Increase Facebook Group Engagement With These 12 Strategies

facebook group engagement

Using Facebook groups was the most underestimated marketing strategy to generate engagement and leads for years. For now, Facebook group engagement is becoming a popular marketing strategy, especially for social media marketing. It would help if you had a good engagement rate and organic traffic to generate successful leads and conversions.  

For now, many internet marketers use the Facebook group strategy to drive real traffic. It depicts that Facebook groups have the potential to generate sales if used correctly. You need to share, discuss, and respond to the people’s queries so that they will start buying from you. And guess what? It is all free! 

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12 Strategies To Increase Facebook Group Engagement

So, how will you maximize Facebook group engagement? I am going to discuss some strategies, specific tools, and tactics to gain organic traffic. So let’s get started. 

1- Always welcome new members of your group

facebook group engagement

Welcome your new member will be the first step to get engagement from your Facebook group. To establish an automatic connection with the members exactly from day one, you have to welcome new members of the Facebook group you created. By doing this, your group members can easily share their thoughts and opinions with other members to feel comfortable and open enough for their space. Those members who recently joined your group would be considered as new members for a week.

So, whenever you have a discussion field or course in your group, you can always see the number of members you have included in your group. You can also see a clickable link along with a strip of thumbnail photos that display the number of new add members to your group. Moreover, just below that, you can also click on “write post” to share or customize your message or thoughts with all new members.

2- Make it easy for members to engage with your Facebook group

facebook group engagement 2

For engaging your Facebook group members properly, you can ask your new members to introduce themselves to the existing members. It is considered a very decent way to make your new members feel comfortable and start the conversation. When they introduce themselves in the group, they feel valued and consider the entire family. It can certainly work for engaging the members with the other and new members in the future. Another option is to send personal messages to other group members because it is a proper way to get them involved and engaged. You have to click on that member's profile and then click on the message that appears on the top right.  

3- Leverage the power of storytelling

facebook group engagement 3

When you want to engage your members or group audience in a more appropriate and great way, storytelling, particularly visual storytelling, could be the best option. You can create videos that portray a story and ignite all members’ passion for sharing it. Brands such as Old Spice have harnessed the power of visual storytelling so that they can generate countless engagements. Ask your group members to submit their photos to that member’s profile so that you can share your posts with others in the whole group. It could be an amazing gateway to generate many engaged people with the things that kept real. 

4- Keep Posting Polls, Surveys, and quizzes

facebook group engagement 4

Poll survey or quiz is a better option to keep your members adhesive to your group. Engagement happens when you directly ask the user for their comments, so it should not be a brainer. Posting a poll survey or quiz makes the members quickly share their thoughts and opinions, and this way, engagement happens more instantly. 

Another best way of using posts is to identify the current affairs and trends according to your niche and create a poll. You can use this link to start your poll in the group. In addition, surveys are something people like in a specific and limited manner, so you need to use them often. Their quizzes must be easy to answer because if your quiz is too hard to answer, nobody will solve it. That’s why motivating your group members to participate in the quiz can also add a price, so your members get something in return after taking part in it.  It is the most feasible way to participate in this quiz. 

5- Ask questions to engage audience

facebook group engagement 5

Posting an easy and right question in your Facebook group is an excellent way to get a conversation rolling and get more engagement. You might think of a question as a call to action that forces people to jump into the conversation and share their opinions. You may ask the questions of the following types with your group members:

  • Closed questions such as “Do you like the new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max?” and members will respond with either yes or no.
  • And then an open-ended question like “What do you like the most about the new Apple iPhone 12?”There should be straight answers to this question, and every member can answer it differently according to choice.
  • The other one is an image-based question. It is a question where you can put an image along with a question so that the audience can understand the question easily. This is like what different brands do on their Facebook pages.
  • Questions that are debate-oriented like “Do you think that homework should be banned?” Members will respond and share their answers either by supporting or going against your argument.
  • You may ask general questions like “Who is your favorite cricketer?” Such types of questions are a no-brainer. It is easy and simple to answer, so people like to answer such questions or conversations.

