The Best AI Copywriting Software for Your Successful Marketing Campaigns

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AI copywriting assistants or software have been getting popular in the workplace for the past couple of years. Many companies and individual writers use them to generate content for a specific topic or niche. At the same time, digital agencies use them to generate all kinds of content for their clients. It includes emails, video descriptions, blog ideas, Ad copies, job descriptions, testimonials, and much more. 

We should not think of these AI writers as a replacement for human copywriters. They assist the content writers by getting rid of writer's block and generating content ideas at scale. Besides that, the person needs to be skilled; as we mentioned earlier, it helps writers increase their efficiency. Non-Writers or non-technical people can't use these tools effectively as they need constant directions. So, we can say that it makes content creator jobs a lot easier to focus on more creative work. 

Before we review a few of the best Ai copywriting software, let's discuss Ai Copywriter software?

What is an AI Copywriting Software?

AI Copywriting Software is online software that may use artificial intelligence and other important technologies to create automated content types for you. When using this software, you have to feed some seed keywords or one or two sentences to give it an idea about what exactly you want to create.

The best AI copywriting software has many use cases. The advanced AI writers out there can help you around the house in all sorts of ways. They can provide content in different forms- blog posts, articles for LinkedIn, personalized emails.

Once this tool gets the context, it will certainly create not only one but a million copies of that provided content in a matter of seconds. However, the main and best part about this generated content is that it has superb readability. The readability is so accurate and excellent that it seems like some individual has written it. 

Here I will discuss some of the Best AI Copywriting Software and its features, pros and cons, and different pricing plans. 

1. Rytr – Best for Emails and Video Descriptions


It is another interesting AI copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate content. Rytr is such a type of software that has silently crawled its way to the top for competing with other famous and high-rated AI copywriting software. Because this tool is relatively new, and so are its competitors. 

Regardless of this fact, Rytr has all the essential features and other amenities to help its users to conquer their copywriting hurdles. When you talk about its efficiency, this tool is supported by a prompt customer support team and a developer team. The support team helps its users in the writing process, and the developer team regularly works on developing the tool's new features. 

When you compare Rytr with other tools of its category, you may know that it looks more promising and very affordable. In addition, do not forget that it uses the latest GPT-3 AI language model. It also packs a proprietary AI developed by its team to increase its users' copywriting experience. If you are not satisfied with some other AI copywriting tool, you should try it at Rytr. However, it is not so great for creating blogs and articles. 

Rytr Features

Here we discuss some of its main and amazing features:

  • Its user interface is very clean and not cluttered like some other AI software.
  • This software will impress you greatly by offering 25+ different use cases for multiple use cases. 
  • Rytr is one of those AI tools that pack a native plagiarism checker. That means all of your content created by this software is unique. 
  • It can generate several types of content for you in the easiest way. 
  • Unlike other copywriting software, it offers you an easy and more convenient way to organize and manage your work documents. 

Pros and Cons of Rytr 

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of using this tool:


  • As mentioned above, it has a clean and fast user interface that is effortless to use. 
  • The software offers you more than dozens of tones to select from.
  • Rytr has very fast generations and affordable pricing plans. 
  • This tool supports multiple languages from all over the globe. 
  • It is efficient enough to write blogs and articles, ad copies, website copies, and youtube and social media posts for you. 


  • While generating a high-quality copy requires very extensive editing than other tools.
  • This software has no collaboration tools for teams.
  • Rytr does not have an AI Article Generator for long-term content. 

Pricing Plans 

Rytr has only one pricing plan, and that is:

  • $29 a month

2. Jarvis Al – The Best Ai Copywriter Software

Jarvis - best ai copywrtiting software

It just started this software a year ago in 2020, and it has come a long way to be the best copywriting tool. Jarvis has named its artificial intelligence very smartly. Nowadays, the team behind this tool has officially rebranded to Jarvis. Generally, Jarvis is a powerful AI copywriting tool that may integrate AI in writing copies. 

