12 Best High Ticket Affiliate Program to Promote in 2021

high ticket affiliate program

High ticket affiliate programs are a good way to make extra income fast because you are paid more for a single sale. The most popular affiliate programs like Amazon Associates have low payouts, like $5 per sale. You would have to do a significant amount of marketing to earn $100 per day at those low rates.

The alternative is high ticket affiliate programs, meaning that you can make $100 with one sale and save the time you spend on marketing. Some affiliate programs like Fiverr have a ready market, and it is easy to find willing clients.

This article will explore what high ticket affiliate programs are, how to find them, why you need to use them, and whether it is worth the effort. In the end, we will tell you one of the best-kept affiliate marketing secrets to success and how gurus stay in the know about the latest marketing tips.

What is High Ticket Affiliate Program

High ticket affiliate programs meaning a program that pays a lot in one sale, can be difficult for beginners. Also, most beginners do not believe they have what it takes to market high-ticket affiliate programs. However, it is in your best interest to market several high-ticket affiliate programs if you want to make it big in the industry.

First off, it takes the same amount of effort to create content and generate leads for high ticket affiliate programs products. Therefore, why should you spend so much time creating a sales funnel to earn $5 per sale when you can earn $100 per sale?

For example, you will probably create a landing page, add some relevant content, then add your affiliate links to the product you are promoting. The only thing that will change is you will promote a product that gives you $100 or $300 per sale instead of $5. If you do PPC, the cost will probably remain the same with low competition keywords.

Overall, the process for low-income affiliate products and high-income affiliate programs is roughly the same. The most significant change will be your target audience, and you may have to spend some time refining your targeting skills. So what are you waiting for now? Explore some of the best high ticket affiliate programs in 2021.

Best High Ticket Affiliate Program

There are several lucrative affiliate programs that you can enroll in and make good money. The reality is that there are many high ticket affiliate programs that you can join and make good money. Most of the high-paying affiliate programs on this list pay between $100 and $1,500. Here are my top 12 best high ticket affiliate programs in 2021.

1. Fiverr – Best Find Freelancer Affiliate Program


Commission: $15-$150
Fiverr has an excellent affiliate program that is suitable for both beginners and experts. You can earn $150 for any referral that pays for the Fiverr Pro Services package. If you make it your mission to rake in 2-3 referrals per day, you have yourself a sweet income source.

Getting a target audience for Fiverr in 2021 is easy because many professionals opt to work remotely because of the pandemic. Also, the platform is a reputable intermediary that brings together professionals and customers looking for their services. It is hard to go wrong with the Fiverr Affiliate program.

2. ClickFunnels – Best Landing Page Builder Affiliate Program


Commission: 40% and $100

ClickFunnels is an essential affiliate marketing tool that helps marketers generate viable leads at a small fee. Many marketers and businesses need the product to create sales funnels to have a steady stream of leads. It is among the best high ticket affiliate programs for beginners because it is a high-converting sales funnel builder.

Affiliate links have a 30-day duration, and affiliates get a recurring commission of 40%-the two products with a recurring commission cost of $97 and $297 per month. You can make a lot of money if you sign up many clients for the monthly packages.

Even though Clickfunnels may pay $100 for a referral, it is an excellent affiliate program because it is easy to get internet users to subscribe. There is a possibility of up-selling products to a customer, which increases your commissions.

3. Shopify – Best E-commerce Affiliate Program

shopify high ticket affiliate program

Commission: ($58 average if user sign-up for a paid plan )

Shopify has an affiliate program that offers commissions to anyone who subscribes to their packages. The cost of the packages is $29, $79, and $299 per month. Affiliates can market any three plans and make a lot from the high ticket affiliate program products. The cookie period for the affiliate links is 30 days.

Affiliates can make as much as $2,000 per sale through the Shopify affiliate program for referring people to start an online store on the platform. It is so easy to market Shopify to business owners because it is a popular e-commerce platform. You can wake up in the morning and find out you have made $2,000 when sleeping.

