASINs and comparing them may give you useful data compared to the historical profits made due to the items or the activities. A varied list of items that advanced the sellers and merchants on Amazon having different categories may be deceptive. And this data gives you a clear-cut impression of which items are doing great or have done well before but not doing very well as per the current situation. 

Along with this tool, keyword tracking is a plus feature, and the Chrome extension is good enough as well. These plus features do not cost you more as they are included within the packages you choose. While using Sellics, you have to purchase these features additionally. HelloProfit also facilitates multiple users log-ins with several levels allocated to each user. In case you are a beginner, then you will not require any of this. 

Features and Services of Hello Profit 

  • It gives you a dashboard overview with comprehensive data analysis.
  • It has amazing features like tracking sales, data, profits, Return on Investment per product.
  • HelloProfit has an Amazon keyword tool to rank up in SERP and Amazon best selling product keyword analysis.
  • This software has promotion tools and refund tracking.
  • It facilitates total sales, profits, analysis, discounts, fees, refunds, payments, etc. 
  • It has excellent customer care services. 

HelloProfit Package details

  • $97 per month. Once you pay this amount, feel free to do as many searches as you want. 

HelloProfit is a one-time payment tool, and it may give you access to the complete software and its advanced settings. Users can also use the $1-3 weeks access that is great for you if you consider it.  

Along with it, it is a complete software with several aspects to look into. Its features are amazing and are very helpful for beginners as well as advanced business people. In case you want to do good within the marketplace of Amazon, then you can certainly try out this tool for stunning results. 

4- Sellics – Amazon Sales Tracker

sellics - best amazon sales tracker

You may be familiar with this name well before because there is no such thing related to boosting and enhancing your Amazon business, but it does not involve this specific tool. Sellics is one of the most famous and renowned all-in-one Amazon FBA toolkits. This tool merges seven key features of your Amazon FBA business that may include: SEO, PPC, Research, Competitor tracking, Reviews, and inventory management, and others at a single platform. 

This tool also provides you a wide variety of options to choose from in terms of tools. It ensures that the user interface is easy to understand for every user who accesses these tools. Sellics also gives data with your Amazon business, and these data analytics are being converted into actions that may take your business to unreachable heights. 

Along with it, this software's tools are divided into two different categories. The first one is for the sellers utilized by the people who sell through Amazon Seller Central. The second one may involve vendor tools used by the Vendors or the third-party sellers who operate from Amazon Vendor Central. Both of these tools are a little bit different from each other. Because the Seller Edition comes for a Brand that may develop and support the multinational corporations with multi-million dollar revenue scales and turnovers. 

Suppose you are an Amazon seller and stand on a point where things are very complex, confusing, and perplexing. At that time, these tools can save your day. 

Features and Services of Sellics

  • It's all one tool as it provides you with sales data, profits, promotions, refunds, PPC costs, BSR, competition tracking, sales velocity, and many other features. 
  • Sellics also gives you Amazon Sales Ranking covering product tracking, sales rank, pricing history, and sales volumes.
  • This tool is also good in keyword analytics, keyword ranking of the products, including credits, competitor products, listing analyzer, and developer.
  • Sellics also has the ability of A/B Split testing and analytics.
  • Its further services may include PPC Management, Analytics by the campaign, ad group, and analytics by keyword.
  • This software has different toolsets for sellers and vendors. 

Sellics Package details

  • $47 monthly for Fba turnover ranging from $1K to $60K
  • $257 monthly for a turnover up to $1.2 million.
  • $259 annually plan including all optimization platforms along with the PPC expert you require.
  • Starting from 999 dollars, an annual program delivers results to you by a PPC-expert team even without the agency price. 

More packages are also available that may depend on the FBA turnover and the tools you will be accessing. Discounts and offers are also available most of the time; you have to keep checking and subscribe to their mailing id for updated notification.

Sellics has an easily acceptable and understandable user interface that makes it one of the unique tools. You may subscribe to its 14 days free trial without a signed contract and no card details submission. It also gives you a good idea about the usage and properties of this software. 