Most of the users may use it to write engaging copies for their social media platforms and websites. With the help of this tool, you can also define the content you want, the personality your audience is looking for, and the right words to use in the article that your audience may relate to. As a result, you may get copies that are unique to your brands. 

This copywriting tool can easily navigate the interface and can be used for both personal and business purposes. Jarvis's main and dashboard templates may include blog post introduction, well-outlined and named templates, attention interest, blog post outline, framework, and attention interest. With this long list of templates, this tool allows you to write copies for all running business types. 

Jarvis AI Features 

Now here are some of the interesting features of this AI copywriting software:

  • Jarvis is very user-friendly as it is optimized to give a better user experience. Along with an idea of the copy you want to create, you will only have to find a template that you are looking for.
  • This software may use state-of-the-art technology known as GPT-3, a learning model that generates all types of content for you. 
  • It gives you multiple options to find the tone that you want for your content. Therefore, you do not have to settle for only one option. 
  • Along with creating unique, this tool makes sure that your content is free of any grammatical errors because it has an in-built grammar checker to remove the errors from the text. 
  • Jarvis has recently updated to the point where it may generate any type of content through the Jarvis Command. This latest feature is known as “Boss Mode”. This feature simply makes your life easier. 

Pros and Cons of Using Jarvis Al

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Jarvis AI


  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • It may create persuasive messages in a very short time.
  • Jarvis can easily be used by marketers, bloggers, and Facebook Ads experts.
  • The software offers you different ideas so that you may select what you like. 
  • It provides you several templates that you can use for writing the content.


  • It only offers you free trials via emails, and it always requires a credit card from you. 
  • Jarvis has the user seats for Boss Mode plan that a little bit expensive.
  • This tool may limit content generation for the Starter plan, which is more expensive than other tools.

Pricing Plans 

Jarvis has just rebuilt its entire pricing structure. Now they have only two different plans for their users to choose from:

  • Starter: $29 per month.
  • Boss Mode: $119 per month. 

3. Writesonic – Write your marketing copy in Seconds


Firstly, when this copywriting software comes into the market, it does not have too many features. But nowadays, the developers of Writesonic have released its various fascinating features that make this software bright. Writesonic launched this tool in the peak time of pandemic COVID-19 as most of us are working from home, so it saw a huge response from its users. 

Writesonic is also an automated copywriting software that may use artificial intelligence (AI). While using this tool, you do not need to worry about writing copies manually. All you have to do is key in some information about what you want from this tool to write, and it will do it for you in the best way. 

Because of its new and amazing features, are currently one of the best software available for automated copywriting. Various high-profile websites such as TNW, Entrepreneur, etc., feature this tool with its brilliant success and huge popularity. In addition, Writesconic has more than 10,000 users using this software to create all types of content. 

Writesconic Features 

Following are the features of this automated tool:

  • It helps you in conveying your message in any language, as it supports multiple languages. Moreover, Writesconic allows you to create content in different 24 global languages.
  • This tool suits different professionals as you may use it to write a blog or article copy, digital ads copy, or eCommerce copy. 
  • It uses updated and the best technology for artificial intelligence that is GPT-3.
  • Apart from writing content, this software also features other excellent tools for those in the digital spaces.
  • The software also analyzes the readability of the content to ensure that your desired message is properly conveyed in the created content.

Pros and Cons of Writesconic 

The pros and cons of this tool are as follow:


  • It offers you a free trial and a seven-day money-back guarantee when paid.
  • Writesconic creates superb copies for you very quickly. 
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • This tool is very affordable as compared to other AI copywriting tools.


  • It offers no unlimited generation for its starter plan.
  • Articles or content created by AI with this tool is still not well-written with many factual errors.

Pricing Plans 

This software has 3 different pricing plans, and pricing for all of these is for annual plans:

  • Starter: $25 a month.
  • Professional: $89 a month. 
  • Business: $449 per month. 

