The Best Strategy Of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

high ticket affiliate marketing

Only in the past few years, high ticket affiliate marketing terms become so popular. What is high ticket affiliate marketing definition? Have you been looking for answers about high ticket affiliate marketing? Why you need high ticket affiliate marketing? When do we need to implement high ticket affiliate marketing? You have come to the right place to get answers and learn how to get started.

Most marketers ask about high ticket affiliate marketing meaning, but it is simple. You promote high ticket products and get a commission for each sale. But in order to get the sale for high ticket products, you will need a certain method or strategy to do that. You cannot just promote the product as any regular or low-ticket product. That's why you will need to do a high-ticket affiliate marketing method.

High ticket affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make extra passive income. The first step is to join a high ticket affiliate program and get links to promote or you can contact directly to the merchant and tell them you will bring leads or sales for their products to get a certain commission. It would be best if you implement the strategy to get the right audience and convert leads into high ticket sales. 

The fascinating thing about high ticket affiliate marketing is that you will put in the same effort to promote links with low ticket affiliate products. However, you will enjoy commissions that are higher per sale. Let's dive in and learn more about high-ticket affiliate marketing. 

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

what is high ticket affiliate marketing

Before I explain in detail, first, what is high ticket affiliate marketing? High ticket affiliate marketing is defined as promoting products that have a higher affiliate commission and you will need a certain strategy to promote the products to get leads, appointments, phone calls, or even the sales themselves.

Most high ticket products cost $1,000 or more, and most companies are willing to pay affiliates a commission of 20%-40% per sale. Instead of selling $100 low ticket products for a commission of 2%-5%, you can sell high ticket products and make more money per sale. From a marketer's perspective, you will work less and make more when choosing to do high-ticket affiliate marketing. However, you will need a solid funnel that will help you drive conversions regularly. 

Overall, you can make $300 or more per sale and scale your marketing activities to increase sales. It is imperative to choose a product you are familiar with or a niche you understand to produce compelling copies. There is a lot of potentials to increase your income when you promote high ticket products exponentially. 

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Strategy 

Although it takes almost the same marketing strategies to promote low ticket and high ticket programs, you will need the element of personal touch to close high ticket affiliate sales. You will be able to use various strategies to get valid leads. You must have a working plan if you want to have a consistent client flow for your high ticket affiliate products. 

To qualify for high ticket affiliate marketing, you need to have a solid marketing strategy. High-ticket products cater to a specific clientele, meaning that your plan should be highly targeted to a particular audience. Once you identify your audience, you need to figure out what they are looking to gain from the product. For example, a website offers a different value to a government department than a digital products business. Figure out what your potential clients want and deliver exactly that to them. 

You can use several funnels to filter out any leads that are not interested and convert the quality leads you to get. It will take time, money, and patience before you get your first high ticket sale. However, you won't regret your investment once you get your first commissions from a high ticket sale. 

1. Application Funnel to Qualify 

application funnel

Qualifying leads will save you time and money you would use to follow up non-converting leads. There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend your hard-earned money on leads that have the potential to convert into sales. 

An application funnel to qualify leads is simple. Once a user shows interest in your product, provide an application form that checks whether the product is suitable for them. If you are promoting several high ticket affiliate products, you can state that the application or contact form helps identify the potential clients' best product. Since clients who buy high ticket products are busy, it will seem like you simplify the selection process. 

Alternatively, offer to send a valuable PDF to their email address, and you can use it to follow up on them later. It will be easy to convince a user to fill in an application form when you provide value first. Don't forget to ask them to fill in the application. 

You can weed out that chaff from the wheat and follow up on clients who are likely to buy your affiliate products. An application funnel's beauty is that you don't need to keep checking it now and then. Set it up, go to your 9-5 job, and check on the response s in the evening. It is an automated process that will increase the productivity of your affiliate marketing endeavors. 

2. Phone Call Appointment Funnel

phone appointment funnel

Phone calls have a high conversion rate for high ticket items, and they are an excellent high ticket affiliate marketing strategy. The best way to go about it is to include a call-back button on your landing page. A potential client can leave their contact details and schedule a phone call to discuss further the product you are selling. 

You will have to have scheduling software to enable potential clients to choose the date and time they are available. Prepare your pitch and go over all your content to ensure you are ready for whatever questions are asked. Knowing about what you are selling assures potential customers that you understand their needs. 

Call on time to show professionalism and use polite language at all times. Marketers should practice how to handle professional calls and keeping their cool during calls. Listen to the potential customer without interrupting to get a sense of what they want. Do not sound eager to make a sale when you are on the phone because it will turn off your leads. 