5- CashCowPro

CashCowPro - best amazon sales tracker

It is also an all-rounder tool that is related to Amazon's FBA business. CashCowPro gives the overall profits to the sellers that have been generated by the selling of items within the marketplace of Amazon. This tool also represents the sum of the total profit both in percentage and dollars to the sellers and merchants. The data analysis provided by this tool also increases the calculation of Return on Investments. 

CashCowPro PPC management tool is also one of the most famous and advanced tools available in the market for Amazon Campaigns. If you intend to dig deeper through the analytics, this tool is the right choice to start with. It has a very simple but attractive user interface and is easy to crack down on. The most amazing features of this tool may include sales data, page viewing, conversions, session data, etc. These all features can be monitored and improvised on. 

Features and Services of CashCowPro Amazon sales tracker

  • It provides you SKU analysis alongside sales data and profit margins analysis.
  • It has a keyword research tool of up to 100 keywords on each search.
  • This tool can automate the email and feedback generation process
  • Various extensions are available for facilitating seller experiences through this software. 
  • CashCowPro offers you inventory tracking and management.
  • It has features like page reviewing, conversion data, competitor data analysis. 
  • It also has an A/B testing tool for survey purposes. 

Cashcow Pro Package details

  • $49.97 monthly with access to a variety of tools per month
  • $497 annually with wider options

It is a very cost-effective tool that comes with an easy-to-understand user base. As we have mentioned before, it is not a standalone profit analysis software. But in case you are a beginner and want to go for something lowkey at first, then this tool is the most recommended one. Because everything that is required on the start or base level business is available in a cost-effective range. 

6- FeedbackWhiz

feedbackwhiz - best amazon sales tracker

FeedbackWhiz is a tool that offers you a lot more than review tracking tools and feedback management. But it can also be used for the amazon sales tracker. These services may include customer information, reviewing data, orders accumulated, analytics, email automation, and feedback monitoring, all in an organized and easy-to-understand form. Both beginners and advanced business personnel are also using it. Each feature of this tool works amazingly and boosts up your business rapidly. 

The organizing capacity of this software is also very impressive alongside its order management, email tracking, and profit tracking features. Although there is much other software available for email marketing, this one works very well according to your choice. It also has various templates to choose from to respond to your customers that attract other users. 

Moreover, you may generate templates according to your products and customer's preferences. It may include graphics such as emojis, GIFs, HTML templates, attachments, and others. If you want to run your business and be successful with it, this software may help you achieve your goal. The data analysis suite of this tool is worth the price. Whether you are trying to manage your previous trends, plan, profits, execute strategies, or simply monitor your performance within the marketplace, this tool saves you at the end of the day. FeedbackWhiz is certainly worth the best experience.

Features and Services of FeedbackWhiz 

  • It provides you with order monitoring alongside profit analysis and management.
  • It has customer data accumulation.
  • This software also offers you data analysis and actions.
  • FeedbackWhiz can perfectly do the review management and feedback monitoring.
  • It is one of the best email marketing tools. 
  • This tool gives you overall feedback development. 

FeedbackWhiz Package details

This tool generally has three packages for its users. These three plans are: 

  • The first one is the starter one, along with the price of 19.99 dollars per month. 
  • The second one is basic and is available to you for 49.99 dollars a month. 
  • The third and last one is a professional plan that may cost you about 99.99 dollars for a month. 

FeedbackWhiz is an ideal Amazon sales tracker to begin with for your business. The tool suite by FeedbackWhiz at the available rates may take a moment to gulp down the excitement. These tools are very easy to use and learn. The second level pricing of this tool is also very cost-effective than most of the software you may witness in the market. 

We will certainly recommend this tool for you as the best guide towards your better business growth. You can also try out the free version of the suite to get an idea about this tool and its working. It is a hassle-free sign-up as you do not have to put your card information or sign a contract to access its free version. 

