8 Best Video Editing App And Software In 2021

best video editing app

Are you trying to find the best video editing app or software? Well, there are many options available in the market, from Adobe premier to Final Cut Pro, but you need to decide the one that can work best for you, depending on your needs. Try not to stress to find the best video editing tool, as I have combined the list of the eight best video editing apps and software that describes the software functionality, features, and more. 

Want to make a strong brand impression or watch to grab the audience's attention on Youtube? There is nothing quite like video marketing. Recently, the trend of videos has increased a lot as users are more interested in media-based incorporated work processes and intent. And, that is why digital video continues to grow the importance of business online. 

This trend is also coupled with the ever-lasting ever-increasing availability of devices capable of high-resolution video recordings like DSLR, Smartphones, and more. In addition, you need the powerful and best video editing app and software to make your videos more interesting and elegant.

No matter what software you are using for editing videos, make sure that it keeps up with the newer formats like VR, HDR, and HEVC. Besides that, it must also work with 4K video to perform smoothly on different latest devices. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started. 

What are the best video editing app and software? Top 8 Picks

Whenever you decide or pick up the best video editing app or software, you must consider many things. For instance, consider the device you are using, altering highlights such as channel, video, sound settings, document moves, and video record rendering (yields). 

Here are some of the picks for your best video editing app and software:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CCBest Video Editing App for Windows

Best Video Editing App for Windows

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is considered one of the best video editing apps. This program has incorporated work processes and the alteration of your video without even leaving your timetables. This product is a time-proficient credit of the Adobe Sensei innovation, which gives you a scope of robot devices. 

With this editing software, you may work with the updated video groups. You can also change video film in ultra or top-of-the-line 8k, just as in PC-generated reality. In addition, the content conveyed on this program is properly advanced and latest for any screen.  

The Premiere Pro CC is best with other top Adobe CC items such as Adobe Stock, After Effects, and Audition. In this way, you can certainly download a movement illustrations format from Adobe Stock or After Effects perfectly without even expecting to leave the interface of Premiere Pro. 

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • One of the leading components is its start to finish VR 180 capacity. By this, you can make the most vivid recordings and send VR 180 aid that sleeks your belongings and organizations. 
  • You can distribute your substance on Youtube, Vimeo, or any other stage by using their Google VR180 Design without any stretch. 
  • Shading evaluating and shading adjustment are some powerful highlights. Along with Lumetri Color devices, your bend modifications may enhance clear chroma key choices and expel the foundations without much effort. 
  • Debut Pro nails it with regards to sound changing as well. So with the spearheading sliders in the Essential Sound Panel, you may effortlessly incorporate the effects like reverb, sound system balance, intensification, and pressure. What’s more, you want it! With indigenous usefulness with Adobe Audition, you may take your sound to capable levels.
  • For the long term, Premiere Pro CC provides you the whole bundle you will need to build up an expert video. Being an amateur, you will profit from the streamlined interface, simplified devices, and submitted cordial portable application of Adobe Premiere. 
  • Moreover, Debut Pro may stand number one in this classification because of its ground-breaking highlights and free preliminary proposal. 

Pros and Cons of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 


  • This program has high-quality audio and video editing. 
  • It provides you correct work with full convenience in several Windows OS, Mac OS.
  • Premiere Pro is built-in nonlinear video editing.
  • It has video content editing in real-time.
  • This program may support a variety of formats like HD, HDV, and Flash video.


  • It is one of the most expensive video editing app for windows.
  • Its software works only for a month on a free trial basis.
  • Adobe Premiere may have quite resource-intensive system requirements. 

2. Final Cut Pro XBest Video Editing App for Mac

Best Video Editing App for Mac

Apple's famous Final Cut Pro X is an amazing video-changing bundle that perfectly consolidates proficient video attributes. It also gives a smooth expectation to learn and adapt editing skills for the customers. Therefore, it is one of the best video editing app for Mac OS.

Final Cut Pro has more than 2 million clients on Amazon with a steeply united cost from the first 999 dollars to 99 dollars. Due to this, it is one of the most respected and reputed than any other in recent times. The interface of this software uses a three-sheet see with a trackless, Magnetic Timeline that may be exceptional for using twin screens. However, claps can be imported and organized as Roles in the library. These can be resources such as video, titles, music, impacts, voice-overs, and that may be the only tip of the iceberg. 

