How to Become a Successful Blogger – A Guide for Beginners

how to become a blogger

Blogging is the act of publishing content on the internet most of the time. In this article, we will talk about how you can become a successful blogger. There are many ways to do it, but it is most common for people to start by blogging about their passions and interests.

If you want to start writing an article with your interests, you need to find out what writing style you enjoy most and what topics interest you the most. To choose your topics, you need to identify what your audience might be interested in following. Once you have narrowed down your topic(s), think about what would make people want to read it or share it on social media.

Blogging is an important form of communication. It is the first place where people get information, reactions, and opinions on a given topic. It provides people with the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on different topics that interest them.

The internet makes it easy for anyone to publish their thoughts on blogs, social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, or even publishing sites like Medium. It is also a great way to make money by building up traffic and getting sponsorships or advertising on their site.

Blogging can make you feel more fulfilled because you can share your thoughts with others in a more public forum than other forms of communication like text messages or emails.

What is a Blog?

what is a blog

A blog is a type of website based on the model of an online journal or diary. It features different content, such as text, photos, videos, audio clips, and links to other blogs.

They are typically powered by a blogging platform that stores all of the content in one place and allows for the design of pages within it. These engines generally provide niche-ed formats, which are typically used to attract specific audiences with unique interests. A popular blogging format is WordPress, an open-source engine tailored to suit any niche or topic area.

These blogging platforms enable users to publish posts through a web browser. They often provide ready-made templates for formatting text, adding images and other visual media, and multimedia embedding so that users don’t have to code their layouts from scratch.

Today, writing article became easier than ever with Medium, WordPress, Weebly, and Tumblr that offer their services for free. This business model comes with premium features like removing ads, creating custom packages by buying multiple domains, and more.

Some of the differences between blogs and websites include the type of media used, size, complexity, and type of content posted. As you learn how to become a successful blogger, you will notice that blogs usually have a more relaxed tone and are much smaller than websites. They also have a simple structure.

Why Start A Blog?

Before the internet age, people would share information with the public in some other form. Today, blogging is all about writing formatted posts on your website that contain various types of information to share with an audience. People used to share important information in the form of written publications. As you may have noticed, they still exist today, but their popularity dropped considerably with the rise of social media and online news outlets.

The internet has made paper publications obsolete. Just like a blog converted newspapers into an online format, books followed the same trend. They are the equivalent of what we used to call diaries, but you can share them with an audience this time around. You can approach any topic in a blog and share your thoughts on anything you think of.

You may think a particular topic is simple for you to talk about or something that only a few people know about, but it turns out to be valuable information for other people. They offer the opportunity to share that information with others. Even bloggers follow other bloggers if they enjoy reading their content. Your blog can be about anything. It can be technology-related, cooking, travel, lifestyle, fashion, automotive, and the list can go on with pretty much anything you can think of. You are in full control related to what you decide to write about.

What You Need To Do To Be Successful As Blogger?

steps to start a blog

Becoming a successful blogger does not have any requirements. You don't need any professionals qualifications. Anyone can do it, including you. Here is why we see so many personal and professional blogs owned by average folks such as moms, housewives, students, entrepreneurs, teens, etc. As long as you have something that you consider worth sharing, you can start a blog.

If you want to learn how to become a successful blogger, you need a bit of knowledge about the workings of the internet and to set it up. Before setting it up, you need to think well about the niche. Stay focused! Don’t create a blog that covers too many topics. Think about what you are good at or what you are an expert on. Writing about something you are good at means that you can put out many posts that are not identical. It is important if you want to build an audience.

Choosing a niche for your blog is referred to as a main topic or area of interest. While many would tell you that your blog should be about things you love, I would advise a different approach. You should write about something you are good at and know a lot about.

Monetization will be part of your blogging career. As discussed above, you have multiple options in which you can monetize your blog. All those methods have one thing in common, and that is traffic. You need visitors if you want to generate an income. You can't just “print” money out of nowhere. The more traffic you can attract, the bigger your income but building a large audience or boosting your daily visitors is no easy feat.

Type Of Blogging

One important aspect for you to understand blogs is that they can be personal or professional. As we discussed above, some companies have their blog. Keep in mind that these outlets can be personal blogs and not always professional. However, if it focuses on a certain job or industry, it is usually considered professional no matter how many people are behind it.

A personal blog is a bit different from a professional blog. It usually focuses on stories, personal activities, experiences, or fiction. For example, you can be focused on your travel experiences, making it a personal blog. Also, you can make a personal blog based on fictional events such as short fictional stories. Many people do this for fun and don't make any money from it – like celebrities who want to share images with their fans. They have the blog only to maintain their public persona and relationship with their viewers. Followers of a band, for example, may read their article to check on personal stories, tours, or the evolution of a band. However, you can also monetize them.

