How To Target The Right Audience On Facebook

How To Target The Right Audience On Facebook

Are you wondering about how to target the right audience on Facebook? If yes, you are in the right place. To explore and target the right audiences with Facebook ads, you need proper strategies. Also, you have to decide whom to target with cold ads and identify your new target. 

What does everyone want after running their ad campaigns on Facebook? More sales to generate revenue. But selling products directly to your customers won't do you any good. You need to provide value to the customers, introduce your product, and then start selling. 

People don't like to buy from brands they have never heard of. But, you can engage them by building a relationship with your customers. Most digital marketers categorize facebook traffic into three types: cold, warm, and hot. 

What Is Cold Traffic Audience on Facebook?

Cold traffic represents a group of people who are not familiar with your brand, product, or services. In other words, these are the people who find your website through free ads, paid ads, solo ads, etc. Cold traffic has a very low conversion rate, but Facebook ads are still crucial for all your marketing systems. It is because it involves reaching out to the targeted market. To turn your cold traffic into warm, you need to create relationships with your audience by providing the value and right product. 

Trying to sell directly on Facebook is one of the biggest mistakes people make regularly. But it doesn't mean that you can't promote your new product or tell people about it. You need to turn this cold traffic into a warm one before you start selling.

The goals of the cold traffic are as follows:

  • Introduction of product/services
  • Create brand and business awareness
  • Product awareness
  • Providing solution of the pain point of customers
  • Giving value and product at the same time.

Steps To Target The Right Audience On Facebook

how to target the right audience on facebook

You can use the following methods how to target the right audience on Facebook:

Step 1: Identify real customers

Now, there are almost 3 billion active users on Facebook today in 2021. All you need to do is identify the real customers interested in your products. After identifying, you can easily use Facebook ads to target cold traffic by location, interest, behavior, and demographics. 

Step 2: Provide Awareness

The cold Facebook traffic can be interested in your product by proper awareness. Just focus on their pain points and provide value so that they show interest in your product. Most people are not even able to distinguish the problem. Make them aware of their problem, its solution, and then aware of your product. 

Step 3: Educate your Audience

Next, educate your audience about your product or services. Tell them what your product is and how it is going to help them. Additionally, provide the relevant information using content, infographics, multimedia, etc. 

Step 4: Target Them With Facebook Ads

Now the next step is to target your cold traffic using Facebook ads.

Install Facebook Pixel To Retarget The Right Audience

What is the purpose of installing Facebook Pixel? It is to retarget your audience who already visited your site or clicked your ads. These audiences are engaged in your content, and they are ready to hear more from you. Now, it's called warm traffic. Then you can continue to target your warm traffic with new ads. I recommend you install Facebook Pixel and use it while you run your ad campaign. In this way, you will track the actions of your audience visiting your site. 

If you haven't installed the Pixel, you are leaving the money on the table. It is easy to install Facebook Pixel, and it only takes a few minutes to do. Otherwise, you will only depend on your email list as your warm or hot traffic. Just keep uploading exclusive content and start collecting emails. In this way, you can target them by using email marketing strategies and building relationships with them. 

After some time, you can show them the ads to purchase the product. You can start with something small like “view content” or “Sign-up” so that they can get to your page. Now it's your game to bring customers to the Checkout and Add to the cart page. Make your ad copies smarter and provide value so customers can't resist your offer. When the audience turns into your customers and returning customers, you can say you have hot traffic now. 

Target Cold Traffic Into Warm Then To Hot Audience

cold traffic facebook ads

Now, you must be wondering about how to target the right audiences on Facebook. Well, it is pretty simple, you can start with an informational ad campaign, and it can be in the form of an image or video. I recommend you design an outclass video as it will be more informative, and it is relatively cheap if you are going to run paid ads. 

When you set up your Facebook ads, your audience is always going to guess. When you click on the product or services, Facebook insight will provide you more and more information. It can be in the form of pages, people's interests, etc. However, there is no guarantee that your cold traffic will perform well as there is a lot of competition in the market. 

Facebook also has the extra precautions that keep you from diving right into conversion campaigns. So, it's better always to warm up your traffic when setting up an ad for a new audience. It means that you need to create an ad that helps you in more engagement. It can be any post that urges the audience to follow, like, or comment. After that, you can make your audience familiar with your brand. 

For more detailed information on how to convert cold to hot traffic on Facebook, watch my video below:


This blog explained almost everything you need to know about hot, warm, and cold marketing with Facebook ads. I hope you now understand How To Target The Right Audience On Facebook and convert them from a cold to a warm-hot audience.

Retarget the audience who already visited my website or youtube video first cause this audience is warm. Meaning they already know you by reading your blog, coming to your website, or watching your video. If you don't have any website or youtube video or any contents you have on the internet, you will likely target a cold audience. You will need to know your audiences in detail, such as age, location, or interest. 

Furthermore, you can read my other blog about “Facebook Affiliate Marketing Strategy” to get more insight into Facebook traffic. If you are a newbie in digital marketing and want to get more traffic, read my other blog on “Best Paid and Free Traffic Source.” You can also join One Funnel Away Challenge to get unlimited traffic or get this Traffic Secrets book for free; only pay for shipping. From here, you can learn more in-depth where to get the best traffic and how to do it step by step to get more leads or traffic to your website, even to your physical business location.

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