You can set up a follow-up phone appointment or set up a meeting to further explain the product's benefit to the potential client. Phone appointments will look attractive to individuals with busy schedules and want direct answers. You can use the funnel to reach executives and high-income businesses when generating leads. 

3. Live Webinar Funnel 

live webinar funnel

Did you know that Elon Musk used to do live webinars to drive pre-orders when launching Tesla? People would go online and watch his vision for the company. Tesla can transform the world with electric cars after the live webinars directed internet users to an order page where they were asked to invest $1,000 to pre-order the Model 3 car. Tesla raised over 14 Billion using the live webinar funnel. 

Nowadays, everyone has the internet and a Smartphone or laptop to watch live webinars. There is a catch. Your content should be engaging and beneficial to the viewers if you want to make conversions. Ideally, you need to create a live webinar page, a thank you page, and an offer page where viewers can buy high ticket products. 

There are a few factors to consider if you decide to use Live Webinar funnels. 

  • Venue 
  • Content 
  • Internet connection 
  • Gift

You need to set up the following pages: 

  • Registration page
  • Webinar page 
  • Order page 
  • Thank you page

Standard live webinars take 60-120 minutes, and every one of those minutes should offer value to a listener. Marketers can generate traffic to the channel through email marketing and Facebook pages. Ensure the topic is catchy and something connected to your high ticket affiliate products. 

Ensure you don't ask for phone numbers on the registration page as it will turn off potential leads. Overall, webinars have a high conversion rate, and you get the chance to follow up on attendees via email later. Spend time doing aggressive marketing for the live webinar to get a high turnout. After all, it won't hurt to make more sales than you expected. 

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Examples 

high ticket affiliate marketing examples

Learning about high ticket affiliate marketing isn't complete until you have some high ticket affiliate marketing examples. Several programs pay a commission of $1,000 or more per sale. Most of them are specific to particular niches or products to target a particular kind of clientele. 

However, affiliate marketers need to understand that most high ticket affiliate programs involve digital products in demand. For example, HubSpot has automation tools that businesses need, and it is easy to find products you can promote. However, some high ticket products are high-end and only cater to a small niche. 

Just One Dime affiliate program will pay you a commission of 25% from the sales of Amazon FBA Mastery that cost $3,997. It means you get a commission of around $1,000. But if you see the sales funnel, it is using the application funnel. Where the traffic or audience needs to fill up the application first before you can purchase or join the course.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that pays $58 for each referral client who pays for the paid plan. They pay $2,000 for each referral client who pays for the Plus Plan. Since most businesses use Shopify as an eCommerce platform, it is possible to find clients who want the Plus Plan. You will get all the marketing materials and discount tools you need to promote the products. 

  • HubSpot 

HubSpot is a marketing automation platform that can pay commissions of up to $1,000 per sale for their products. Affiliate links have a 90-day cookie, and you can track your activities on the advanced dashboard. Many businesses need the services of HubSpot, and it should be easy to start generating income from the affiliate program. 

  • Kinsta 

Kinsta pays $50-$500 per referral, and you will receive a 10% recurring commission for a lifetime. It is an excellent WordPress hosting platform, and you can easily find clients in need of their services. The 60-day cookie allows you ample time to convince potential leads to pay for their services. Payments are made through PayPal monthly. If you target customers who pay for the premium services, you will make a nice sum each month. 

SEMRush is a fantastic online marketing tool that businesses need nowadays. Promoting SEMRush affiliate products can earn you a good income because there is a ready market for their services. You will receive a commission of 40% for every sale, and you can enjoy the 10-year cookie period. Overall, making multiple SEMRush services sales should not be a problem, even for beginners in affiliate marketing. 

You can earn a maximum of $7,000 per sale when you refer a client for the dedicated hosting plan. You will also make 150% commissions when your referrals buy the monthly plan for $150. Making $7,000 per sale is an incredible deal that can increase your monthly income. There are many web hosting services that clients can buy from Liquid web and get a commission. Their affiliate program provides the necessary marketing materials to marketers, and they have excellent tracking software. You can monitor the traffic your affiliate links are bringing to the website on your affiliate dashboard. 

Legendary Marketer is a high-ticket affiliate program that can earn a marketer over $1,000 per sale. Some products will give you a commission of $3,000 per sale, which is impressive. Moreover, you will get training on how to sell their products and assistance from a sales team to close the deal. You also have access to marketing tools like banners, affiliate links, and tracking software. Marketers can read other affiliates' success stories in the program and get inspiration to work hard and sell products. Overall, it is one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in marketing now. 