Professional blogs are a bit different. Most professional blogs are monetized. Owners earn a living by posting frequently and displaying ads or partnership deals with brands. They treat it as a business, but it can be fueled by the passion or hobby of the owner.

Schedule and Publish Your Article

One important aspect of a professional article is that they require proper planning and strategy to work. Because search engines and readers will promote an article blog that always publishes regularly. As you learn how to become a successful blogger, you will discover that consistency is important. A professional blog needs to have a tight schedule. The moment the schedule is broken, it is possible to see a decrease in daily viewers. That can impact revenue and your livelihood as a professional blogger.

Professional blogs have to be consistent in the way each post is made to maximize revenue. Luckily, modern platforms allow you to prepare multiple posts and set automatic publishing schedules. For example, you can create five posts and set them to be published automatically one-by-one every other day or at whatever interval you may choose.

Monetize Your Blog

Ideally, you would not want to start a blog without monetizing it. Here is an important chapter in your journey to learn how to become a successful blogger. It takes time to build it and attract a large audience. It would be best if you monetize it. After all, many bloggers earn decent revenue from their articles.

Monetization is an important aspect that we briefly mentioned above. You can do this in several different ways. Most blogs earn money from advertising. You may want to start displaying Google ads. As your audience grows, you should include affiliate links to products related to your posts. You may also monetize your blog by landing brand deals or sponsorships. These can be very lucrative but difficult to secure. Some blogs can charge a membership fee to access premium content. It is a rare form of monetization, and not everyone can pull it off. Lastly, you may use the article to promote your physical products, digital products, courses, eBooks, or merchandise.


1. How do bloggers get paid?

Successful bloggers monetize their blogs in multiple ways. Affiliate marketing is a popular means of earning some money. There are a lot of ways to make money without relying on ads. You can earn from displaying ads along with your site, partnerships with bigger brands, a paid membership for a monthly fee, you can sell digital goods or physical products that you might have.

2. How do beginner bloggers make money?

Beginner bloggers have limited options in terms of monetization. The moment you start a blog, your only option is to display ads. As you start to grow a bit, you can look at opportunities for affiliate marketing.

3. Can anyone make a living out of blogging?

Yes, you can live comfortably as a blogger. However, not everyone has writing talent, and not all become successful. You may want to try outsourcing your content to see if another writer has a special gift for it.

4. How do I become a successful blogger?

The first tip is to start a blog. Posting consistently on a fixed schedule can help you grow your following. If you want to become truly successful, you need to invest in education. The most valuable skill for a blogger is to learn affiliate marketing, as it can teach you how to drive traffic and monetize it simultaneously.

5. What types of blogs make the most money?

We currently live in times in which personal finance blogs earn the most money. There are plenty of affiliate marketing opportunities in the space, and regular ads related to personal finance tend to pay more than anything else you can think of.

6. Can I become a blogger for free?

Yes, if you learned all the basics of becoming a blogger, you can start one for free. Platforms such as WordPress or Blogger offer free hosting in a subdomain for everyone to use and get started.

7. Can I have multiple blogs?

I would say that having multiple blogs is advisable. You can experiment with different types of blogs or niches to see which one works the best. However, I would advise against having too many as they require too much work for a simple person to manage.


If you want to become a successful blogger, you can still learn a few things. It can be a lucrative profession in itself, and if you want to start blogging, there are still plenty of things you need to learn about. Building the blog or setting it up is the easy part. The difficult part is finding an audience, growing traffic, and monetizing.

However, do not feel discouraged if you fail. It requires little investment if needed, and if one fails, you can start over until you find that niche that appeals to the crowds and can monetize. I recommend following a quick guide on setting up a blog and signing up for an affiliate marketing course to cover the monetization part. What I would recommend is to dive deeper into certain topics related to monetization.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make blogging a worthwhile activity that can beat a regular day job. For this reason, I strongly advocate for new bloggers to master affiliate marketing. Here you'll find all the skills you'll need to run a massive online brand, but not limited to blogging only.

If you are a beginner who wants to learn more about affiliate marketing, read my other article, How to make money with Affiliate Marketing. If you are ready to start your online business with Affiliate Marketing or are already in it and still figuring it out, you can join the One Funnel Away Challenge. You can learn how to use the different types of affiliate marketing appropriately to get outstanding results. Most importantly, it will help you to build an online business that generates income through affiliate marketing. 

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”  – Thomas A. Edison.


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