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purpose of blogging

You may be wondering why people like to blog and what's the purpose of blogging is. It is a great way to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas with the world. Blogs are often written by people like you who have something to say that they want others to hear!

Bloggers can write about any topic imaginable. There are blogs for everything from technology and politics to fashion and cooking. And if there's not already a blog out there on the subject you're interested in writing about; then it's easy enough for anyone to start one themselves!

These days blogging has become such an important part of our lives that many people even live off of blogging alone. So no matter your interests or how much time you have available, there's likely space for you in this growing industry.

Many bloggers think that the only reason to blog is for traffic and sales. That is not true! Blogging can be a great way to create new connections, keep your brand fresh in people's minds, and share information with your audience.

In addition, blogging helps you stay connected with current customers and potential leads and provides you an opportunity to showcase your products and skills. Before you start a blog, you should know the purpose of blogging first, like what results that you want to achieve from your website/blog.

In this blog, we will share the purpose of blogging and why it should be part of your marketing strategy.

What is the purpose of Blogging?

Being a blogger, we all know that writing blog posts are something we do all the time. It's just like the bread and butter of blogging. 

When you are a dedicated blogger, no doubt you plan each blog post carefully, properly structure it, edit it and ensure that its SEO is spot on. But while writing a blog, have you ever stopped for a while and thought about the purpose of your blog post? 

Whenever you are writing a blog, do you consider why you are writing that specific post? And more particularly, how is that post going to contribute to the goals you have set for yourself or your site?

The fact is that when you sincerely want your blog to be successful, then every blog post you write must have some purpose because each blog post may take you one step forward towards fulfilling your blogging goals.

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Why Should Every Blog Have Some Purpose?

why blogging

If you're writing a blog post, there must be a purpose to it. This isn't just about having a goal in mind or getting people to click on your link. It's helpful for those people who are reading your blog as well! It helps to have a purpose behind your writing because it makes the experience better for everyone involved.

The main reason every blog should have a purpose is to improve your content over time. When you're blogging to improve every post, it will most likely be more helpful, and it'll drive traffic to your website as well. 

Many people start a blog thinking that it's just about having fun or doing something else interesting. Still, it doesn't work out in their favor when they begin doing this without knowing how readers will benefit from reading their posts. When you write with a set purpose, not only will people want to read what you've written instead of passing you by, but they'll also be more willing to click on your links.

Here we will give you some specific reasons why every blog post must have some specific purpose.

1) Helps you in Achieving your Goals 

When you are truly passionate about the success of your blog, whatever success looks like to you; you have to set some goals for your blog and site. Without some goals, you may break them down into action steps and are unlikely ever to achieve your blogging dreams. 

An old saying that “failure to plan is planning to fail,” and blogging becomes very true. Without any determination that you want to achieve in blogging and then working backward to some particular actions you have to take, you will almost waste your time doing the wrong things. And the same goes for writing the wrong blog posts. 

To make it easier to understand, let me give you an example. For instance, your ultimate aim is to make enough money from blogging to quit your 9 to 5 job. But you never actually stop for a while and think about how you will make a good amount from it. As a result, you are unlikely to write blog posts to support your aim and so unlikely ever to make any money from blogging. 

2) Increase your Blog Traffic 

Well! You may admit it or not, but for most of us, one of our blogging activities' main and key aims is to grow blog traffic. And amazingly, it's true that writing blog posts may help you in getting organic traffic. (Although regular promotion of these blog posts is also very important). Meanwhile, you will only achieve this aim if you write the right blog posts and have a specific reason for each blog post. You have to ask for each blog post; how will this post enhance my blog traffic? 

For instance, you have written a blog post after careful keyword research. And amazingly, during your research, you may know that the blog post you are planning to write has a reasonably high search volume, low levels of competition, and exactly fits your niche. You know that a blog like that is more likely to drive good search engine traffic, and then your blog will grow ultimately. 