6- Post photo quotes

facebook group engagement 6

If you want to increase your engagement to the next level, you should post picture quotes. It will work incredibly amazing for you as you can literally rock your Facebook group engagement marketing strategy by using it. All you have to do is find a simple photo and add an inspirational or humorous quote. Once you do it, share it with your members, starting to react to your posts.  For a higher audience on your posts, you have to find an image that matches your group’s needs and requirements. While doing this, also keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your group members. In case you use an image with an incorrect choice, then it may backfire on you. So please keep it in the simplest possible way. 

7-  Follow the posting strategy of edutainment

facebook group engagement 7

You do not need to post three times or more in your Facebook group because the frequency of your post will have nothing to do with the engagement. Buffer published a study that has proven that not every type of content is that member’s profile perfect for Facebook. The content that would work best could be a combination of education and entertainment, as we can call it “Edutainment.” An ideal frequency for posts is one or two posts per day so that when you share one specific piece of content every day, it compels us to share the best content we have instead of everything you are posting as content. 

Give your time and effort to the types of posts you want to share because everything needs time. And Facebook algorithm will also perceive your posts by considering their high quality as they receive positive and high engagements. By following the given strategy, Buffer reached more than 150,000 people every week on Facebook. 

8- Make sure your timing is correct

facebook group engagement 8

Next, to get more engagement from the Facebook group, you have to ensure that your posts’ timing is correct and accurate because incorrect timing can lessen engagement.  You also have an option to schedule your post on Facebook. By following the given, you can easily schedule your posts:

  • Click “Groups” in the left menu.
  • Select your group and then click on the clock symbol next to the post and select “Schedule Post.”
  • Now select the date and time when you want to publish the post and then click “Schedule.”You

9-  Use Facebook live videos

You can also leverage the power of live videos on Facebook even when running a Facebook group to get engagement. Some of the steps are here to go live on your Facebook group:

  • First of all, download the Facebook mobile app and go to your Facebook group in which you want to go online.
  • Click the button for creating a new post and then select the live video options for your Facebook on the group icon. 

It is an awesome way to reach your targeted audience and boost up your engagements. 

10- Ask members to put notification on

Definitely, you want your members to get notified whenever someone adds a new post to your group. But how do you make this happen? Make it a point or poll to ask all new members who joined your group to keep their notifications on. You can also give them some instructions and guidelines on how to get the notification on. For doing this, here is a process:

  • From your newsfeed, you have to click “Groups” in the left menu and select your group.
  • Then click on the “Notifications” below the group’s cover photo and select “All Posts.”
  • You will be notified every time a member posts in the group.

11- Like, comment, and respond to others

You should have to remain on your toes if you want to see better engagement in your Facebook group. As an admin of a group, you have to take the initiative and consistently like, comment, and respond to other members and their posts in your group. By this, people will feel more comfortable, making it possible for them to do the same. After that, your engagement will start to happen more and more. 

12- Tap into the power of Facebook group insight

If you want to measure the level of engagement with your group members, given for, you can certainly go for group insights. With the help of this feature, you can easily understand how members like to engage and then see the most active members of the group. Also, identify the ports that receive the best engagement in your group. When you have such crucial data in your access, you can easily know what and how it’s working, and you can also manage the existing strategy by manipulating them accordingly. 


I hope that these 12 strategies will help you to boost your Facebook group engagement. Make sure to let your group members control the forum by their valuable opinions. You don't keep posting things that you like; you have to value every member. It should be a place where people can express themselves according to predefined rules. 

If you follow all the tactics mentioned above and strategies, your group will start growing with time. After that, you will be able to drive traffic from your Facebook no matter if you put your website link or promote an affiliate offer. Moreover, be specific to gain the targeted audience, like if you want to promote health products, stick with the health niche by posting health-related stuff. 

Furthermore, if you want to learn or still struggling to set up your affiliate marketing business online, you can check my blog on How to Start Affiliate Marketing. Also, to learn everything from scratch, you can join the One Funnel Away Challenge. It will teach you step by step and answer any questions you may have about online marketing. Most importantly, it will help you to build your online marketing business successfully.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell


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