4 Tips To Overcome Fear That Make Your Life Better

how to overcome fear

Is there a moment in your life that you feel like your heart beats as fast as a running cheetah?  Or a certain feeling that haunts you even in your sleep? That thing you feel is called “Fear”. Fear is also as constant as change. What is the cause of fear, and how to overcome it?

It usually occurs during unwanted instances. If fear already takes over your life, you're already at your peak of emotion. When this happens, it can cause more problems than solutions. It heightens the chance of not risking since you're already afraid of offered opportunities.

This feeling will drown them and let them be consumed by it. However, we are not born with fears in our blood. All kinds of fears are something that we experience. So, all you need to do is face and overcome it. The only concern is that not all people can do it at once. Removing fear in someone's mind is hard.

Based on experts, there are numerous causes of having fear and anxiety. It can be from factors that are related to your self-progress.

  • Loss Of Love
  • Purpose Defeat
  • Rejections and Comparisons
  • Ridicule and Loss of Respect
  • Loss of Income

These stated causes can have a significant negative impact on our lives. We are more likely to feel fear with these present.

How To Transform and Overcome Fear?

Fear is a natural human emotion that everyone experiences at some point in their life. To overcome fear, we need to figure out what triggers our fear and work on it. Below are some tips to overcome your fear:

1. Remove the “I Can’t” to Overcome Fear

The first way to overcome fear is to always say to yourself you can do it. Most people that have hesitations and are involved in a fearful situation tend to say the word “I can't.” This kind of negative mindset stops us from taking the lead. Remember, fear has the power of paralyzing your capabilities. It can be physically or mentally.

So, instead of saying “no” and “I can't,” try saying “yes” and “I can.”

2. Look on the Bright Side

Visualizing yourself as someone confident can help you transform your fear into something good. As a result, this notion will be accepted in your subconscious mind. The mind processes this kind of thinking, and it will serve as directions on how you will perform.

If you keep on filling yourself with positive pictures, then fear will no longer consume you. Let yourself embrace fear and become part of your personal growth.

3. The Law of Reversibility or Reverse Psychology

Based on psychologists, this law is one of the most significant psychological breakthroughs. As this law says, “If you feel a certain way, you will act in a manner consistent with that feeling.” That is commonly a way that most experts use for people who have fears and anxiety.

When you fear something, and it becomes consistent, convince yourself to do the opposite. This technique asserts your beliefs and ideals and expects you to do what you truly desire in this way. You will develop courage by disciplining yourself again and again to do the thing you fear. Until then, that fear eventually disappears—and it will.

4. Overcome Fear with Confront, Move, Deal

To succeed and surpass your fears, you must confront them. In this way, it will resolve the issue that you're afraid of. Take this as a habit, and it will make you deal with that instance successfully. Put into your mind that this way can lead you to your happiness and goals.

Also, take a step forward. Confronting will not transform your fear if you do not move towards it. Dominate the things that make you fearful and afraid. Manage to control it. As you discipline yourself, fear will shrink, and sooner or later will be gone for good.

So, how to deal with and overcome your fear. First, you are willing to try and do not let your fear become your focus. That will not let you accomplish the things that you want. Remind yourself to be fearless.

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“Fear has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything and Run' or ‘Face Everything and Rise.' The choice is yours.” — Zig Ziglar.


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