5 Types Of People To Avoid In Your Life

types of people to avoid

Life is a series of fortunate and unfortunate events because things in life always have their contrast. If there's light, there will be darkness. When there is fire, there's water. The same notion also goes with people. If there are people who will bring you up, some people will drag you down. No kidding. These kinds of people are the ones you should watch for. They will definitely suck all your positive energy and lead your life into chaos. Instead of having a fun life, you'll have damaging and unhappy ones. Now, who are these people? Listed below are people and their negative traits, which you should really give your distance from. In this article, we will tell you about certain types of people that you should avoid. Avoiding these types of people can prove to be fruitful for you.

Life can be tricky at times, especially when you're building relationships with others. It is a vital factor that you should learn and study the people you're surrounded with. Here are The NO-NOs Types Of People To Avoid in Your Life.

1. Lie, Lies, Liar


The first people to avoid are liars. Of course, liars are the kind of people you should avoid if you really want to be happy. Besides the fact that lies are not good words to digest, lies can detach you from reality. Sure, we are all guilty liars. As part of who we are, we make mistakes and state some lies along the way. However, if this is a habit, then it will no longer be acceptable. Avoid people who always lie for their own benefit. This is a toxic trait that you don't want to adapt to. You can mistrust others that are good if you keep on clinging to those kinds of people.

2. It’s All About The Gossips

The second type of people to avoid is the one who always gossips. Gossipers are the kind of people who are also toxic and have life stress. Besides, the power of words is way more powerful than the power of actions. Words can really create a big impact on people. Gossips can take over the minds of many and manipulate them. Just like lies, these are words that can be really nonsense yet really persuasive. So, you really watch out for gossip addicts. Who knows, maybe the new target would be you.

3. The Envy One

envy people

Going along with people who are envious of things can also lead you to unhappiness. Being jealous of the accomplishments of others instead of being happy is not a healthy sign of living life. Just because others are meant to be greater at something doesn't mean it's the less for another. People like that will not be satisfied with the things that they've already got. They will always look for something. Envious people think that the true measure of living the actual life is the greatest.

4. The Temper Maniac & Victim Player

These types of people are the worst. With this kind of person, you will really feel a negative space circulating you. Therefore, it is essential to avoid these types of people. And that is not helpful at all. For temper maniacs or the temperamental, they show signs of uncontrollable emotions. At any time given, they will lash out at you and spat words that can hurt you too. They can be chaotic without any reasons given just because they want to express their feelings.

Also, the victim role player is one worst trait you can encounter with a person. This kind of person will always crave sympathy and attention from others. It fuels them up when they gain the care of the public. With this, don't let them get you. Make a clear distance if you encounter these kinds of people.

5. The Great Absorber

type of people to avoid

Well, save the worst for last for types of people to avoid. This kind of person is the major no-no of all no's if you want to have a fun life. Have you ever watched the Harry Potter Movie Series? Have you heard the character's name as The Dementor? This creature removes good memories from people's souls, just like the absorber does. They leave no trace of anything good. This comparison is spot-on for this type of people too. An absorber kind of person will leave you nothing but bad and sad memories. It's more of a combination of all those aforementioned negative traits on just a single person. You really have to avoid them.


Now, you know what types of people to avoid in your life. Remember encountering and facing these negative people are inevitable. Fate will allow you to meet even just one from this list. If that happens, you must be ready. Happiness is a tough thing to get and gain in this life. Not all people can get the happiness they deserve and want. However, being happy is still a choice, just like living life. Still, there will be some situations in which you can avoid these types of people. It's still up to us to avoid these people or deal with them and have a rough life.

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“Life is short. Don't waste it with negative people who don't appreciate you. Keep them in your heart but keep the out of your life”


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