How To Do Youtube Affiliate Marketing Done Right

youtube affiliate marketing

Wherever there is an audience, there is an opportunity to sell. Like websites, TV, entertainment venues, train stations, and Youtube, if you have a targeted audience. Well, Youtube content is much more than just a chance to showcase expertise and build brand awareness. It can also earn some cash with Youtube affiliate marketing to promote other companies or brand products.

Well, almost all digital platforms have provided us an opportunity to showcase our talents. Every person can create their Youtube channel to let the world know about their talent. It can be money-making channels, cooking, traveling, etc., depending on your passion.

If we talk about Youtube, hundreds of videos are released every day, and it has almost a billion hours of video watch time every month. It is such a great platform for anyone who wants to get benefit from it.

Are you here to learn how you can make money with affiliate marketing using Youtube? Well, you are at the right place. Let’s dig deeper to learn about Youtube Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Youtube Affiliate Marketing

what is youtube affiliate marketing

Youtube affiliate marketing is a selling strategy that is used to increase leads and sales through video-based content. For example, if you want to sell gadgets using amazon affiliate marketing Youtube strategies, you need to create a technology channel. Or you can create a food-based channel in which you can tell your audience about healthy eating. Meanwhile, you can promote ClickBank keto diets to earn some extra cash every single day.

The process to earn sales commission is pretty simple: you need to put the product link in your video descriptions and tell your audience to click that link in the video. If there are a considerable amount of subscribers on your Youtube channel, they are most likely to watch your content. When the audience clicks that link and makes a purchase, you will be able to earn commissions. Ta-da!! Isn’t that interesting?

Affiliate marketing involves a lot of things to consider before starting it on a wide scale. Not only Youtube, but you can also use affiliate links everywhere possible. There are blogs, Facebook pages, quora, Pinterest, and many other ways to contribute to affiliate marketing. The most common ones are Youtube and blogging because they allow you to get engaged with your audience. Using the right strategies, you can easily get the audience’s attention and sell products.

To know more about high-ticket affiliate programs, you can refer to my other blog, 12 Best High Ticket Affiliate Program.

Examples of Youtube channel doing affiliate marketing

Are you wondering about “Are affiliate links allowed on Youtube?” or “Can we do affiliate marketing on Youtube?” The answer is yes. You can put the affiliate links in the Youtube video description. It has a wide reach and a huge audience, and people create videos of almost anything. For example, if you want to fix your computer: watch Youtube; if you want to try a new recipe: watch Youtube. It seems like Youtube is a solution to every problem. Millions of people on Youtube are making a handsome amount of money by using their skills.

Below are the examples of some of the best Youtube channels with huge subscribers rate:

Unbox theory: This channel is quite famous with 17 million subscriber rates, and they review almost every electronic gadget. They are quite honest about product specifications and their reviews. Their descriptions also have affiliate links from Amazon.

Marques Brownlee: He has a list of 14 million and more subscribers on Youtube. He also uploads unboxing videos from the top 10 categories and uses affiliate links in the video descriptions. He makes money with youtube affiliate marketing and from youtube ads.

How to become a successful youtube affiliate marketer?

Youtube affiliate marketing is quite easy if you apply a few of the right and well-proven strategies. I have been doing affiliate marketing for some time now; it is easy to tell what things will work in your favor with my experience. I have spent years researching things that are pretty helpful for marketing strategies and will help my viewers. I have learned that creating Youtube videos is not difficult, and you have to be consistent. So, let’s get started with Youtube Affiliate Marketing step by step and how it works. But, before that, I will discuss what type of video helps to earn good views.

The best type of Youtube videos for affiliate marketing

Review Videos

The best way to earn a good amount of views is by uploading review videos. I have mentioned Unbox theory and Marques Brownlee, and you can witness the amount of fan following they have. People crave honesty, especially if they are real buyers. So, you can make videos on product comparison or review a single product in a video. Like top 10 gaming laptops for comparison, or iPhone 11 Pro Review (single product review), etc., depending on your niche. Your video will start getting views in a few months. After that, you will be able to earn a passive income. Also, there are different types of affiliate programs for Youtube, and you can use Amazon affiliate programs to promote products.

