23 Best Digital Marketing Idea For Online Business Now in 2021

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Digital marketing is an excellent way to create awareness for your brand and drive traffic to your website. Traffic is an essential part of online sales, as you can't make sales without significant traffic to your website. Therefore, businesses need to have reliable digital marketing strategies to generate constant traffic to a website. 

Several free and paid digital marketing ideas can help you drive traffic to your website or affiliate links. All the ideas are tried and true for digital marketing, but not all of them will be ideal for your digital marketing strategy. 

You need to choose to test several digital marketing ideas and strategies before choosing the ones that work best for your business. Here are some of the best digital marketing ideas that you can implement in your business. 

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1. Google My Business Page

Google allows businesses to create a business profile that appears in relevant Google searches. For example, creating a Google My Business Page can give you free exposure to customers searching for your products or services. Also, it increases the authenticity of your business because Google will recognize your website. 

However, you need to include accurate information about your business page. Make sure to include all relevant information that customers want to know. Therefore, include your website, phone number, physical location, and other information to help customers reach you.

2. Optimize Your Website 

A website acts as your online store, and it should reflect your business. Choose a modern theme that is appealing to your website visitors. Make it easy for people to find what they want on the site fast. Your homepage should include your discounts, offers, competitions, and ongoing promotions. 

Have a professional analyze your website's user experience. Website visitors can leave your website when they find it hard to navigate and find something. You can include a chatbot for website visitors to interact with your customer support. A chat box ensures your visitors have a way to ask for clarifications about a product or service. 

Also, use plugins that help you understand how your visitors interact with your website. For example, it can help you with the placement of pop-ups for email subscriptions or discounts. Additionally, you can use analytics to see the pages that attract visitors, what people click, your traffic sources, and what people buy. The data can help you strategize your digital marketing activities and increase sales. 

3. Create a Social Media Pages 

Social media pages are an excellent source of traffic and provide businesses with a platform to engage directly with potential customers. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have millions of daily active users. As a result, you can create pages or groups that cater to a specific niche and promote your products on the platform. 

When you create social media pages, focus on one business entity per page. Therefore, if you have several businesses, you will need to create social media pages for each business. Social media page engagements tend to be high when a page focuses on one goal or business entity. 

4. Engage on Social Media

You need to like and comment on social media content, especially on your social media pages. Meaning, you need to respond to messages and comments on posts to increase your engagement with your followers. Most social media users who land on your pages are probably looking for a product or service you provide. 

Make sure the information you provide is accurate. Also, ensure you provide a high level of customer service on your social media pages. Many business people tend to ignore requests or take a long time responding to customer requests. 

5. Digital Video Marketing 

Videos have a higher conversion rate than social media posts and blogs. Therefore, you can opt to start a YouTube channel to promote your content. Alternatively, you can make informative videos and post them on your website or social media pages. 

Another way to use video marketing is to take your followers and customers behind to show how products or services are created. Otherwise, you can make videos telling people about your business journey and how you overcame the challenges that came your way. 

You will get higher conversions and sales when potential customers understand what you do, how you do it, and your end goal. For example, companies that use eco-friendly processes to make a product or provide a service attract customers because people want to preserve the environment. Tell people about yourself and your business using videos for higher engagement. 

6. Classes and Events 

Offering free or affordable classes and holding informative events is another way to create traffic to your website. You can do virtual classes and events if you run an online business. Ensure that people who attend a class or event learn something that adds value to their life. Also, choose a topic you are well-versed with, and people are interested in knowing more. 

Use your social media platforms to promote the events or classes to have an amazing turnout. If you choose to offer classes, be consistent. People who find your lessons valuable will refer you to other potential customers. 

7. Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a professional platform, and it has the largest collection of professionals. You can create a business or personal profile on LinkedIn and connect with key players in your industry. In addition, you can use the site to create an authoritative profile and account where any professionals looking for information about your business will get it. 

Also, you can offer insights about your business and provide useful information to your network. People are happy to learn something new on the platform, and creating informative posts about your products or services is an excellent way to create awareness. 

8. Digital Marketing by Starting a Blog 

A blog is an essential tool in internet marketing whether you own a business or do affiliate marketing. You can explore many topics relevant to your product or service on the blog. Also, you can optimize the blog so that it ranks in all relevant searches. 

You can take a lesson or two in content creation if you are new to the concept of blogging. Alternatively, you can hire a writer to create amazing content for your blog. Don't use a blog like a sales page. Instead, it should provide helpful information that users can find when they type certain keyword phrases. 

9. Local Events 

Attending local events is another way to create awareness about your business and send traffic to your website. Nowadays, everyone interested in your products or services will ask you about your website. You can also participate in local events as a sponsor or organizer and tell people about your business. 

Choose events that are relevant to your products so that you speak to the right audience. For example, don't promote makeup kits at a farming event. However, you can promote makeup kits at a women's empowerment conference. 

10. Share Content on Reddit

Reddit is a forum where people ask questions about everyday stuff that they want to know. It is a peer forum, and other users try their best to answer the questions. Reddit can help you identify the things your target audience wants to know about your business, products, or services. Then, you can answer relevant questions or share content on your blog as part of the answers. 