4. Copy AI – Ai powered copywriting software

Copy AI - Ai powered copywriting software

Copy AI is an ai copywriting tool that was created and launched in the previous year, 2020. But its popularity blew up suddenly, and soon it became one of the users' favorite tools. This tool focuses on sales copy, eCommerce product descriptions, digital ad copy, website copies, special media posts, and blog content. 

However, Copy AI offers you several options as you create an account. With the use of content generated, you may also enhance your conversion and, ultimately, the revenue. Instead of hiring a human copywriter, using this software will save you from frustration and time as you will encounter your working with a free launcher, and you will never miss your deadline.

This software can also generate effective content for blogs, ads, landing pages, and intros. Copy AI features a smooth onboarding experience on their homepage with all the crucial information users may need. So they do not have to scroll down to find what they are looking for. They will also learn of the site's free trial process, writer's block, along with a visual component that explains how to use their services.

Copy AI Feature

Some of the features of this software are given here:

  • It uses the GPT-3 writing model to create the best quality content. It is one of the latest and updated versions of a unique language learning model. 
  • Several templates are available on this site that you may use to create different copies.
  • Copy AI has Chrome extensions that make the site easy to use for its users. 
  • The software can create copies that may include particular promotions and demographics. 
  • It is a complete AI copywriting tool as it offers you a huge range of in-built tools.

Pros and Cons of Copy AI 

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Copy AI.


  • It provides you 24/7 customer support via email.
  • This software may be used by different people, such as marketers and ad experts.
  • It has unlimited runs and an excellent user interface.
  • Copy AI has an easy-to-use website.
  • It has very affordable pricing as compared to other copywriting tools.


  • The software has no complete blog post creation.
  • Copy AI may not assign particular keywords to target in the content.

Pricing Plans 

The pricing plan of this software is very straightforward. It has only one plan that is: 

  • $35 a month (annually billed) 
  • $49 a month (monthly billed)

5.  Headlime – Best Writing tool for Writing marketing copies

Headlime - Best Writing tool for Writing marketing copies

A headlime is a tool powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that makes it one of the best AI copywriting tools. It was created in 2020 by Danny Postma, and he first used it for his projects as a spreadsheet. He designed the software to help users develop creative marketing copies to enhance their conversion rate and revenue. 

However, this tool has a lot of pre-made templates and hundreds of headlines. By simply answering a few questions, it may create a compelling headline for you. The headlime may simplify the process of writing a persuasive marketing copy. The homepage is well-balanced along with very impressive features for you to get started. 

Signing up to its website is very simple because it only requires its name, email address, and password. In addition, you may also sign up with your Google account. With the help and usage of this tool, you may write a compelling headline for your Facebook, blogs, website, article, blogs, and subheadings too. Moreover, you may keep track of the generated projects as they are stored on the dashboard. 

Headlime Features

Following are a few of the features of Headlime:

  • Headlime uses its AI module to give you as perfect Ad copy as possible. Artificial Intelligence allows this software to create unique copies that resonate with your audience.
  • Using this software, you may save yourself from the hustle of creating documents by allowing it to do for you. 
  • The dashboard of this tool is one of the most impressive things about it. It offers an excellent user experience with all the marketing tools in one place.
  • You can easily generate Facebook, Instagram, Google ads headlines, and link descriptions. 
  • The software may produce pitch, sales copy, and taglines like feature-to-benefit. 

Pros and Cons of Headline 

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Headline:


  • It is an excellent Al copywriter and has a lot of useful features. 
  • This software has good collaboration tools and great documentation. 
  • Headline has a user-friendly dashboard and regular updates on the available templates. 
  •  It offers you captivating headlines and effective marketing copy. 


  • The software has pricey additional user seats.
  • It does not write blog posts well on sophisticated topics. 

