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contribute to society

Everyone has different paths in their lives. Some people are fortunate with material things in life, but some are less fortunate. Some people are in the middle or at the average. Living together, we build a society. We are the ones who are responsible for improving and developing by contributing to our society. 

Many people think that the only ones responsible for contributing to society are those already settled in life. For example, people who are more fortunate than others or who are not busy striving for their day-to-day lives live to survive. They think that if an average person tried to contribute to society, it would not change anything.

However, this way of thinking is wrong. Everyone can contribute to society, even in the smallest way. Always remember that a mighty ocean came from little drops of water.

How To Contribute To Society

Contributing to society does not need a lot of money. It is priceless. You don’t need to donate millions of dollars to fight hunger to say you contribute to society. It is not about doing some heroic acts to show that you make a difference for society.

Even a little act of kindness can mean something. A small change in your lifestyle can also change a lot of things. Being a responsible part of society can do everything. These simple things can make a big impact on our society. But, there are still some little things you can do for society.

1. Improve Yourself, So You Can Help Others

The first thing you can do is to improve yourself. By improving yourself and becoming a productive member of society, you are already contributing. This kind of activity will give a positive result to your community. Self-improvement and productivity is the opposite of criminal tendency and addictions.

We all know that criminalities and addictions are the worst problems of any community, giving a lot of burden to society. Therefore, improving yourself and avoiding being a problem is the first step you can contribute to society.

2. Follow The Rules And Law

Following even the simplest rule also means a lot to society. Laws are rules given by the authorities to make everything systematic and to avoid any problems. Simply following these laws and rules will do a lot to lessen the problem in our community.  Being a law-abiding citizen is a way to contribute to our society.

3. Helping When You See People In Need

Another thing we can do to contribute to our society is to be a Good Samaritan. Always be there for others who are in need. Don’t be deaf for a woman who struggles to open a door. Help the eldery people who are struggling to cross a road. Don’t ignore a person who got an accident or a child separated from the parent.

There is nothing to lose when giving a helping hand to those in need. Instead, it is a little act of kindness you can do to contribute to society. These things and acts may be considered as little but will make a huge impact on society. By doing these, you can proudly say that you are contributing to your society.

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The wise person doesn't ask, “What have I achieved?” but rather, “What have I contributed?” – Marianne Williamson.


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