When you are done with your video creation, you can profit from the 149 video impacts, 183 title movement formats, 109 sound impacts, and 100 advances. These alternatives are anything but somehow difficult to execute with alternate console ways that can spare with custom console combos. 

Feature of Final Cut Pro X

  • The finished product Pro X has native aid for MacBook Pro Touch Bar Editing, which allows you to use the contact control for events, cleaning, and text customization. 
  • Word processing is amazing, along with its 3D capacities and capabilities. There are diverse 3D layouts and surfaces like cement and plastic, and the enlightenment effects you may incorporate from any corner of the screen.
  • If you are a Mac client and consider playing complex highlights, force, effortlessness of utilization, and speed, then Final Cut Pro X would be a definitive decision for you. 

Pros and Cons of Final Cut Pro X


  • This software uses a GPU that is registered with Apple so that it will offer you a flawless video editing experience.
  • All the ingredients you have used to make a final video can be organized systematically by Cut Pro X.
  • It also gives you 2D or 3D support and application and allows you to add 2D and 3D titles with the help of graphics titles. 
  • FCP will allow you to add filters and effects to your video or footage to make it more appealing and demanding.


  • One of the main disadvantages of FCP is that it is only available for the MacBook. It cannot be installed on a virtual machine as a guest operating on a Windows computer. 
  • This program might be a little expensive as compared to its competitors in the market.
  • Most customers complain about the Customer Support Team that they are not responsive and not responding to the queries and issues on time.
  • Some of the users also claim that it may take time to learn the application and interface of FCP to create a professional-level output. 

3. Easeus Video EditorSimple Video Editor for Windows

EaseUS is a type of business that started in 2004. It is recognized for the respected and valid information recuperation programming downloaded more than 72 million times. Then later, they planned another video editorial manager that is getting very famous due to its facilities, amazing qualities, and no trouble of utilization. You may look at their video proofreader with a complimentary preliminary and then buy the star adaption for 17.97 dollars. 

The video manager of EaseUS presents several key courses of events altering attributes. For instance, trim, cut, split, turn and consolidate. You may also likewise apply video impacts, modify the speed of your clasps for slo-mo or quickened speed video, and use 50 implicit change impacts. 

Feature of EASEUS Video Editor 

  • The gadget of this video editor makes altering easy as well. 
  • You may describe over video cuts with scarcely a tick and add any music document to your course of events.
  • The EaseUS presents several suitable choices and recordings that you can play on iPods, Samsung Galaxy, iPhones, HTC, and many more gadgets. 
  • You can copy your video documents to DVD or transfer them legally to Youtube
  • You may also use EaseUS instruments to change over Youtube recordings to MP3. 
  • It has more than 530 million clients and a 30-day cash-back guarantee. It also has great technical support so that a great EaseUS can be an excellent decision for you.
  • EaseUS is a straightforward video proofreader video editor with a little incentive for windows that everyone can easily use. 

Pros and Cons of EaseUS Video Editor 


  • This video editor supports advanced and latest functions such as detaching audio from video, removing the watermark, and others.
  • EaseUS has fast processing and adjustable preview quality that may help you for being more creative and productive.
  • It also supports many frequently used audio and video formats.
  • Numerous filters and transitions are available on this video editing app.


  • One of the biggest flaws of EaseUS is that it only supports Windows.
  • It can be a little bit expensive for you as compared to other available editors.
  • It may have some ugly and unattractive text effects.
  • Limited footage editing options.
  • It may not act as a professional video editor.

4. Adobe Premiere Element 2021Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Here is another best video editing app or software based on versatility, and Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 is an amazing software among other video altering apparatus. It is more easily accessible for those individuals who are beginners to the video-altering ground. 

Debut Elements has gazillions of stunning highlights such as improved face location, different change impacts, center adjustment, miasma expulsion, and some others. With additional live investigation usefulness, video arrangements, a guided altering interface, and contact-based altering. 

However, Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 can not be good with 360-degree video and other noteworthy abilities such as multi-cam altering. All of these can be reasonable when you take an unending assortment of abilities.

