Relationships With Family And Friends | Why It Is Important

relationships with family and friends

Humans are social beings. They tend to communicate with one another. Socialization is the way to make their connections wider and learn more about the world. The importance of relationships with family and friends is known in every culture. People aim to build their own families. But, having friends is a natural thing for every person.

The concept of having a family came from the perspective of primitive times. During those days, individuals belonged to clans. The role of the family in every person's life is vital. Parents are the closest people that we have since birth and throughout our entire life. They are there to support and help us in every circumstance.

Every individual needs support. Family is the most robust foundation that a person could ever have. Without help, loneliness and depression start to make their way up. No person can bear the pain and pressure alone. Parents are the ones who can support you all the way. Home makes you feel safe and secure. It is the place where you always wish to go when everything is in chaos. The pleasing environment helps you to refresh your mind and soul.

relationship between family and friends

Moreover, communication is the key to building a healthy connection. When we go outside, all we have is ourselves. From there, we start to build relationships with people. Ultimately, it is where our relationship with family and friends starts. It depends on the society where we belong. Friendship is what we have from school, work, and social community. All of us need friends. Some close friends have been part of our lives for so many years. There is an old saying that “You can choose your friends, but not family.” It means that it is a voluntary action when you choose to build a friendship with someone. It depends on our perspectives and community point of view.

Persons who don't have friends often feel sad. It is a painful feeling to live without having somebody out of the family you can turn to in difficult times. Building friendships also help people to adjust and learn the culture of others. They will eventually develop that sense of sensitivity and open-mindedness. Having friends at an early age is a good indication of personality development. They will learn how to interact with the people around them.

Family and friends help us grow. They are there to support us in everything we do. Misunderstandings are natural in relationships since we are all living with our imperfections. Having a good relationship with our family and friends adds to our self-confidence. It enables us to face every challenge, for we know that there are people who will accept us based on who we really are at the end of the day.

Social connections make us complete. It is a tool for survival. No man is an island, indeed. One way or another, we will need each other. Compatibility may not work all the time, but understanding and acceptance do. We should learn how to appreciate what other people can do for us and reciprocate everything to the best possible. In that way, we can live in a harmonious environment peacefully. Realize that your family and friends are the most important gift of God, and you will never be sad again.

“Surround yourself with family and friends, because it's not the minutes but the love that matters.”


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