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7- AMZ Tracker 

amz tracker - amazon sales tracker

It is a comprehensive Amazon sales tracker tool that helps you track and maintain sales for improving your product's rankings. This tool offers you various designed email templates, older filter settings, customizable email templates, and a blacklist feature. All these features of this tool allow the automated matching of suitable email templates to individual customers. These are also ideal for increasing your business's customer service and customers' shopping experience. 

Along with it, AMZ Tracker supports the importing of reviews and orders, allowing a time-saving overview of the items of your whole Amazon marketplace. Email notifications of positive and negative reviews for all your store's products are received automatically, so it increases your customer care responsiveness. Another amazing feature of AMZ Tracker is the invoice generator that allows you to automatically enter customer data such as address and order details. 

The invoice generator feature not only helps you in saving your time but also sends invoices automatically that are based on customizable invoice rules. In addition, this tool also supports the multi-marketplaces of Amazon without any additional fees. An estimate supports eight marketplaces, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, and others. You can manage these multiple stores with a single AMZ Tracker account, and no additional fees are required for multiple places. 

Features and Services of AMZ Tracker

  • It gives you negative reviews alerts whenever your customers give you less than 5-star reviews of 1 to 4 stars. You can respond to them instantly for the best chance of raising your product’s ratings.
  • AMZ Tracker has a comprehensive tracking system.
  • You can get an alert when a seller or merchant tries to hijack your listings. 
  • By using its seven days free trial, you can check the performance of this tool very easily.
  • Its other services may include deep word longtails mining, Unicorn smasher pro, keyword research tools, and competitor analysis. 

AMZ Tracker Package details

This tool offers you four different packages options that are given below:

  • The first is the Basic plan available for 50 dollars a month and 110 keywords and 50 products.
  • The second one is a professional plan available to you for 100 dollars a month with 500 keywords,100 products, and 3/ marketplaces.
  • The next one is God mode that costs you about 200 dollars per month. It may facilitate you with 1500 keywords, 200 products, and 12/ marketplaces. 
  • The last one is Legend for 400 dollars a month with 3000 keywords, 400 products, and 50/ marketplaces.

8- Zonguru – Amazon Sales Tracker

zonguru - amazon sales tracker

Zonguru is also an Amazon profit tracking tool that may enlighten and elevate your business in the marketplace of Amazon. This tool has amazing features and services that convince its users to agree with and give it solid 5 star reviews largely. When using this tracking tool, you can easily find a product to sell that is doing good in the market. If you want to enhance your business and select your next best-selling product, you can do it more quickly and easily with the Zonguru suite of product research tools.

In addition, this tool also helps you get the most out of your product with this suite of software that gives you exact details where to put the best keywords and pictures guaranteed to drive the scales. In this way, zonguru maximizes your sales and scales up your Amazon business. This tool's simple UI and strong, accurate data help you keep an eye on how well your business is doing and going.

Furthermore, services of this software may include your connections with the customers. It allows you to communicate with your customers because to keep them returning. You have to keep them engaged with you. Zonguru ensures that you always contact your customers, so they stay happy and satisfied with your services. 

Features and Services of Zonguru 

  • This tool is one of the best niche finders. It allows you the best product research for your Amazon store.
  • An easy source of amazing keywords, and keywords it provides you are on fire according to their performance.
  • It can easily manage your products and give you alerts when to re-order from suppliers.
  • Zonguru may craft a perfect listing for its users as it is backed by the most accurate and perfect data in the biz.
  • It can also find you the orders that you are looking for immediately. 

Zonguru Package details

This tool has mainly two plans for its users, and these are: 

  • The first one is a Researcher that is available for 39 dollars per month and all the tools you need to find the perfect product.
  • And the other one is the Seller plan at the rate of 49 dollars. It has all the tools that you need to enhance your Amazon business.

9- AMZ Shark 


AMZ Shark is another tool from profit tracking that is very helpful for the growth of your Amazon business. It has helpful tutorial videos for each of its features, and its website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate for faster and simple sales tracking. It offers you listing content that is not just about snappy taglines or smart catchphrases. A keyword-rich content mix is one of the most amazing features that may affect the listing visibility of your products. 