Pricing Plans 

This software has two amazing pricing plans. These are:

  • Starter: $59 per month 
  • Enterprise: $399 a month 

6. Snazzy AI – Create compelling content in seconds

Snazzy AI

Snazzy AI is a new AI copywriting tool that is powered by GPT-3. This software initially launched its closed beta version in 2020, and since last year the entire team of Snazzy AI has developed it into its best version. Later on, in February 2021, it was officially launched along with its amazing features and use cases. 

This software is used to generate content for landing pages, ads, and product descriptions. Many businesses and websites use it to create unique ideas quickly. You can also do it by simply providing the name of your business, some specific keywords, targeted audience, and, most importantly, a description of your service. This software will generate a compelling copy for you. 

Although Snazzy AI's descriptions, contents, and paragraphs are said to be perfect, it is better to modify them before using them directly on your website. Aside from it, it packs all the essential copywriting features to help you create the content according to your diverse needs. 

Shazzy AI Features

Now it turns to discuss some of the interesting features of this tool:

  • One of the great characteristics of Snazzy AI is that it has an easy-to-use interface. You just have to choose the template and enter a couple of sentences, and the software uses these sentences to create relevant copies.
  • It is smart and accurate as it creates human-like content while using deep machine learning. 
  • This platform offers you many options for creating blog ideas, product descriptions, ads, taglines, selling points, and others. 
  • Content extender and Remix are extra tools that are added to this software. 
  • The content extender can turn the simple sentences and bullet points into complex creative and unique content, while Remix allows the users to create different versions of their content. 

Pros and Cons of Snazzy AI 

Here are some of the pros and cons of this tool discussed below:


  • It has a very user-friendly as well as simple and effective website.
  • You can easily customize the suggestions to increase the output.
  • There is no need to reinsert the same data for every content creator.
  • Shazzy AI has a freemium pricing structure and excellent user interface.
  • It has fine-tuned AI technology and high-quality AI-generated content. 


  • This tool has very few features as compared to other AI writing tools.
  • It also has very few selections for every generation. 

Pricing Plans 

This tool offers only one pricing plan to its users, and that is:

  • Growth plan: $50 a month 

7. Anyword – AI Copy Generator

Anyword - Ai Copy Generator

Anyword is considered one of the leading AI-based copywriting software naturally qualified as the best AI tool. Initially, when it was founded in 2012, its name was Keywee, but recently it has changed its name to Anyword. This tool gives you numerous benefits when you use it for creating content and copywriting articles. 

One of the main and most impressive features of this tool is its predictive performance score. It means that every version of copy that this software generates from its long list of featured content types comes with a numbered score. And this score may give you an idea about how well the copy will convert the audience, such as the higher the number, the greater the chance of a conversion. 

However, this score is based on the Big Data collection of Anyword that may leverage and spend more than 250 million dollars. According to this detail, this AI tool may understand what language appeals more to which audience on a statistical level, the score you may need. You can use this software to create many formats, including social channels, content formats, and content copywriting styles. 

Anyword  Features 

Now we are going to discuss some of the main features that make it one of the best AI software:

  • This tool gets you started in only 3 simple steps. You just have to copy and paste your homepage URL, select the type of content you want to build, and click “Generate or Create”. It provides you with rapid and easy content creation.
  • As I have mentioned above, each of its copy versions is graded according to its conversion potential. As a result, the need for A/B testing reduces and also shortens the process of optimization.
  • This software is very fast at creating content, and it is a fun factor to see what it comes up with within a very short period. 
  • Another fascinating aspect of this tool is that it may mimic any style. But it will certainly match the language of your brand and include the keyword of your choice. 
  • Anyword also has a feature of continuous optimization, and it's a bit like cruise control. 

