How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

how fast can you make money with affiliate marketing

Before discussing how fast you can make money with affiliate marketing and the time required for monetizing online through it, let’s review what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is an online business strategy through which you receive a commission for selling products of a different brand or seller. You will get your percentage profit whenever a customer purchases from a seller through your recommendation and website. All you have to do is promote other companies' products on your video channels and website.

Affiliate marketing works as a three-tier commission process consisting of a seller, a customer, and an affiliate. As the seller wants to get more audience, the affiliate attracts and pursues the audience to make them buy sellers’ products through affiliates’ links. Your affiliate link will enable sellers to determine that a sale is made through your link, and, as a result, you are rewarded with a commission.

For this, you should track your potential audience to know their interests and pain points. After doing so, create a website content or video tutorial to explain your product's pain point and needs. People often worry about getting their commission after promoting products. Do you wonder how you will get your profit? Well! There are affiliate links that are generated whenever an affiliate recommends sellers’ products on his website.

After generating affiliate links, try to plug in links everywhere you promote the product so that consumers approach your link to the sellers’ website. When everything is completed, sellers can track the purchase through the link and provide commissions to the affiliate who recommended the products to the potential buyers. Besides this, tracking can be done through the IP address and email ID. But these tracking methods are only used when there are no browser cookies on the website.

How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

The first question that every person thinks about before starting affiliate marketing is how much income, how easy and how fast you can make money with affiliate marketing. Honestly, beginners should be interested in researching products first rather than focusing on the estimated money. Because the affiliate marketing income is directly dependent upon the product you choose, the content you create, and how you target your audience. 

If you are still interested in knowing about your possible income, you can look for examples of John Chow, Pat Flynn, and Jeremy Schoemaker. No doubt they earned a handsome commission, but they didn't earn it overnight. They spend years hard working consistently to achieve the goal of maximum earning from affiliate marketing. 

People who want to know how fast you can make money with affiliate marketing should be glad because beginners can do it within a year. Yes! But the thing that matters is your dedication and persistence. But it all depends upon website marketing and content you create to promote the product. You will be amazed to know that an affiliate marketer can earn up to $50,000 to $100,000 monthly. 

Average Time And How Much Affiliate make:

Beginners                        : 6 – 12 month                     $10 – $1000
Advance                           : 1 – 3 years                          $1k – $10k
Specialist                         : 3 – 5 years                         $10k – $50k
Expert/Super Affiliate    : over 5 years                      $50k above

Again, the information above is just average, although you can find people still not make any money yet after 3 years, and you can also find people who make over $50,000 within 2 years. The most important and the hardest part when you want to jump into the affiliate marketing world is to create great content in blogs or youtube videos with consistency for the long term.

Steps To Do Affiliate Marketing

how to start affiliate marketing

1- Select a product
2- Choose a Platform
3- Create a website and youtube channel
4- Select an affiliate program
5- Create and upload content properly
6- Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques

Beginners are often confused about starting affiliate marketing. If you are looking for ways to start affiliate marketing in 2021, you will achieve your goal by taking the right steps. Here is a guide to affiliate marketing for beginners about how to start it. You can also check my other blog to get more in-depth on how to start affiliate marketing here.

1- Choose a niche or product

The very first thing you need to do for starting affiliate marketing is finding out the right product. Product research is the niche research upon which you want to promote your products. While selecting a product, you must consider the one you understand to promote it effectively. This very first step will determine how fast you can make money with affiliate marketing.

2- Choose a Platform

After choosing the product, go for a selection of platforms on which you want to promote products. The majority of affiliate marketers opt for blogging or youtube channels. At the same time, some affiliates use both these platforms simultaneously. However, you can use some other options like the Instagram page, Facebook page, Quora, Pinterest, and many more. To promote your affiliate link on a website, we suggest footer use or creating a standalone page. On the contrary, the description is the best place for affiliate links in the case of videos. 

3- Create a website and youtube channel

If you are going to adopt blogging, create a website to upload your content in written form. To attract more customers, you can add features, pros, cons, reviews, and suggestions about the product. On the other hand, you need to create a youtube channel in case of video content. Make sure to upload high-quality blogs and videos on your website and channel to get more consumers' attention.

4- Select an affiliate program

There is also a need to select the affiliate program according to your niche. Many affiliate programs are effective, but you can choose one freely, depending upon your niche.

5- Create and upload content properly

Creation and uploading content regularly is the basic key to build up customers’ trust in you. Whether your content is in written form or a tutorial, make sure to add resource pages, pictures, and infographics. Doing so will make your content more authentic and trustworthy, due to which more people will go through product purchases via your link. 

6- Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques

Search engine optimization is the must technique you should do for generating traffic on your website. With traffic generation, proper keyword research will enable your website to come to the top of Google search engines' ranking list. Along with website optimization, writing SEO-friendly blogs will be a plus point in your business optimization. 