Most of the sellers and merchants have plain white background items pictures that may fail to catch the attention and attraction of customers. The listing images of these sellers and merchants should reflect every feature and USP of your item, as product images take so much more than just a good camera and steady hands. Professionally captured product images are bound to stand out from the competitors. 

In every customer's mind, the packaging says a lot about the product itself and the seller. This tool may help you give your product a striking packaging design to increase your brand and product equity. It has enhanced branded/ A+ content that gives you a robust edge to your item's listing over the competitors. It's now available for all sellers and merchants regardless of having a brand registry or not. 

Feature and Services of AMZ Shark 

  • With the help of this tool, you can track as far as 1,000 products at once using 90 days of historical sales data.
  • It allows you to instantly find potential niches that offer you essential stats that include sales in just a glance.
  • Whether they are Amazon sellers or not, you may find suppliers on the web by simply entering the keywords of your choice. 
  • It can easily compare and constant up to 20 keywords at a time, and it is really useful for identifying profitable sub-niches that would be so profitable.
  • It has hijacking alerts and gets automatic alert emails if a hijacking is detected. 

AMZ Shark Package details

  • $299 per month with 13 tools and 1000 sales tracked in search ranking, 300 hijacking alerts products, 100 feedback alert sellers, 1000 sales tracker products, and many other features. 
  • This tool does not have any annual plan. 

10- AsinHunt 


AsinHunt is a web-based product research tool that may allow Amazon sellers and merchants to determine the daily sales volume of specific ASINs. It is also an Amazon tracking tool that features tracking, idea capabilities, and product search. This tool allows you to track product details in real-time, like inventory, sales ranking, and prices and how they change daily. 

It is a sales estimator Amazon sales tracker tool that helps Amazon FBA sellers in finding profit-generating products. Using the Amazon API may provide accurate real-time data from Amazon's whole catalog of millions of items. You can also use the built-in profit margin calculator to define the best selling price of the products you are interested in selling on Amazon's marketplace. It is one of the perfect ways to estimate how many sales an item is generating per day. 

AsinHunt is the best product tracking tool that assists you in online retailers of all sizes with monitoring stocks, ratings, and reviews. Overall the users of this tool give average reviews about it. And this software does not offer you a free trial version to its users. For using this tool, you have to paste a list of ASINs that you want to track, and this software will automatically collect BSR, price, several reviews and ratings, merchant or seller name, and units in stock (if possible). Meanwhile, this tool is available in the US, UK, Mexico, and Canada. 

Features and Services of AsinHunt 

  • It gives you non-cache real-time product information directly from Amazon.
  • This software has benchmarking and survey sample management tools. 
  • It can do a perfect sales estimate for Amazon sellers and merchants.
  • Asin Hunt gives you profitability and a product database.
  • It may carry out reporting or analytics of items and also product tracking from your competitors.

AsinHunt Package details

It is one of the least expensive tools from all of them that are mentioned above. Here are its three of most common pricing plans: 

  • The Basic Package of this tool starts from only 5.99 dollars that include tracking of a single product.
  • The next one is Pro Package that is for 7.99 dollars a month and offers you 50 products.
  • And the last one is the Business Package that allows its user to track 100 products for just 19.98 dollars. 

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11- AMZ.One


AMZ.One is an Amazon sales tracker tool with amazing features such as keyword rank and seller, sales tracking, and product promotions. It also allows the users to see which keywords are most effective for enhancing traffic and making some improvements. AMZ.One offers you the best photography of your products as it claims that it takes photos and brings your product to life. 

Along with it, it has keyword-rich content writing that makes your product listings stand out. This tool lets the Amazon algorithm rank your listings quickly and make them visible to the maximum number of visitors and customers. AMZ.One is the prime PPC management agency of the industry that may provide the sellers with top-notch PPC services. These services are made to reach a wide range of customers and increase sales to a greater level. 

With the help of this software, you may get your Amazon product description visually rich and also get greater conversion rates. Now you can convey your brand story by text placements and enhanced photos. Moreover, this tool also offers you an advanced tri-ranking solution to leverage the PPC Campaigns with ranking strategies. It also helps you in getting the products to the top spots and expands your brand exponentially. You can also do attractive packaging with this tool that can appeal to your customers, and they come again. 

