Small Actions Big Impact | Little Gesture That Count

small actions big impact

In this article, we will be discussing some of the small actions that can make a big impact on one's life. These gestures can help make a person feel more appreciated and cared for.

Have you ever felt like you're in the middle of somewhere, and you badly need help from someone? What does it feel like? In life, there are times when you face obstacles even if you expected them. There are battles that you can fight all by yourself, and there are some that you need help from others.

An individual who feels so low and weak often looks for someone or something they can lean on. From there, that is what kindness means to the world. It is a small action or gesture but has a big impact that society needs to have.

Small Actions Will Have Big Impact

Here are the simple actions that can have a major impact on our society:

1. Smile

A simple action of smile and presence can positively impact someone else the burden they are carrying on. Every person waits for that one moment wherein people will recognize them. They believe it is the key to the fulfillment of their presence. Kindness is essential to human existence. Human beings are born to socialize.

In this way, they need to work well with others so that they can live harmoniously. As we grow older, we must allow ourselves to get the hands-on care & smile that we need.

2. Listening

In today's modern world, some places are advanced with the use of technology. However, some cities are being left behind due to the incapability of adopting innovation. Kindness is the language of teamwork. We need to help one another so that the world can have productive individuals capable of taking good care of itself.

An individual may not know who you are, but as long as you do good things to them, that will be forever in their hearts and minds. Kindness doesn't need to be seen physically to have a significant impact on someone's life. The simple act of listening to someone's fear and sorrow is an excellent way to show kindness and have a major impact on someone feeling.

3. Be Kind

The simple actions or gestures of kindness, when put together, create a significant impact on the world. That is why there are no excuses for not helping the needy ones—helping other people must be unconditional. If you are helping just because you want to be recognized for what you did, it means you are not helping. You are just after the recognition.

But when you are doing it, you can attain genuine happiness out of your fame. Kindness broadens your life structure. It is when you can do extraordinary things out of your willingness to help. It is also a symbol of respect for giving value to the one receiving your help. You don't need to emphasize the support that you provide to someone. Let them show it to others. Let them be the personal testimonies of your kindness.


You can always tell when someone is interested in listening to you by the way they treat you. When people are kind and patient, it's because they care about what your input is. It will come naturally to how you treat others. You can have your contribution even on simple things.

Having a great impact on the world doesn't need to be costly, but rather do it. Little things matter in life the most. If you want to impact the world significantly, doing small gestures or actions will greatly impact you and others when putting them together. You can do something big!

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“Remember the importance of small actions. They're the building blocks in the architecture of your life, the quiet victories you win for yourself each day.”


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