No doubt there are some paid advertisements too, but they demand high investment. As you are already familiar with how much affiliate links pay, will it be worth investing in marketing when you are a beginner? Besides this, email marketing is also an effective strategy in getting more engagements on your website to get more sales and leads. 

When you start receiving the commission, affiliate marketing will become more interesting for you. Never give up, even if you cannot persuade customers to buy a product because it is time-consuming.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Products

types of affiliate marketing products

1- Physical Products
2- Information Products
3- Services 

Before promoting products through your affiliate link, double-check to ensure that your link is relevant to your content. For instance, if your content is on the best video conferencing accessories, your product must be laptops, android, cameras, and other such things.

Besides this, also check whether your audience is eligible to buy and afford it or not. These points are necessary to consider to predict if you will be able to get the commission. After facing all these questions, you are reading for product promotion. Let’s look at the types of affiliate marketing products.

1- Physical Products

Physical products are those which are easily available everywhere. Such products usually generate fewer commission rates. For example, you will earn only $1-$2 if you sell a study table. You know what this single-digit price you will get after, including all other costs like shipping, wholesaling, and manufacturing. As these products are usually sold in large volumes, you can earn a maximum of $4-$5 through it.

For physical products, Amazon Associates is one of the most popular platforms to join. You will be able to get a commission from each product from amazon available in the market. Undoubtedly, some marketers prefer other affiliate sites rather than amazon because of its 24 hours time limit to check the validity of affiliate links (cookies duration). Furthermore, every product has not the same price range. Yes! You can even get a 10% commission on luxury products in the start-up from different affiliate sites.

2- Digital/Information Products

Another category of affiliate marketing products is digital/informational products. These are the products that are usually marketed through personal channels and blogs. For example, you can suggest web hosting programs, affiliate marketing tools, software, digital book or video, courses, and other such products.

In short, any intangible products or digital products that you can access or consume from your phone, laptop, or any digital device. After going through comparisons, reviews, specifications, pros, cons, and buying guides, people bought these things very selectively. You will surely be amazed to know that these products can give you more commission because of their high prices and low cost to create. Since promoting these products is challenging, you can enjoy more benefits after getting hold of it.

3- Services

Besides products, there is a category of services. It’s a category in which you recommend to your audience a service that you use. For example, coaching service, dating service, plumbing service, repair service, legal service, and other such services. Feel free to use both the youtube channel, website, and referral for this affiliate marketing type.

Moreover, there are more possibilities to make sales through services because many consumers need such services online and offline. By promoting services, you will be able to earn a commission of almost 15 to 30 percent. However, the commission can be high or low depending on the service you selected for affiliate marketing.

Marketing Vs Advertising

With this topic Marketing Vs. Advertising to how fast you can make money with affiliate marketing because advertising or sponsored advertisements can be the way to earn money fast.  Beginners often think that advertising is just like marketing. It has been observed that newbies think that more advertising brings more visitors, leading to more sales and more money. It is true, but that is not the case in general. 

No doubt advertising brings many visitors to your website but not the money always. Yes! There is a possibility that you may get money through the sponsored advertisement, but there is no guarantee. In general, sponsored ads cover up the ad space over google's page or youtube page. But your website will remain on the top unless and until you continue paying.

When you stop paying for sponsored ads, your website will go down. So, it’s not a wise decision to cover up your ad space with sponsors when you are eligible for the advertisement of your products or affiliate products. It depicts that there is a difference between marketing and advertising. Therefore, we suggest you do marketing first before doing paid advertising to get more clicks doing sponsored advertisements and get more commission. In other words, advertising is an inside part of marketing, but not vice versa.


In short, it’s essential to create a trustworthy bond between you and your audience in affiliate marketing. It is key to generate more sales and, obviously, more commission on your side. After following the steps mentioned above patiently and consistently, you will be able to make huge success in your affiliate marketing business.

So, how fast can you make money with affiliate marketing? It is not a get-rich-quick scheme that you can make a lot of money overnight. Anyone who claims that you can make a lot of money overnight with affiliate marketing most likely is scammers trying to sell you something. Please stay away from it!!

If affiliate marketing takes so much time and energy, persistence, consistency, and dedication, why do you need to have an affiliate marketing business? Or should you start an affiliate marketing business? Great question… but the answer is affiliate marketing is only for people who think big and have the right mindset. As a result, you will get freedom and passive income for the long term when you succeed with it. That's the beauty of affiliate marketing.

If you are still confused or unsure about starting your Affiliate Marketing career, read my other blog about Is affiliate marketing worth it. After you decide or are ready to build your online business, you can join the One Funnel Away Challenge to kick-start your learning. From here, you can ask any questions you need, and it will also help you step by step build a successful affiliate marketing business professionally.

“Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. ” – Napoleon Hill.


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