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Course

There are many affiliate marketing courses you can find online, but not so many for high-ticket affiliate marketing courses. Most of the affiliate marketing courses are teaching affiliate marketing in general from low ticket to high ticket. There are some courses that specifically teaching for high ticket affiliate marketing and the program that you can join to promote them. But most of these courses are for experienced or advanced affiliate marketer and the price for the course are usually much more expensive. Below are some of the courses that specifically cater to the high ticket affiliate marketing:

  1. Super Affiliate System Pro
  2. Affiliate Marketing Mastery
  3. Affiliate Lab
  4. Authority Hacker Pro


1. Do I Need a Funnel?

Yes. It would be best to have a solid sales funnel in your high-ticket affiliate marketing strategy to reach the right audience. It is hard to make high ticket sales without a plan because the products are expensive. Therefore, you have to show potential clients the value they will get when they spend money on your affiliate products. 

Additionally, a sales funnel helps you produce valid leads that have a high probability of turning into sales. You can set up traffic to your funnel and check the results for follows. The automation process of funnels makes life easy for affiliate marketers. 

The downside is that you will need to work on building your funnels for a while. It will take some time to find the ideal target audience, traffic sources, funnels, and proposal. However, you won't regret the time you spend creating your funnels when you get a ‘gold vein' that gives you a steady stream of legit leads. 

2. Should I Use Paid Advertising?

Whether to use paid advertising or not will depend on your budget. If you have a healthy budget, you can use PPC ads to drive traffic to your affiliate links or landing pages. Paid ads are the easiest way to gain traffic to your website. 

If you have a tight budget, you will have to create great SEO content that will rank and give you organic traffic. Take your time when crafting your content to be full of valuable insights, and readers will share widely. Organic traffic is ideal because you can make a high income without spending money on ads. 

It is essential to remember that you need to be aggressive when marketing high-ticket affiliate products. Use every channel available to you to reach your target audience. Therefore, you will have to utilize videos, blogs, landing pages, and social media platforms to get the word out. 

3. How Long does it Take to Make a Sale?

It may take a month or three months before you see the fruits of your labor. It will depend on your affiliate marketing skills and the channels you are using. You must exercise patience and resist the urge to change something in the funnels every five minutes. In the natural order of things, you are bound to make a sale as long as you target the right audience and have enough traffic. You can also read my other blog “How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.”

4. Do I Need to Invest in Marketing Tools?

Yes. Some marketers are capable of doing affiliate marketing using SEO to generate organic traffic. Most marketers need SEO tools to create good landing pages and other automation tools to help generate leads. It is advisable to invest in marketing automation tools if you have the budget. It will be worth it because you are selling high-return products. 

5. Should I Take an Affiliate Marketing Course?

Yes, it is advisable to take a high-ticket affiliate marketing course to get all the tools you need to start an affiliate business. New affiliate marketers waste time and money learning affiliate marketing ropes without making a dime for months. Taking an affiliate marketing course reduces the time it takes before you start generating passive income. 

You can check out my other blog of The Best Affiliate Marketing Course that suitable for you. The courses offer valuable information that will help you set up your affiliate business fast. A good course should start with the basics and use steps to teach marketers how to do affiliate marketing. 

Overall, taking a course or two about affiliate marketing before joining high ticket affiliate marketing programs will enable you to see results after a short while. Moreover, you will avoid the common pitfalls that cost affiliate marketers quality leads and make them waste money. 


High ticket affiliate marketing is better than low ticket affiliate marketing because you can make more money per sale. Who doesn't want to make more money? You will be able to utilize your resources and focus them on generating a high commission per sale. You need to set up effective sales funnels that allow you to generate leads you can follow up. Email marketing is an excellent way of doing follow-ups once you get email addresses from potential leads.

You need a paid ad budget to generate a lot of traffic to your affiliate links. High ticket sales are easier to do when you use paid traffic over organic traffic. You should use several traffic sources to find your ideal customers. Once you have a steady number of conversions per month, you can quit your 9-5 job and do high ticket affiliate marketing for a living. 

If you are ready to build your online affiliate marketing business, you should join the One Funnel Away Challenge. It guides you step by step on how to create your business from A to Z and will help you to answer any questions you may have. Most importantly, it will help you to build your online business fast and successfully.

“Celebrate what you accomplish, but raise the bar each time you succeed.”


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