DIY Videos

The other most-watched video types of DIY (Do it yourself) have taken Youtube platforms on an alleviated level. “How to” queries are quite popular, and millions of people head towards Youtube to find the solution to their problem. They find the tutorial video of how to solve their problem. In the video description, you can share the affiliate links of equipment or items you use.

Best of (everything) Videos

These videos are also trending on Youtube and going quite well in the market for the past couple of years. For example, people create video content on “best camera for vloggers” or “best mic,” etc.; you need to make sure that your product is worth the ‘best’ label tag before making videos on it. These types of videos are life-saving.

How To Do Youtube Affiliate Marketing – Step by Step

How To Do Youtube Affiliate Marketing

If you can create video content and represent it in front of your potential audience, it will be easy to promote affiliate products. Here is the step-by-step guide to getting started with affiliate marketing by using Youtube. Stay focused and read all these tips to get the desired results.

  • Select a profitable niche
  • Make the audience your priority
  • Choose affiliate product wisely
  • Create Youtube channel
  • Create a professional channel layout
  • Get started

Select a profitable niche

Selecting the right and profitable niche is quite important for your success. Every Digital Platform is feeding you with content based on a Niche, and YouTube is no different. You have to come up with some unique ideas that might grab the audience’s attention. I always recommend going for something you are passionate about but being only passionate doesn't work if that product has no value in the market. People won't buy from you at all, and your sales won't go. So always think of something that you are passionate about and have good market value.

For example, health and fitness is a popular niche because people are trying to live a healthy life, and fitness gives them that. You might find a lot of celebrity fitness channels as well. You can go with that niche, but you have to be smart about it and think of something related to fitness unknown to many people.

Make the audience your priority

Your targeted audience is your business, so make them your priority. First of all, you need to understand your audiences and target them accordingly. People prefer visuals or graphics as they are more engaging than just audio or image. It is a lot easier to learn new skills and broaden your circle by viewing more content. Videos like how-to, etc., are quite popular as people are self-independent and love to do things independently. You can grab the attention of that audience by simply providing them meaningful content. Make your videos strong enough for your audience to make them spend bucks on the product you are promoting. Keep the following points in mind while doing that:

  • Visuals are more compelling; therefore, people like to watch what they enjoy doing.
  • People are independent and like to do their things. So, “how to do” videos are very famous among the Youtube community.
  • Learning new skills
  • Reviews and comparisons are important before making any decisions and buying that product.

Choose Affiliate product wisely

Almost every affiliate program connects you with the merchants or brands and thousand of their products to choose from. You can get the affiliate products link and start promoting in no time. You can start with the Amazon Associate program on the initial level. Read my other blog about Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Step-By- by Step Tutorial For Beginners. If you don’t want to start with Amazon, you can check other websites like ClickBank. Check and choose the product you want to promote and use the affiliate links to promote them through your videos. You can check my other blog for more information on How To Make Money With ClickBank for beginners.

Create Youtube channel

To start affiliate marketing, you can start by creating a Youtube channel. I hope you understand that niche selection is so important, and you might have done it by now. For a Youtube channel, you need a Gmail to sign-up. After that, follow these five basic steps:

  • Sign in to YouTube and click on the user icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on the gear icon to get to your account's YouTube Settings.
  • Click on Create a new channel.
  • Then choose “Use a business or other name.”
  • Add your Brand name and click create.

After creating your channel, it's time to give it a professional look so that people visit your channel and like your content.

Create a professional channel layout

Create a professional channel layout that consists of your profile picture, unique selling propositions. It provides an extra layer to your marketing scheme and runs on the value of marketing, mindset, motivation. Like gadgets channels, you can add “Make smart decisions,” and for fitness, your USP can be “Stay healthy, live healthy.” You need to pay close attention to your audience and their interest.