4. Big Commerce – Best Multi Channel E-Commerce Affiliate Program

bigcommerce high ticket affiliate program

Commission: (200% of the first payment -1500$ of the enterprise customer)

Big Commerce is an e-commerce platform like Shopify, and they have a generous payment plan, which pays you twice the amount a subscriber pays for their first subscription installment. The plans go for $29, $70, and $249 per month. Their cookie period is 30 days, and the platform is simple to market, like Shopify.

Affiliates can make $498 per sale with the biggest plan and $1,500 per sale when subscribers pay for the enterprise plan. It is among the best free high ticket affiliate programs, and you will get marketing tools like banners and emails.

5. Liquid WebBest Web Hosting Affiliate Program

liquidweb high ticket affiliate program

Commission: Up to $7,000 per sale

Liquid Web is a web hosting platform that offers high-end solutions to businesses and individuals. The company focuses on providing quality services over affordable shared web hosting services to its clientele. Payout is 150% starting from $150, and the maximum payout is $7,000 per sale.

You will be able to make big money with each sale from this one of high paying affiliate programs in 2021. The most affordable service on the platform is WordPress management, starting at $19, which will give you a commission of $150. Overall, you can find users looking for efficient web hosting services and are willing to pay premium fees.

6. WP Engine – Best WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program


Commission: $200 minimum

WP Engine is popular in blogging and website niches because it provides amazing features for web hosting. WP Engine is a direct competitor of WordPress, and its commission model is generous. The WP Engine affiliate program is suitable for beginners and affiliate marketing experts looking for high-ticket affiliate programs.

The minimum commission is $200 whenever a new customer subscribes for the $35 plan. You can earn $2,000 easily if you refer ten users to the platform. Expert affiliates can make over $10,000 per month in commissions from the program. The cookie period is 180 days, giving you ample time to convert users into buyers.

Moreover, there are bonuses the affiliate program gives based on the number of referrals per month. You can join the WP Engine affiliate program on ShareASale, a reputable affiliate network. Do not be afraid because joining the affiliate program is easy since they are always looking for new affiliate marketers.

7. HubSpot – Best CRM Affiliate Program

hubspot high ticket affiliate program

Commission: $250-$1,000

HubSpot has a high ticket affiliate program where affiliates can make $1,000 per sale with the enterprise plan. There are three plans that you can promote to earn a commission from the platform. The Basic plan of $50 per month can give you a commission of $250 per sale, while the Professional plan of $800 per month can give you $500 per sale.

Hubspot is a CRM provider, and many businesses use the platform in their daily activities. It is easy to find potential customers who are willing to pay for the Basic and Professional plans. You may have to put a little more effort into finding clients who will pay for the enterprise plan, but it will be worth the effort.

You should know that you won't earn recurring commissions or any commissions from upgrades. However, you will earn a commission from any affiliates who join using your referral link. Overall, it is a fantastic high ticket affiliate program because it is easy to get people to buy the products.

8. Amazing Selling Machine – Best Amazon FBA Affiliate Program

amazing selling machine

Commission: 40%

Amazon Selling Machine is a training program that aims to give sellers and potential sellers the tools for selling physical products on Amazon. It is a comprehensive program with 12 installments and is one of the best high ticket affiliate programs in 2021 for anyone looking to make extra money.

Trainees can opt to pay $997 per month for six months or pay an annual fee of $4,997. You stand to make a commission of $398 per referral for an installment payment and $1,998 for the full program. Overall, you will be making good money per sale. If you scale your efforts to bring in more referrals, you will have a huge payout each month.

Marketing the Amazon Selling Machine training program is simple, and you get a cookie period of 90 days. Therefore, you have a higher chance of converting a potential trainee in 90 days.

9. Teachable – Best Find Freelancer Affiliate Program


Commission: 30%

Teachable is a platform where instructors offer to teach people certain skills for a fee. It is a platform that industry gurus favor when deciding to offer a course on their area of expertise. You can earn 30% of the course fee when referring potential clients to pay for a specific course.

