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Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Today, we will discuss online data entry jobs without investment and the types available there. You only need minimal effort to get started in the first place. If there is one thing we have all learned collectively from 2020 that has nothing to do with COVID-19, that has to be the significance of remote and online working opportunities. The organizations and enterprises running online were the only ones who were successful in maintaining their finances.

Many individuals chose to go digital last year with the hopes of developing an alternative route for income and growth. A vast majority of individuals have the pressure of finding an online job that pays well. A little research on Google will show hundreds of spaces offering work-from-home, but not everyone turns out to be legitimate. Currently, typing and data entry has been trending in all work-from-home job opportunities listed on job searching portals due to the unprecedented need to go paperless.

What Is Data Entry

Data entry is exactly as it sounds; an act of entering data into electronic systems with the help of word processing software and computers. The positions for data entry jobs are found in abundance, with only a few requiring specialized knowledge.

Since data is a critical need for every business in today's digital age, every marketer, aspiring blogger, and online influencer strives to encode print media’s substance onto softcopy with data entry experts' assistance. The profession is straightforward. It revolves around encoding text, numbers, and other content forms into a processed document, spreadsheet, or presentation.

Essentially data-entry professionals work independently without the added responsibility of a full-time job on their shoulders. Online data entry jobs are available with or without investment. 

How to do Data Entry Jobs?

The initial task of online typing jobs such as data entry is to get familiarized with the keyboard to develop typing speed and accuracy. You must also have a comprehensive understanding of clients' office-related software, such as Microsoft Word, Google docs, Excel, etc.

You will need a stable internet connection, a working personal computer, and a calm and quiet workspace that boosts your attention. If you are already known for being reliable, competent, and consistent, you already have a head start in the race. Also, strong communication skills can work very well in this situation.

How much Data Entry Jobs get paid?

Most clients requiring the service choose to pay on an hourly basis. According to Indeed, online data entry representatives can earn anything between $15 to $45 per hour here in the United States. Companies also tend to hire full-time data entry experts at rates extending from $42,000 to $65,000 per year.

According to Glassdoor estimate, an online data entry clerk can earn up to $3,500 to $5,000 monthly. 

Skills Required For Data Entry

skills required for data entry

You don’t really need a high skill qualification to become a Data Entry operator. You can easily apply for an online data entry job if you have completed high school or graduated, and you don't need any investment for the job. Accomplishing the KPH test that stands for keystrokes-per-hour can prove your proficiency in keyboarding. This skill is required for most data entry jobs.

Do a little homework and encode a mock-up page of content to assess the rate of words-per-minute, better known as WPM. It is examined by multiplying the WPM score by 300 to get a better idea of your capabilities. A minimum score of 10,000 on the KPH test will help you clear the screening test.

Whose Data Entry Jobs Online For?

Whether housewives, students with loans, millennials seeking alternative employment routes, online data entry jobs are the perfect solution to everyone's problems. The social background, age, gender, or educational background cannot become a barrier to your success here.

Thousands of individuals collectively earn millions of dollars through online data entry. This is a safe escape for uncertain periods of a pandemic or other emergencies. The truth is that you can make over $15 per hour and that too without performing intellectual acrobats at the office! Online data entry jobs in the United States have offered the opportunity to work freely. Data entry operators can earn consistently month after month.

It is necessary to understand that several typing jobs from home are done to generate good incomes. Most typing jobs cover simple data entry tasks or transcription of videos, audios, films, and other forms of content in motion. The online sphere allows you to work at your convenience, at the time when you are your most productive. 

Types of Data Entry Jobs

types of data entry jobs

Data entry is a straightforward typing job that is accessible for everyone. Whether you have the ideal speeds for typing or are just starting, you can improve your skills with time. Applying to any data entry job is relatively simple for everyone, especially those who do not have any previous experience in the field. Some data entry jobs require the professional to verify and edit the text as they proceed with data entry.

There are many scam advertisers since this job is everywhere and people are looking for this job. Make sure that you apply to jobs that certified and trusted companies post. Reviews will help you the most in this situation. If you like typing, you can sign up for online data entry jobs with no investment necessary. You need a computer and an internet connection.

Below are the types of  data entry jobs:

1- Traditional Data Entry

Data entry jobs have existed for a very long time. The advent of the internet may have established the online data entry industry. Still, data entry jobs were available a long time before the internet became available to most people today. Data entry typists were often found sitting in libraries, going over academic, legal, medical, and business texts to extract pertinent facts and figures for all types of documents. The data was entered in company templates and spreadsheets to be delivered to the customers.

Then came the data entry clerks who followed specific work procedures to complete monotonous tasks like filing documents in an alphabetic sequence, filing accounts, or even coding complex data. Both types of jobs are readily available on Fiverr, Upwork, and other such freelancing platforms.

2- Regular Online Data Entry

Essentially, converting images and audio to text are the most popular online data entry jobs today. For the conversion of images, the individual receives image files that are a screenshot of journal pages or inaccessible data files. You read the resource and type it out on Microsoft Word. Attention to details such as grammar and spelling is very critical here. Often, academic sources that use a different tone and types of terminologies that differ from regular English. The conversion of one image gets you $5, and a collection of 25-30 such files could help you make up to $150 per day.

Similarly, you can convert audio files to text by reproducing them on Microsoft Word. Good listening skills and a sound understanding of the language are necessary to be successful here. Individuals should convert audio files with a super-fast typing speed to ensure quick service and conversion accuracy. This work is often referred to as transcription in mass markets and job portals. Transcribers earn $7 and more per file. Online data entry jobs without investment are a lot more flexible and convenient for every applicant.