To create a professional channel layout, follow these 11 steps:

1- Add a profile picture

If you are going to create a professional channel, you need to put great thought and proper strategies. You can use a professional logo and cover photo for your channel. Put conscious thoughts behind your logo to attract your audience. Your logo must tell the story of your brand.

2- Add a description and About us

You can do a little bit of keyword research to start with your description. Write in detail about your channel and its content. Also, add the About us section where your email is required. Also, you can add the links to your social media accounts here.

3- Add trailer video

Add the precap video that tells about your content. Make it crisp, to the point, and create a sense of climax. Like you are going to reveal something big. It will keep your audience alive, and they will be waiting for your content eagerly.

4- Keep creating content

The key to being successful with Youtube affiliate marketing is consistency. The more content you create, the more engagement you build. Never let your audience wait. Keep them posted. If your niche demands less content, that won't work. Select a topic that needs constant updating and is not seasonal.

5- Add catchy headlines

The title of your video must be creative and interesting to grab the audience’s attention. Make them click on your video and watch it to the end. Giving your audience some hint about your video through Catchy Headlines is a pro marketing strategy.

6- Add catchy thumbnails

It would be best if you showed some creativity to build your thumbnails. The more creative your thumbnail is, the more clicks you will get. You can use different software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create thumbnails. You can also use different markups like arrows to make your audience watch your videos. This strategy will increase your video views.

7- Add video descriptions

Add the proper video description with proper keywords and search terms. Along with that, put your product link to earn some clicks. This strategy will help you get rank on the first page of Youtube. So do your Youtube keyword research properly.

8- Add tags wisely

Youtube tags will take your video ranking to the supreme level on the YouTube search engines. Tags will help to increase your organic traffic. As we talked about using SEO keywords for descriptions and headlines, tags are no different. If you are using long-tail Keywords, For example, in the case of Affiliate Marketing tutorials, keywords like “Money Making With Affiliate Marketing,” then more people will find your video when they search for Affiliate Marketing. Do proper research for your keywords and use a minimum of ten tags per video to get the best results.

9- Add captions

Add a video as they make it easier to decipher your video. All people do not have the same fluency; It’s easier to catch if you place captions on your video, and captions also have keywords to boost your video’s rank within the platform.

10- Ask for a video like a comment, and share

Don’t forget to remind your audience to like, share, and comment on your content. It will help you get more views whenever you upload a video, as subscribers get a notification whenever the content is uploaded. Also, it will help to get engaged with your audience in the comment section. Liking and sharing increases engagement on your video, and it becomes more visible on the digital platform.

11- Be careful while promoting products

Read Youtube content policies to get the right content and products to promote. Youtube doesn’t allow the promotion of certain products, so play safe.

Get started

Well, you are all set, so start your channel now as you know almost everything about affiliate marketing with Youtube. Create a mind-boggling channel, apply the right strategies and start promoting video content. Also, you can utilize affiliate marketing Youtube ads to generate sales using paid strategies.

Pros and Cons of Youtube Affiliate Marketing

pros and cons youtube affiliate marketing


Youtube has a huge audience.
Best for growth and massive audience reach
Considerably lower competition
Easy ranking and stability
The targeted and potential audience


Content creation can be hectic.
The niche might be profitable or not
Link restrictions in few niches
Traffic generation can be tough at the start

Final thoughts

Youtube Affiliate Marketing can be lucrative when you focus on providing valuable content to your audience. Your earning will increase over time, and you can significantly improve your overall income time by time. You will never go wrong with promoting the right products because your audience requires them.

You can get help from relevant tools like Tubebuddy or VidIQ to get the stats and monitor other channels. It can spy on tags, keywords, and other hidden details with this tool. Just install its extension, sign-up, and you are ready to go. Now, it's time to stop planning and start working. In the end, you will be generating more by applying the right strategies.

You can also read my other blog about “Affiliate Marketer Mindset” that you need to apply to yourself to succeed in affiliate marketing. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and get detailed and step-by-step knowledge, I recommend joining the One Funnel Away Challenge. It will help answer any questions you will have, and most importantly, it will help and guide you to build your online business fast and successfully.

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson.


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