The platform offers a cookie period of 90 days, which is fantastic. Since more people are open to studying online, you will find willing students in no time. You can choose to promote premium courses to make a high commission. Overall, it is easy to make $150 or more per sale with the Teachable affiliate program, and you can make multiple sales per day.

10. Authority Hacker – Best Affiliate Marketing Course Affiliate Program

authority hacker high ticket affiliate program

Commission: Up to $990 per sale

The demand for training courses on digital marketing courses is rising, and Authority Hacker provides fantastic marketing training courses. Their blog always has insightful content about digital marketing trends, and enrolling for one other training course can set you on a path to success. All their content is current, and much research is conducted to ensure all courses stay up to date.

You can earn up to $990 per sale, which is a lot of money for a single sale. They offer a cookie period of 180 days, and the site is selective about its affiliate marketers. It would be best to be an excellent affiliate marketer approved for the Authority Hacker affiliate program.

11. Thinkific – Best E-Learning Affiliate Program


Commission: 30%

Thinkific is a platform that allows anyone to create a course that will add value to the end-user. Users on the platform have access to resources to create a course, monitor class schedules, email marketing, and even create videos. The platform pays affiliates a recurring commission for each new customer.

Therefore, you can earn a maximum of $1,700 per annum for each referral. If you have 50 referrals per year, you can take home a cool $85,000 per year. Payments are made every month, and it is easy to scale affiliate activities because the platform is popular.

12. Legendary Marketer – Best Affiliate Marketing Course Affiliate Program

legendary marketer high ticket affiliate program

Commission: 10%-60%

Legendary Marketer affiliate program approaches things differently by giving affiliates training and resources to make money through the affiliate program. Their products are high-end, and you can earn $1,000 from a single sale. The most expensive product on the site goes for $9,500, and several sales can pay your bills for a couple of months.

You need to have a website with some significant traffic to join the program, and there is a challenge you have to complete before acceptance. A free affiliate option gives affiliates a commission of 10% or 30% if they are a member of the Marketer's Club. The monthly membership fee for the Marketer's Club is $18.80.

The paid affiliate option has a monthly fee of $29.95, and you get basic commissions of 40%. The membership for the paid affiliate program is worth it because the returns are high. You can earn up to 60% on the paid affiliate program if you are a member of the Marketer's Club.

How to Make Money with High Ticket Affiliate Programs

how to make money with high ticket affiliate products

High ticket affiliate programs are mostly niche-related, and you may need to familiarize yourself with the niche before you start promoting offers. They are easy to market because they target a specific audience. You can make a significant monthly income from high-paying affiliate programs if you know what you are doing.

  • Start By Registering to Several Programs

It is essential to market several affiliate programs and determines what works for you and what you need to let go of for profit. Start by registering to several affiliate programs and start promoting products on various platforms. After a while, you will begin to see the affiliate offers that have the highest conversion rates.

You should monitor your progress for about 2-3 months before deciding whether an affiliate program is working for you or not. Don't ever keep a not working program because it will take up your time and money without results. Always focus your time and money on affiliate programs that have returns on investment.

  • Prioritize Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing isn't for the faint of heart, and you need to prioritize your marketing endeavor if you are ever going to make an income. You must send a significant amount of traffic to your affiliate links if you want to make sales. Driving relevant traffic to your affiliate links will help you drive sales and make more commissions.

Ensure you check on your statistics daily, create new content, and find new ways to engage your target audience so that they can click on your affiliate links. The more clicks you get on your affiliate links, the better your chances of closing a sale.

Affiliate experts do affiliate marketing as a full-time job, and they spend a lot of time figuring out the best way to drive traffic to affiliate offers. The beauty of promoting high-paying affiliate programs is that a single sale per day can make a difference in your account balance.

For high ticket programs that pay about $1,000 in commission or more, you can target to close 1-2 sales per week. Do a lot of research on the target audience, their expectations, the niche's vocabulary, and anything that will help you connect with potential customers.