Pros and Cons of Anyword 

Some of the pros and cons of this tool are given below:


  • This tool works with all types of content and uses updated AI language.
  • It helps the users in creating great content that is based on the keywords you provide to it.
  • The software is simple to create winning copies, and it can also improve the content you have created to make it more appealing for the audience. 
  • Anyword has a free trial option with no credit card required.
  • There is a wide range of options and features available to users. 


  • To avail more features and amenities, you will have to pay more significantly. 
  • The workflow of this software is a little messy.
  • It gives you only a 7-day free trial. 

Pricing Plans 

This tool offers you three different pricing plans, and these are:

  • Starter: $19 a month
  • Custom pro and enterprise pricing. 

8. ClosersCopy – Sales Ai Powered Copywriting

ClosersCopy - Sales Ai Powered Copywriting

It is a stunning AI copywriting software that lets its users create unique sales copies. ClosersCopy may feature an ever-growing copy templates library that delivers you maximum performance. This tool has all the basic features like other AI tools, and it has more lookups that expand to avoid the repetition of words. 

While using ClosersCopy, you may have to do a little more typing, but if you want a word processor that may help you get actual customers, then look no further. Moreover, this software has other features such as 1000 plus power words lookups, advice, guidance, and step-by-step copy wizards. You may also use this tool for some basic functionalities such as your emails and sales pages, social media captions, as this tool helps you with all types of content. 

If you are in business, sales, or advertising, you have to consider this software for delivering maximum performance as it comes with many unique features. Along with it, ClosersCopy also has unlimited credit plans that are monthly based, but some of them are lower-tier plans that may lack some of its more updated features. 

ClosersCopy Features

Following are some of the features of ClosersCopy:

  • One of its most amazing features is that it supports 24 languages, including German, Greek, Chinese, Estonian, English, Italian, Japanese, and others.
  • Another feature is Megatron that is the latest and recently added to this tool. If you plan to write any long content posts, you will love this feature. 
  • ClosersCopy is one of the compose tools that allows you to outline and write your copy based on rending topics.
  • With the help of this tool, you can expand, rephrase, shorten, lengthen, and summarize your copy in a very short period. 
  • Al-based Spam analysis is one of the ClosersCopy features that reduces the chances of your messages getting into spam and improves your readership.  

Pros and Cons of ClosersCopy 

Here are some of the pros and cons of using this tool:


  • It gives you a 30-days money-back guarantee and great discounts on annual plans. 
  • It is a GPT-3 AI copywriting tool that gives you accurate copywriting tools.
  • This software is very useful for email marketing and sales copy. 
  • ClosersCopy has several pre-designed emails and scripts.
  • This software has several SEO features and long-form words. 


  • It does not provide you any free plan or free trial.
  • ClosersCopy is slower than other AI copywriting tools.
  • This software needs a lot of improvement, and you may find it a little bit complicated. 

Pricing Plans 

Currently, there are 2 monthly plans available on this software as follow:

  • Freelancer: $39.99 a month 
  • Professional: $49.99 per month. 

9. – Fast Content and SEO Ideas - Fast Content and SEO Ideas

It is primarily an SEO platform, but recently it introduced its brand of AI Copywriting assistant. It's a single-purpose content management software that allows you to create brief or long pieces of writing. This program is meant for writers who need to brief someone on how to produce blog entries and everyone else who creates blog posts.

When you use to generate a blog post, you may begin by adding your keyword phrase, and it will go out and search the top 20 websites for that term. This tool also gives you the average word count, number of photographs, and headings in each of these top 20 articles.

Furthermore, when creating your content in, the program provides a topic score ranging from zero to 100. This is because by preventing any significant gaps in your content, you may improve your article ranking and outperform your competition's averages. Features

Following are the features of this AI copywriting tool:

  •  It provides you a great outline builder while creating content. 
  • This software may use concept maps to show you the related topics and concepts related to your content. 
  • is considered one of the best content creators and editors. 
  • If you already have existing content that is already live on your website, you may optimize it by simply giving Frase the URL of the article you want to optimize. 
  • You can also do FAQ automation and outline generation with the help of this AI software. 