Reddit users are likely to visit your blog and look at your website when they like your content. Also, your responses will appear on relevant Google searches as Reddit ranks high on some topics in Google. 

To start, Google something you think your target audience wants to know. Then, click on the Reddit links and read through the replies. You will also see a set of questions at the bottom that are part of similar topics. You can share your thoughts if you find out some kind of misinformation. Moreover, you can check out the most recent questions and create content to answer them for your audience. 

11. Digital Marketing Idea Do Guest Blogs 

Guest blogging is an excellent way to get other blogs to link back to your website. Also, you can offer your industry expertise on certain topics. Finally, you can reach out to various blogs and ask them if they need a guest blogger. The chances are high that someone will respond and give you a chance to get a by-line on their blog. 

You should aim to be a guest blogger for authoritative sites that have a high ranking on Google. Then, when the sites link to your blog, the Google algorithm will view your site as an authoritative source. As a result, you will see a difference in Google ranking, and you may get a windfall of traffic from your guest blogs. 

12. Digital Marketing Idea To Focus on SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it easy for search engines like Google to identify the relevance of your website during searches. You should index your web pages and include potential search phrases in your content. You can hire an SEO expert if you have no clue what to do to optimize your website. 

Overall, you need to use language and words to march search phrases your target audience is likely to use. Make it easy for users to navigate and find what they need. Include links in your content to other relevant web pages. Find other websites and convince them about linking back to your content. 

Overall, help Google and other search engine identify your website as the best match for relevant search results. Your website must appear on the first page searches. Your target audience is unlikely to go to the second page after searching. 

13. Create a Freebie

People love free things that add value to their life. You can create a freebie to attract traffic to your website, but it needs to be valuable. A freebie can be an ebook, video tutorial, products, services, or anything your target audience considers valuable. It can be something that costs $100, and you are giving it for free. 

Website visitors who like your freebie will tell their friends and family about it. As a result, you will increase your traffic, and anyone who takes your freebie can come back to buy something. Overall, it's a win-win situation for you and the customer. 

14. Use Email Marketing 

Email marketing is among the best digital marketing ideas in 2021. It has high response rates when you do it the right way. First, you need to create an email collection strategy to help create an email list. You can create an opt-in form for a weekly newsletter or offer something in exchange for an email address. 

Email marketing works best when you segment your audience. You can use different strategies to target different segments depending on their age, interests, location, and much more. Also, you need to be consistent if you want to see results. 

All emails should contain useful information to your subscribers. Subscribers will look forward to receiving your emails when they know you provide useful content. Therefore, take time to plan out your email so that it's attractive and simple to read. 

15. Digital Marketing Idea Use Infographics 

Infographics are a great way to connect with your audience on social media, especially on Instagram. You can find statistics or information that is relevant to your audience and create infographics about it. In addition, you can find useful information from Government sources like ministries and the bureau of statistics. 

Ensure all the information on your infographics is accurate and make the sizes easy to share. For example, you can add your website or social media handles at the bottom in small letters. Overall, infographics receive more engagements on social media than regular posts. 

16. Apply For Industry Awards

Industry awards have a way of boosting a company image and generating interest from the public. You will likely get high web traffic if you are a small business that wins an award. Moreover, most business awards get televised locally or nationally, depending on the value of the awards. You will receive free marketing to your potential customers through credible sources. 

You can Google awards and find the ones that are suitable for your brand and business. Even if you get nominated for an award, the chance is you will still receive a lot of attention. Online awards are another way to get recognition. You can earn awards from reputable sites like TrustPilot. 

17. Digital Marketing Partner with Local Businesses 

 Local business partnerships for an event or to create a new product package is an excellent way to gain a new audience. Of course, you shouldn't partner up with your competitors, but you stand to benefit from each other with businesses. 

For example, a restaurant can partner with farmers to provide an authentic farm-to-favor experience. Your customers will love that you support small-scale farmers instead of big corporations. You will gain a new audience that is interested in your restaurant and supports small-scale farmers. 

Partnering with local businesses also makes you part of the community. Your customers will view you as one of the locals and feel more comfortable spending in your store. Documents your partnership activities online and keep your audience engaged. 

18. Ask For Reviews 

Yelp is a site that provides reviews for services from restaurants to organizations, and people use it to decide where to eat or visit. In addition, Amazon customers offer reviews about products, and potential customers go through the reviews before making a buying decision. 

Reviews are powerful, and they can increase your sales when you have many positive ones. Ask satisfied customers to leave a review on your site. Positive reviews will inspire confidence in potential buyers who want to know whether your product or service is worth it. 

Don't delete negative reviews, as it will make your reviews look suspicious. Instead, follow up on disgruntled customers and know what caused their dissatisfaction. Then, find a way to meet their needs and use the experience as a learning moment. 

19. Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth is still a powerful tool, and the modern version of that is a person sharing links to friends and relatives. For example, you can ask your customers to refer you to their friends and family if they love your products. It is a free way to increase traffic to your site and get potential sales leads from existing customers. 