There are three strategies to counterfeit your video, and these are Quick, Guided, and Expert. With the help of fast food, you can also go for your favorite media on your video, and the program masterminds it on the course of events. It enhances the quality of your videos, such as video adjustment (great for GoPro), programmed movement following, and savvy conditioning. 

Feature of Adobe Premiere Elements 2021

  • Premiere Elements 2021 has a guided mode that may give you aid in name infers. 
  • The product mentors you on its traits and functionalities, and you may also find all constituents of the interface and how it fills in as you go.
  • It has an expert methodology that is more effective for progressively educating clients, and they can arrange the entire parcel by themselves. 
  • Although Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 is not a stylish video editor because of the different apparatuses on this rundown, it is a spectacular passage-level application.
  • It hardly costs about 69.99 dollars, and besides it, it has a nothing out-of-pocket tryout possible.
  • Long comes short; it is an amazing all-around gadget available for both Windows 10 PCs and Macbook. 

Pros and Cons of Adobe Premiere Elements 2021


  • You can easily buy Adobe Premiere Elements as a single-time purchase, unlike other subscription-based Adobe Premiere Pro. 
  • Its price is very effective and reasonable as compared to other video editing programs.
  • Elements 2021 is an easy-to-use program along with a clean interface.
  • It works for both Macbook and Windows computers.
  • It has great customer service, a comprehensive learning portal for new ones, community forums, and 24/5 customer service responses.


  • The downside of using Elements 2021 is that you do not have control editing and have less precision over adjustments.
  • It has limited features like no 360-degree VR, screen recording capability, or 3D editing.  
  • You have to purchase new versions of this software. In other words, pay to upgrade the system.
  • When you are rendering your final video, the output speed is extremely slow.

5. Apple iMovieBest Free Video Editing App for Mac

Best Free Video Editing App for Mac

If you fall under MAC clients, then Apple iMovie is a prototype-free and best video editing app. It is easy to utilize that implies key video altering with the help of 4k goals of an available assortment of qualities. IMovie has a crunchy and interesting introduction to current Macs and functions that may be admired with the Macbook Air just as Macbook Pro. 

Feature of Apple iMovie 

  • The current updates of the touch bar support 4k video usefulness.
  • You can process the video cuts at speeds as high as 60 edges for each second.
  • Apple is one of the solid selling points, so you can easily import video clips, photographs, and acoustic from iCloud. 
  • You may create slideshows and see your task directly on your Apple gadget.

Pros and Cons of Apple iMovie 


  • This video editing app can fix shaky videos.
  • It can also alter the audio over a video clip.
  • You may edit each clip up more closely. 
  • You can easily add text and make credits on your videos.
  • And you can also add some background music and visual effects to your work. 

Cons d

  • It is available only for Macbook and iOS.
  • Apple IMovie does not have all the capabilities of a full video editor.
  • Uploading your video over Youtube may become a problem for you.
  • It also has importing formats.

6. Microsoft Movie Moments Basic Video Editing App for Tablets, Smartphones, and PCs

Basic Video Editing App for Tablets, Smartphones, and PCs

If you're looking for an easy-to-use video editing app, Microsoft Movie Moments can be a great choice. It's free and has features like titles & music built-in.

There are different inclinations for your ambient melodies, incorporating pre-made subjects with notable names such as Funky, Energetic, and Strolling. You may have an additional option to bring them up in your music. There is not much concerning volume modification or voice-overs, such as with various devices on this rundown. 

It offers you some blur to dark progress impacts such as opening freeze outlines. You will reward the highlights for the inadequacy of the editorial manager to embed changes between various sub-cuts.

Features of Microsoft Movie Moments

  • This software grants you to impart your recording over the web with no hassle. 
  • With the help of Windows Phone and PC-perfect tablets, press the share button, and you will present your video on sites like FaceBook, Twitter, OneNote, Dropbox, and Skype.  
  • You can download Microsoft Movie Moments even without paying a solitary penny in the Window Store.
  • The video programming of Microsoft Movie does not measure more than 15.7 MBs, which makes it a paltry apparatus. 
  • They are very much coordinated with ARM-based and intel-based PCs, cell phones, and tablets. However, they do not work well with gadgets such as iPads, Androids, and iPhones. 