Pros and Cons of

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of this tool are given as follow:


  • It may save a lot of your time in creating brief content and writing a full blog. 
  • This tool is an excellent way to generate SEO-optimized articles as it shows you all the keywords to use, synonyms, and many other things.
  • Frase is relatively small and new software, but they encourage their users to provide reviews and feedback and suggest new features via their FB pages and groups. 
  • In this tool, new features are added as it is new, and it wants to become one of the best tools of its kind. 


  • As they are growing very fast and adding new features constantly, sometimes the software can be a bit buggy. 
  • Sometimes, does not process the top 20 results fully.
  • No customer support or help is available for the users. 

Pricing Plans 

This tool has 3 main pricing plans for its users, and these are:

  • Basic: $44.99 a month
  • Team: $114.99 a month 
  • Growth plan:$199.99 per month

10. Copysmith – Best AI-based Copywriter 

Copysmith - Best AI-based Copywriter 

It is a copywriting tool that may use artificial intelligence to generate different types of marketing content. Copysmith is recommended for those who want to create an amazing ad copy in a short time. It was launched in 2020, the same year as its competitors. This means that everyone who uses Copysmith has experienced creative writer's block.

Copysmith may be used by content writers, entrepreneurs, and many other professionals to write content for their sites. This tool is powered by GPT-3, one of the strongest Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. It also offers a lot of templates to its users from which they have to choose. They select their preferred content template to see the available options. 

Along with it, you may use this tool to generate SE Metetag, taglines, product descriptions, content rewriters, and blog posts. Copysmith also streamlined the process of content creation for many of its users. With the usage of this tool, they have the amenity to generate as much unique content as you want in a very short time. In short, it can be the ideal software for copywriting the contents. 

Copysmith Features 

Some of the features of Copysmith are discussed below:

  • This software has very simple useability; if you have never used it before, Copysmith will make it easy to create content.
  • It makes headlines and primary text for ads for the sites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Linkedin.
  • Copysmith takes content management very seriously. This tool offers you various means to save your article in different folders. 
  • The software has great product descriptions and text for the landing pages.
  • It may also come with a smooth Chrome extension. When you use this extension, you may easily transfer ideas from the browser to Copysmith’s workplace.

Pros and Cons of Copysmith 

Let's discuss some of the pros and cons of Copysmith. 


  • It is a good AI writer as much as it can write much better than many human writers.
  • It can generate a content piece or marketing copy in different languages. 
  • The software has very excellent customer support, so that you may contact them through email or Facebook
  • Copysmith may generate blog post creation and plagiarism checks. 
  • It has very strong keyword targeting and powerful integrations.


  • As compared to other copywriting tools, it has fewer peers.
  • The quality of the blog post samples is inaccurate and indecent.
  • This software has unstable pricing.

Pricing Plans 

This tool offers you four different price plans as follow:

  • Starter: $19 a month.
  • Profession: $59 per month.
  • Team plan: $118 a month.
  • Enterprise: Custom packages

Which AI Copywriting should you choose?

Ai has made a lot of progress in copywriting in these years. They can help you create relevant content; however, the quality is still far from the professional human writers. You can say that these tools are writer's assistants that can increase their efficiency and speed. Also, it helps them to get rid of writer's block. 

If you are looking forward to investing in a writing tool, opt for Jarvis, one of the most powerful and best Ai copywriting software. Jarvis algorithms mimic human behavior. However, you have to push it a little and give it directions to get the desired results. You can create anything in this software like Ad copies, web copies, articles/blogs, emails, newsletters, and more. Moreover, it also allows users to edit them afterward through the best interface.

Please read my other blog about the Best AI writer For Article And Essays. I hope that you make up your mind about what ai copywriting software to choose for your business. Good Luck!

“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.” — Ginni Rometty.


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