3- Medical Transcriptionist & Coder Jobs

Medical transcriptionist jobs require training and some prior experience. However, medical transcriptionists earn 4 to 5 times more than other regular data entry workers. Medical transcriptionists are in great demand in the United States. Public and private companies hire medical transcriptionists to listen to multiple audio files to convert them into words. Because doctors with slurry accents can be difficult to understand, these audio files are important to better understand what the doctor is saying. Excellent listening skills and familiarity with medical jargon are necessary here. Since this arena requires skills and knowledge, a medical transcriptionist gets $30 per hour for the job.

On the other hand, medical coders have a lot to take in from patient charts & these details can get overwhelming. They decode complex health learning so they understand the diagnosis, symptoms, and treatments. Doctors and other medical professionals use a much easier writing style for stakeholders like insurance companies and doctors. You'll need to get a code & certificate to take this job. The salary here is about the same as it would be elsewhere.

4- Amazon Jobs Data Entry

Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk) is a data entry outsourcing service that positions employees in over a hundred other countries after the United States. mTurk includes tasks for third-party organizations and client ventures. It is a venture that allows you to find genuine online jobs without a registration fee. Tasks on the mTurk platform are often called HITs or Human Intelligence Tasks, which have to be completed and submitted. There are three types of HITs:

  1. Effective data entry
  2. Surveys
  3. Transcriptions

You get paid around 5 to 10 cents for each HIT submitted, but you can receive even more for surveys. To gain higher pay, one must choose promising HITs. However, it would help if you were first qualified to work for mTurk before you start. Companies require you to pass an examination before getting the job. It is a big chance that you may not get the job because it is not easy to pass. But, it is exciting to work if being hired. Professionals enjoy gains up to $3000 per month by working only with HITs with a high payout. 

5- Microdata Entry Job Opportunities

The word “Microdata entry jobs” refers to the variety of online data entry employment. You already understand what Captchas are. They are the photos that contain text, numbers, and alphanumeric characters used to fill in the captchas, so people can't spam. For solving a single captcha, you will receive between $0.01-$0.02. To have a bank account, you must solve thousands of CAPTCHAs a day. If you solve one CAPTCHA in three seconds and work for seven hours, you can make up to $150 a day. However, you will need a lot of patience and experience to work this job.

Captcha solving is more complicated than captioning. Here you need to take photos and use them in your article. This paper will require some creative thinking. It's creating memes on social media. You create a title or caption for your visual and share them with us to help out. The caption you write must fit the pictures. With social media sites like Instagram and Twitter accessible, captioning is now a pretty easy thing to find.

Copy/paste is when you copy text from one source and paste it into another. You're going to convert an Adobe PDF into Microsoft Word format, then Word format to Excel or Excel to Word. The content can be text, numbers, letters, or any other type of data. You have to paste more than 10,000 words per text. Often you would need to copy data fields such as name, address, phone number, and email into databases. You often need to sort data inside a single Excel spreadsheet and then paste it into a different spreadsheet. Companies have detailed guidance before you start a particular role.

6- Data Formatting Positions

This job requires more formatting and less typing. Mostly, you would need to format text from other types of documents into a Word document. Writing involves grouping the text into paragraphs, aligning them, making bulleted lists, indentation, fonts and spacing, and citations. Another example of formatting a multi-field form is the following: name, email, phone, etc. You will need to add punctuation correctly. To earn a $15-$18 hourly wage, you need to format hundreds of documents.

For online form filling, you are provided with a collection of an enormous amount of data and an online form to send. These data contain email addresses, phone numbers, bank account information, and credit card numbers. This is not a normal position where you earn money online without investment by typing. Essentially, it's the same, but technically, data formatting is complicated. You must enter the correct database entry into each relevant field on the online form. You have to think carefully before doing something. This is called a web-based typist. By filling each application, you earn money. Earning just over $50 a day by filling in online forms is not difficult.

The other alternative is online surveys. Online analysis techniques are different. In this survey, you will need to answer questions about a specific subject before moving on to other questions. It's not just filling out paperwork. Surveys typically consist of questions in quantities of 5 or more and are based on different subjects. More prominent surveys are more time-consuming, but they cost more. Some professionals receive more money from full-time surveys than they would otherwise. Compensations can be up to $45,000 per annum.

7- Custom Data Entry Jobs

A company requires various essential data entry criteria. You work as a data entry operator to produce customized reports for various projects according to the client's requests. The firm will have detailed guidance on constructing Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, charts, graphs, etc. The data entry works are very lucrative, paying over $15 an hour.

Email processing or email reading is another common form of online data entry. You will have to open hundreds of links in your email, and you have to click the links to visit each site for about 30 seconds, and then you'll receive payment. You may often be asked to register and become a member for free.


There are many types of online data entry jobs. The selection of data entry jobs primarily depends upon a person's ability level and educational accomplishment. To excel in a data entry job, work a few years, and gain experience from it. As a start, you'll make $15/hr, but later, you'll make up to $20 -$25/hr.

Online data entry jobs without investment have become very accessible since the pandemic shook the world. You can get a job doing data entry and make money without any investment. The job is as easy as typing words, and you get income from it. But if you're smart enough, you can actually work for a data entry job. You can outsource the work on Fiverr or Upwork, where you can find people willing to do data entry work for as low as $5.

Doing a Data Entry job is one thing you can do, but how about building your own online business. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best passive income online businesses. You can read my other article on how to make money with affiliate marketing. So you can decide if affiliate marketing is best for your online business or not. But one thing that I want to say is that the affiliate marketing business does not need to have a lot of investment.

If you want to know how to do it and learn in-depth, I recommend joining the One Funnel Away Challenge. It will teach you to step by step and answer any questions you will have. But most importantly, it will help and guide you to build your online business fast and successfully.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”


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