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3) Use your Time more Efficiently 

Ensure that every blog post has some particular purpose, and working forward towards fulfilling your goals will eventually save your time. How? Because you are not generating all those blog posts that give you no real purpose. It means that you may write some blog posts and have an even successful blog. 

For example, if you aim to earn money via ads, then the main purpose of most of your blog posts will be to enhance your traffic. When you do careful keyword research for every blog post, you can write half the number of posts, but still, you have much more traffic, and then you write as many posts without any thorough keyword research. 

4) Blogging Purpose: Entertain your Readers 

Of course! How can you forget your readers? There is no other way to leave a successful blog unless you keep your reader's priority and front and center in your mind as you write the post. As long as you have a purpose for yourself, you must have your reader's purposes in mind too, how will this blog help them? 

One of the main purposes of your blog posts is to entertain your regular readers. Along with it, these posts also help them with their issues, tell them how to manage things, teach them how to connect with you and other readers, and build up a blog's community. That is something that none of us bloggers must ever forget. 

5) Blogging Purpose: Make More Earning 

It might be you or not, but one of the main reasons for writing blogs is to make money for most bloggers. It may be a few pennies for someone; for others, the goal is to earn enough to quit their full-time job and then fill the gap, while others want to get a 6 or even 7 figure salary. 

But just wishing and hoping that your blog will make more money will not make you more money as it does not happen by magic. You have to work out on it, and it certainly matters how you plan to make money with blogging and then figure out the steps you may need to get there. 

Moreover, make sure that every blog post may contribute to your money-making aim along with growing traffic and building your email list. Aside from it, it can be overt that is driving traffic to an affiliate link or encouraging sales of your updated item. 

Achieve Your Blogging Purpose With 5 Easy Steps Strategy

Writing blog posts can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you've never done it before. However, there are some simple things that you can do which will help you out significantly when blogging without spending much time or money at all! Here are five easy steps to improve your blog post strategy to achieve your blogging purpose:

1) Determine What You Want To Write about

It's helpful to determine what type of content you want to write before getting started with anything else. That is because you can then set up a plan for how you should write each post to help boost the traffic coming into your website and keep reading!

2) Keywords are still relevant

You'll want to incorporate keywords into your blog posts to help search engines find you when people are looking for your target market's content. Keywords are just as important today as they have always been! Use KWFinder to find the relevant keywords and low competition keywords.

3) Keep It Simple & Organized

Make sure that you keep things simple and organized so that readers can easily follow along without getting lost or confused about where the post is going. That means including subheadings throughout the piece so that it's easy to read, plus it makes it easier for search engines to understand what your writing is all about, too!

4) Make Good Use of Images

Images are a great way to catch someone's attention, which is why many people choose to include them in their blog posts. To make the most out of your images, place them throughout the post and be sure to also add in some text so that they aren't just sitting around looking pretty – it will help boost social shares and traffic as well!

5) Think Outside The Box

Make sure that you think outside the box when promoting your blog posts because this is a great way to get more people interested! Approach friends and family members who may share your writing with others or approach other bloggers in your niche for guest posting opportunities. Promoting yourself doesn't have to cost anything, which is one of the many benefits of blogging today. Just remember that promoting isn't just about paying for advertisements or trying to get noticed by bloggers in your niche, but it's about creating the right relationships and opportunities.


In the article, I have tried to discuss a few basic reasons for blogging. I hope you get an idea about the purpose of blogging and why it is vitally important even for your traffic, earning, and achieving other such goals. 

You have to be very clear about the main purpose of your blog posts. Make sure that every post you write has a particular goal. Apart from it, try not to overwhelm yourself with too many ideas or posting tasks. You have got time for one task at a time, so do not create any confusion in your mind by thinking about two different things together. Otherwise, everything will get messed up in no time.

While considering all this stuff, remember that blogging is indeed an art. No matter how perfect we consider ourselves, there are still many ways to improve writing effective content for blogs. So keep on learning and improving day after day.

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“The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.” – Ron Dawson.


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