  • Take an Affiliate Marketing Course

There is a lot of information about affiliate marketing on the internet, but it would help if you took an affiliate marketing course to understand the industry. An affiliate marketing course will give you the skills and tools you need to do affiliate marketing successfully. It is better to start with a set of good tools than to spend months finding affiliate marketing tools that work for you.

  • Scale Your Profits

Increasing your affiliate efforts will ensure that you have a steady trickle of income from high-paying affiliate programs. You must stay up to date, create relevant content, use efficient affiliate marketing tools, and find ways to increase traffic to your affiliate links. As long as you have relevant traffic to your affiliate links, you will automatically have conversions.

The thing about a steady flow of traffic is that you must keep your target audience engaged for them to click your links. It is a tough job but a necessity for an affiliate marketer to make commissions. Therefore, always be on the lookout for new methods to increase your traffic and new methods to make more conversions on high ticket affiliate programs.

  • Improve on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an excellent tool for generating organic traffic to your affiliate links and lowering your advertising costs for high ticket affiliate programs. Learning how to implement SEO in your content will make you the first result in relevant online searches. Users click on the first 3-5 results after a search to find solutions. Being the first result ensures that you have a high amount of traffic to your links every day.

Therefore, you need to create excellent content, add relevant links, include snippets, use the right search phrases, and not overdo the keywords. It would be in your best interest to take an SEO course to learn more. SEO content is the top tool for an affiliate marketer because it drives free traffic to affiliate links and increases conversion rates because users are interested in the product.

  • Track Your Activities

Tracking your affiliate marketing sites and income is a good way to evaluate your performance. You can identify areas that perform poorly and find ways to improve performance. The most important tracking metrics are traffic and conversion tracking.

You need to know the amount of traffic you get to your web pages and the conversion rates for each affiliate product. Some products may not be converting due to a lack of traffic to the affiliate links. Other links may be receiving a lot of irrelevant traffic, which leads to low conversion rates.

Your tracking metrics help you make essential decisions on how to improve your marketing strategies and convert high-paying affiliate products. The decision you make from the results will save you time and money while helping you find the right way to reach your audience. If your affiliate dashboard doesn't come with tracking tools, you can find a third-party tracking software to use.

Best way to improve your Affiliate Marketing skills

What most new affiliate marketers do not know is that affiliate marketing gurus have training in the field. While most successful affiliate marketers flaunt their income, few of them disclose that they have had to make affiliate marketing courses to improve their skills.

There is a learning curve in affiliate marketing if you don't have the right tools. It can take you months or years before you see any returns after starting affiliate marketing. Taking training courses in the field can speed up your success rate significantly. Bottom line, you need to do an affiliate marketing course to learn the best tools to use.

One Funnel Away Challenge is one of the best platforms for affiliate marketers, where affiliates can undertake affiliate marketing courses and learn useful tips. Their affiliate marketing course imparts a lot of information on affiliate marketing. Taking the courses can help you jumpstart your affiliate marketing career and begin to see results in a short time.


Affiliate marketing can be extremely lucrative when you focus on free high-ticket affiliate programs. Earning more per sale can significantly improve the overall income you take home at the end of the month. There are many high-paying affiliate programs, including digital products and online courses. You can never go wrong marketing digital products because the world is always in need of them.

It would be best to have the relevant tools and skills to market high-paying affiliate programs and turn a profit. It wouldn't hurt to take an affiliate course online and learn all about the industry. You may need to take different courses each year since the digital world is fast-paced.

Overall, it is time to stop generating leads for products that wouldn't even buy you a meal and concentrate on high-ticket products. In the end, you will be making more income with the same amount of effort you used to put in for low-ticket affiliate programs.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, read my other blog, How to make money with Affiliate Marketing. If you are ready to start your online business with Affiliate Marketing or are already in it and still figuring it out, you can join the One Funnel Away Challenge. You can learn how to use the different types of affiliate marketing appropriately to get outstanding results. Most importantly, it will help you to build an online business that generates income through affiliate marketing.

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.” – Bo Bennet.


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