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Movie Moments


  • It facilitates the easy creation of interesting and enjoyable videos.
  • It has clever caption styles.
  • Microsoft Movie Moment trims footage from the middle as well as from the end.
  • It also has free mood-specific background music tracks. 


  • This software cannot undo the trimmer.
  • It does not have any storyboard features.
  • Movie Moment also lacks the transitions and clip joining.

7. Hitfilm Express Video EditorA Strong Choice with an Array of Add-Ons

HitFilm Express video editing app is a free form of the HitFilm Pro as the FX Home organization makes these both. Their Express form is perceived for its 180+ enhanced visualizations, embellishments, compositing, and MP4 H. 264 trading support. 

Along with HitFilm Express, you may select your top-notch settings. They also contain interruption and custom playback highlights. These highlights accelerate playback, giving you the experience of survey defenders acquainted with high-goals groups. 

Another amazing quality of this software is its adaptable framework board. With HitFilm Express, you may orchestrate objects in a view with perfect plan instruments. You can also get to a 360-degree and colorist workplace. With the help of these qualities, you may be able to focus on the basic occupations on the segment and take out the minor ones. 

Video rendering and trading is the place where HitFilm Express sparkles. You can quickly send out a film out of sight simultaneously as proceeding to work in the supervision.  

Features of HitFilm Express 

  • Advanced tracking and footage distortions.
  • It imports and animates complex 3D Models.
  • It can also recreate and enhance iconic heads-up displays.
  • HitFilm Express also has muzzle flash impacts, grading tools, iconic titles, lighting effects, change backdrop, and masking and layering technique.

Pros and Cons of HitFilm Express 


  • HitFilm Express video editing app allows you to track the movement of objects in the videos. It is an important feature as you should know how these objects move.
  • This software can animate 3d models. Once you have imported your 3D models, you can create and animate them like AT-AT Walkers.
  • You can easily create the scenes with a massive battalion of the character with the help of HitFilm Express.
  • Users of this software can easily alter the backdrop of scenes to make them more dramatic and interesting.


  • There are some learning curves that you have to get a few sessions for the best output.
  • Features of HitFilm Express are a bit limited.
  • Its exporting process may get crushed many times because of CPU overuse. 

8. VideoPadIncredible Video Editing Software for YouTube

Videopad for YouTube

If you want to fall in the classification of Youtubers, VideoPad is a unique, simple-to-learn, and unconstrained manager for you. It has two paid adaptations: the Home Edition and Master Edition video editing app and software. 

The Home Edition may restrain you to two soundtracks and no other outside modules. Along with the Master Edition, there are impediments to the measure of some soundtracks or fringe modules. 

This video editing software has been refreshed of late to help 360-degree video capacities. You may incorporate energized titles, straightforward content, foundation cuts, and picture cover graciousness of the new “Include Items” order arranged on the Home tab manager. 

Feature of VideoPad

  • One of the interesting and striking features of the VideoPad is the natural UI that makes it colossally straightforward for tenderfoots. 
  • This video editing software is being adjusted with macOS and Windows PCs.
  • You can transfer your stretched videos right away from the editorial manager principle menu to your picked online life stage without even any stretch.
  • As this editor is conspicuous, VideoPas is rewarded with the straightforward uses and the essential credits required to start transferring great recordings on the web. In addition, you can also convey a place beginning from 480p to 4k goals. 

Pros and Cons of VideoPad


  • Installation and use of this software are relatively easy.
  • It has an extensive library of video transitions and various visual effects.
  • You can use a feature of VideoPad that is a built-in double screen that may help you in the video editing process.


  • If you are an experienced video editor and have used several editing software, you may find its features more simplistic and lacking.
  • This video editing software does not support Linux computers. 

Further recognized video editors not yet on this rundown include:

  • VSDC
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • Magix Movie Edit Pro
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • Lightworks
  • Shotcut Open Source
  • Filmora
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Windows Movie Maker 10

Yet to Confuse about Choosing the Best Video Editing App or Software? 

Selecting the best video editing app or software depends on your budget, your computer/device, as well as your Operating system. I have mentioned some of the best video editing tools above for Mac and Windows, along with their features and pros and cons. Read my in-depth reviews and then think about the tool that meets all your needs.

“The process of editing is what I enjoy most – putting the pieces together and making sense out of them.” – Christian Marclay.


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