You can offer discounts or freebies to customers who send referrals your way. It is an excellent way to drum up sales and gain a warm audience. Referrals are more open to buying your products than cold internet traffic. Referrals are also a great way to create awareness in a specific location. For example, you can gain traffic from a specific location that you do deliveries or offer services. 

20. Use PPC to get traffic in Digital Marketing 

Pay-per-click marketing is a suitable way to generate traffic to your website or affiliate links. It is among the well-known digital marketing ideas that many businesses and marketers use. Use Facebook or Google ads to drive traffic to your sites. You need to set aside a budget for PPC marketing for a consistent flow of traffic.

You still need to optimize your content and website if you want to drive traffic to your website. However, even if you manage to drive thousands of users to your website, it will be pointless if they find nothing interesting. Therefore, optimize your website for the target user before you start doing PPC marketing. 

21. Create Captivating Content

Your website should have engaging written content, images, and videos that your target audience will enjoy. You need to write an engaging blog focusing on trending topics that are relevant to your content. Create videos about your business, brand, products, or services to explain to customers the ideas behind the products and what you aim to achieve. 

Don't post content from other sites or create boring content. Instead, you can hire content creators to generate the best content for your website. Also, use analytics to determine what content website visitors interact with most and create more similar content. 

Optimize your content for search engines to improve your rankings in search results. It will take extra time to optimize your content, but you will benefit from getting organic traffic to your site. Overall, ensure you have content that will capture the interest of your target audience within 3-seconds of opening your website. 

22. Digital Marketing Idea To Do Webinars

Webinars have high engagement levels, and they present the opportunity to offer industry insights or conduct interviews with industry experts. You can interview, talk to industry experts and ask them to show up for your webinar. Ensure you create fliers for your webinar event and share them through all your platforms to get reservations. 

23. Use Time-Saving Tools 

Marketing automation can save you a lot of time and money while ensuring all your digital marketing activities are ongoing. Therefore, you need to consider the automation possibilities of any paid digital marketing idea. 

For example, you can create trigger emails that are sent to a subscriber after a trigger action. Therefore, new subscribers will receive welcome emails, a beginners package, and customers receive receipts and a thank note after purchasing. So, it won't matter whether you are online or offline. Trigger emails will be sent by the email software, depending on your audience's actions. 

Many marketers make the mistake of doing all marketing activities manually. It is exhausting and time-consuming. You need to find automation software that will make you realize your digital marketing ideas without a lot of hassle. 


1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses digital technologies to achieve marketing goals through online platforms. Businesses can create custom content that can reach their target customer online to generate sales. Digital marketing activities target users who are most likely to buy a product or service. 

2. What Are Examples of Digital Marketing?

The popular examples of digital marketing include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) 
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Marketing automation
  • Content marketing

Several digital marketing trends stand out in 2021. Therefore, you need to use upcoming digital trends to engage customers and grow your website traffic. Some of the trends you need to follow are:

  • Video marketing 
  • Chatbots 
  • Conversational marketing 
  • Social messaging apps 
  • Visual search 
  • Content personalization 
  • Content marketing 
  • Social media stories 
  • User-generated content 
  • Automation 

4. What Are Some Good Marketing Ideas?

All businesses need good and free marketing ideas to increase traffic and drive sales on websites. Several good ideas will generate organic traffic and make sales. 

  • Create a Google My Business page 
  • Post regularly on social media
  • Use hashtags 
  • Tag people and brands on social media posts 
  • Create engaging content
  • Host a class or event 
  • Start a blog 

5. How Can I Get the First 100 Customers?

You will have to work hard to get your first 100 customers, and after that, you will have a good idea of attracting customers to your business. First, you need to ask your friends and family to refer people to your business. Second, use social media to create awareness about your business.  Third, create a large network that you can use to generate leads and sales. Fourth, ask satisfied customers to refer other people to your online store. Fifth, you can try PPC advertising to promote your business online. 

6. How Do You Attract Customers?

The easiest way to attract customers is to have products and services that offer value to your customers. Don't sell products or services that won't make a positive impact on your target customers. You can attract customers by offering discounts, offering free giveaways, or by creating a competition. The methods will drive traffic to your website, where you can convert them into sales. 

7. Is Digital Marketing Worth It?

Yes. Businesses with a strong online presence tend to perform better than those without websites or social media pages. Nowadays, consumers do online searches for a product or service before making a buying decision. Therefore, a strong online presence ensures that your business is visible to your target audience. 


Digital marketing ideas are useful to digital and affiliate marketers. You can't sell products and services online without doing some digital marketing activity. Therefore, affiliate marketers need to take an affiliate course to understand the best digital marketing channels for conversions. Check out this one of the best affiliate marketing courses available. 

Overall, digital marketing ideas can help you increase your online visibility and increase your organic traffic. More traffic will result in more sales and more money in your bank. Hopefully, you found several ideas in this blog that will help you boost your business. But remember, you will never know which digital marketing strategies will work until you try. 

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”


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