Feature and Services of AMZ.One 

  • You may get a daily ranking for your items for any keyword you select with its feature of Keyword Rank Tracker.
  • Another amazing feature of AMZ.One is Amazon Product Finder that can search among the top 30 000 best-selling items in each category.
  • This tool can track sales volumes for any item on Amazon and optimize your Amazon listings for search algorithms.
  • It provides you with notifications based on your competitors' various activities and different events of your private account and products.
  • This software can increase and improve sales and conversion rates through promotional gateways.

AMZ.One Package details

AMZ.One gives you four amazing packages aside from its free trial. These packages are:

  • The first is the Basic package that costs you 20 dollars a month and offers you 25 negative reviews and 45 keywords.
  • The second is the Standard plan for 40 dollars a month with 50 negative reviews and 100 keywords.
  • Advanced plan is the next one with 100 negative reviews and 500 keywords and costs you 90 dollars per month.
  • The last one is the most comprehensive one named as Professional package that may include 200 negative reviews and 1500 keywords for 180 dollars a month.

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 12- Kibly 


It is a software program that ensures to plug into your Amazon business within three minutes. Kibly is a tool that Amazon sellers build for Amazon sellers. Despite the slightly annoying audio track, its website is simple to use and offers you a free 14 days trial, but the payment details are required. This tool is also very well-known for high-converting in the industry templates. These templates come free with your account.

The templates of Kibly do not irritate your customers, rather help you in building your brand by making a connection with your customers on an individual level. These are entirely catered to your customer and the unique details of your customers. They also gather the order information while making the communications relevant and timely. 

One of the amazing and craziest features of this tool is that there is no set-up. You have to integrate your Amazon account and then click the 1-click setting button, and that's all. Your account will start sending unique, timely, and relevant emails to each of your customers, and this may increase the number of reviews and feedback you get about your items. If you were using this tool and did not get satisfactory results using its default templates, you can get 100% of your refund, but proofs are required. 

Features and Services of Kibly Amazon Sales Tracker

  • Kindly connect is a feature that helps you in improving your target to the right audience.
  • It also allows you to give past customer ads for your items on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 
  • This tool allows you to send people directly from your ads off Amazon using a short and professional-looking link regardless of a longer indirect link.
  • You will have an option of creating various templates without any hidden charges, and you may customize according to your choice.
  • This tool works with all Amazon marketplaces; therefore, you may connect multiple accounts with it.

Kibly Package details

Kibly offers you three different pricing plans. These plans may include:

  • The Small business package is the first for 37 dollars a month and offers you six products and 600 emails per month.
  • The next one is the Professional Monthly package that may cost you 97 dollars per month, along with tracking of 30 products and 30,000 emails.
  •  And the third one is the most expensive. The Extreme Seller monthly package may feature 120 products and 120,000 emails for 297 dollars a month. 


Well, here you go with the top 12 best Amazon sales tracker tools for your Amazon FBA business. While choosing the best tool, make sure that you choose the most reliable tools. I would suggest AMZ.One, Zonguru, and AMZ Tracker cause they are tools with more characteristics. 

If budget is an issue, you can opt-in to AsinHunt and CashCowPro as they come with low-cost packages. You can upgrade eventually when your business starts generating more profit. 

The selection of the tools solely depends on your available resources, budget, and business type. All the tools mentioned above come with a free trial of around seven days, so you can use any of them until you find the best. 

If you want to get more updated information about Amazon FBA, you can read my other blog on How To Start Amazon FBA Private Label Business. If you are ready to start the Amazon FBA business, you can check the Amazon FBA course to learn deeper step-by-step A to Z starts from scratch. They will help you If you have questions or you need help during your learning. Most importantly, it will help you to build your Amazon FBA online business successfully.

“Find a great mentor, someone who has already been through the many challenges of being an entrepreneur.” –Jodi Levine.


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